Phoenix…BFA and 18-19 weeks

I was absent last week due to a very important family vacation.  We have done this every year for the past two years.  BFA.  Ok, so it just started but hopefully we can continue the tradition for years to come.  I’m trying to even remember where we started off before we left starting week 18.  I already posted Emmett’s 4 month stats at the doc’s office.  This was a cruel visit because my little man received 4 shots in his chunky little legs.  Needless to say it was not a fun visit (but really, what doctor visits are “fun”?).  Later that night I took E too visit his friends at my book club.  Because this is my birth class who I do the book club with, we read books only pertaining to babies.  This month we read “Bringing up Bebe”.

It was a pretty good read and the best part was that the theme was a french theme so we all brought and shared french foods and wine.  Delicious!  Not to mention great conversation (rarely centered around the book).  We had fruit, french bread, a delicious chicken dish, a even better polenta dish, mashed potatoes, yogurt cake (recipe in the book) and much much more.  After book club we had our neighbors over to “teach” them how to babysit Emmett.  They were even so kind and said that they would take care of our sweet boy so that we could go enjoy the Mumford and Sons concert with some friends.  Tuesday we went to the Mumford and Sons concert!

We didn’t stay through the whole concert because we knew we needed to relieve our neighbors.  We got home around 11pm.  Unfortunately E had a rough night.  I’m sure it was still residual from his shots.  Later that night we went to check on him and he was extremely warm.  We took his temperature and it was 101.9 which in my book is pretty high.  We called Chad’s mom who is a former nurse and she agreed that it most likely had something to do with his shots.  He finally started to cool off a bit so we went to bed.  The next day I did some more laundry to get us ready for our trip and ran a few errands.  Later that night Chad and I went to the mall to get our nephew his birthday present.  He turned 2 on Monday!  They say time flies and it really really does.  It feels like just yesterday we were holding this sweet boy in our arms when he was just a day old.  Thursday we left for Phoenix.  Emmett was again, a wonderful little traveler.

And while E was doing that his parents were busy doing this

Yes, some may feel we are slightly unstable.  When E woke up Chad was busy playing thumb wars with E

They are both pretty good at this game.  When we arrived in Phoenix we grabbed our bags and headed to the house that we were staying at with Chad’s family.  When we got there E had a complete meltdown and then went to bed immediately.  We’ve been having a bit of a problem with him sleeping through the night as he’s lately taken to waking up 3-7 times a night.  We don’t pick him up or feed him but we do put a pacifier in his mouth.  He’ll go to sleep for an hour then wake up just to have the paci put back in his mouth.  It’s not ideal but it’s better than waking up and feeding him.  However, something about traveling wore this kid out and he didn’t wake up once all night!  It was glorious.

The next morning we all woke up and had a nice leisurely relaxing time at the pool.

I decided before even coming on this vacation that Friday was going to be my active rest day.  I had zero problems just sitting beside the pool and doing nothing exercise related.  Around lunch time Cara, Jared, Chad and myself decided to go grocery shopping and leave our boys with Chad and Cara’s folks.  We brought home lots of goodies including a cake because today was actually Chad’s REAL birthday!  He turned 30 and finally caught up to his old maid of a wife.  I can’t believe this, but we didn’t get one single photo of the birthday boy and his cake.  When we got home from the store we ate lunch, put the boys down for naps and watched comedy TV in the media room in the house.  Later, we went back out into the pool with the kids and then got ready for dinner out.

Chris and Charles had picked a place that said it was kid friendly and with a toddler and an infant, you need that for any place to be socially acceptable to eat out because a lot of this happened

Yes, that’s my nephew enjoying my ranch salad dressing with his straw.  We were served humongo sized portions of fried rattle snake, calamari, french fries and main courses.  It was a steak house and OF COURSE I decided it’ be a great idea to order fish.  Who was I kidding, it was horrible!  Chad ordered a steak so I nibbled on that.  It was very good.  But who’s surprised?  So this was considered Chad’s birthday dinner.

It was a great day.  And E slept through the night for the second night in a row!  Happy Birthday to Chad!

