Sugar detox, Day 9

*I had actually set up days 8-10 to be published this past week so that I wouldn’t have to do anything with my blog but the publisher didn’t work!  UGH.  Anyways over a week later and here is day 9…

And I’ve made it to Thursday!  Only TWO more days before I hit my goal of staying away from processed sugars for 10 days!  I’m only going to blog about the first 10 days but I’m going to continue to eat like this as long as I can.  I really like what I’m seeing in terms of how different I feel day to day.  It’s so good!

Started my day off at 5:17am when Aubrey woke up and I had to feed her.  She went back to sleep so I came downstairs and had a few extra moments to myself because no one was awake so I blogged and had my black coffee in peace.  These are hands down the best mornings and basically why I go to bed so early.


I ran on my treadmill for 7 miles and still in the back of my mind was thinking about my weight.  I hate that my weight can get the better of me but it actually really helped me make good choices today and really think before eating something.  I came up and made myself a huge bowl of frozen kale, egg whites, ground turkey and salsa and topped it with a scoop of cottage cheese.  This bowl is SO Filling.  So much so so that I was stuffed and wasn’t even thinking about food all morning.  I was able to get all my chores done without thinking about a sweet or something to eat.

Midmorning snack

Like I said, I wasn’t really thinking about food but Chad came home for lunch with a few bags of chips so I did have a few handfuls of those.


We went to the Nature and Science Museum late today.  It was 12:15pm before we even left the house.  We almost never do this but Aubrey napped until 11am, at which point I actually woke her up finally and Cam slept in until about 9am so I figured we did have some wiggle room for nap skipping.  I packed our lunches and we ate around 2pm today.  I made myself a similar cauliflower bowl that I made for the art museum with riced cauliflower, ground turkey, 1/2 an avocado, salsa and a scoop of cottage cheese.  It was better than yesterday’s but still not great.  Again, I just need to make meat with taco seasoning.

Mid-afternoon snack

I had a larabar and needed it.  I usually am home all afternoon and I think this is what gets me into trouble.  When we are out I actually listen to my hunger cues and never need something sweet or even crave it.  This even happened to me prior to cutting back on sugar.  When I’m home it’s my ritual and it’s been a damn hard one to break.  Today I was starving so I had my bar and actually reached for a few bites of the kids bagel and cream cheese that they didn’t eat for lunch because I was so hungry.


It was so amazing to be hungry for dinner tonight.  I picked up some organic freezer burritos for dinner and sautéed some zucchini in olive oil and salt and pepper.  The kids got red pepper slices since neither like zucchini.  I had made 4 different burritos and cut them all in half so we could try each of them.  I had one and a half.  Two halves were chicken and one was a potato/bacon/egg one.

After dinner snack

I made the kids strawberry “ice cream” which was a total hit by throwing frozen strawberries, 2 bananas and some unsweetened almond milk in the food processor.  I put a few shakes of sprinkles on it for the kids and they LOVED this!  I totally tricked them and love doing that, esp. with desserts.  I ended up having my usual 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate and then making myself banana “ice cream” by blending bananas, coco powder, almond milk and vanilla extract and then I added some cacao nibs for some crunch.  I sat down and thoroughly enjoyed this while watching my secret obsession, Bachelor in Paradise.

Notes on Today:

*I was really tuned into my hunger signals today which felt really really good.

*I still had heartburn at night and figured out it was the xanthin gum I was putting in my afternoon shakes.  This stuff makes the shake a creamy consistency but I still have yet to find out the perfect “pinch” of the stuff that most people are talking about.  I have read that it can give people horrible bloating and indigestion problems.  Totally the case for me and I’m going to stop using the stuff.

*I feel myself starting to get sick so I’m hoping my healthier lifestyle will pay off and either ward off the cold or at least diminish the length of time I’ll be sick.


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