The next day we decided to venture out of the house and go to a mall near Phoenix.  Chad, Cara, Chris, Emmett and I all went while Jared, Charles and Beckett stayed behind.  We picked up a few cut outfits for Emmett and baby gap and that’s about it.  We also decided to try our hands at a Mexican restaurant that was very different but very good for lunch.  We all rolled out of there stuffed.  Later that night Chad and I wanted to take Cara and Jared out for dinner at a nice restaurant to thank them for doing the sip and see for us.  This is where we ended up…Joe’s Farm Grill. Not at all what we were hoping for a “nice” sit down meal.  It was a burgers and fries place with milk shakes and hot dogs.  Oh well.  Jared claims he likes places like these better anyways.  We were out for maybe 2 hours.  When we got home both boys were in bed 🙂  So we stayed up and watched a movie.

Sunday was another one of those days where we didn’t want to leave the pool.  I am pretty sure we were pool side for about 7.5 hours that day, only to get out for food breaks and to use the bathroom (well some of us anyways).  I heard when I was out running, Beckett had a little accident in the pool.  Chris and Charles ventured out to the close by mountains for a bit while the rest of us stayed behind.  Later that evening, Chris’s friend Beth came over for dinner.  We had a very nice dinner of grilled Chicken and salad.  Health but tasty.  Beth is a nurse and talked to me about which path she thought I should take if I decide to venture down that road.  More on that later.  Beth was there pretty late so I was more than ready to hit the hay once she left.  Monday Cara and Jared and Beckett left.  We enjoyed some early morning pool time with all of them and then said our goodbyes.  We took them to the airport and dropped our rental car off while hoping into Chris and Charles’s car.  After the airport run we made a trip to Trader Joe’s and to Sonic’s happy hour.  While at Trader Joe’s we picked up some delicious flax seed chips and salsa and also some chocolate covered edamame and chocolate covered mint espresso beans.  Mmmmm!  Melt in my mouth!  We went back to the house and then enjoyed the pool one last time before heading out to dinner with Chad’s parents.  We went to a Mexican restaurant that was surprisingly good.  We all ordered drinks to start, $2 margs.  for Chad’s folks and Dos Equis for myself and Chad.  They brought out the best chips to start out with and this bean dip that was out of this world.  I had the fajitas (I always have the fajitas) and they were very very good, not doused in cheese and oil.  I couldn’t finish them all and it made me sad that I couldn’t bring them with me.  When we got home we all crashed pretty hard.

Tuesday we all got up relatively late, enjoyed our last morning at the house and left for the airport so that Chad and I could catch our 11:30am flight.  We got through security no problem then headed home.  E was up the entire flight but was a very good boy.  When we got home we thought we had lost our pack n’ play but turns out when you go to the baggage claim to retrieve your large stuff it’s actually taken else where at DIA…good to know!  We got home around 4ish then my mom dropped by with snoopy.  It was a very uneventful night.

Wednesday was awesome because Chad decided to take the day off so I got to run a little later than I normally do then Emmett and I took Chad downtown to do some kickboxing at noon.  E and I took a walk around the 16th street mall, stopped by Ross and then went to get an iced coffee at Starbucks.  After Chad was done we stopped by Sports Authority because they are having a huge sale this time of year on ski stuff.  We also called Cara to find out if Beckett would like a super cool jacket.  We also had another motive on our minds which was to find out whether Cara was having a boy or a girl.  We also ran over to Cherry Creek Mall to look for outfits for me b/c Chad thinks I need to buy stuff for myself every once in a while other than food 🙂  I won’t argue with that!

Thursday was odd b/c it was the first day alone with Emmett for an entire week.  It was both nice and challenging.  It was back to waking up at 6am to get my run in and also meant shorter naps and trying to figure out what to do with my 4 month old.  Friday was pretty uneventful too.  E and I went to meet up with Taylor for lunch over at whole foods and then do some grocery shopping afterwards then we waited for daddy to get home so that we could drink wine and eat dinner 🙂  We were planning on having a night out but decided against it once we met up at the liquor store and realized that an entire bottle or case of beer was the same price as one glass or bottle of beer at a restaurant!  Well, that wasn’t really a shocker to us but it sort of swayed our minds on what to do.  Once E went down we watched some Dexter and went to bed.  Happy 19 weeks my little precious man!



Date night!

Oh yes.

This is what we did last night.  Had a complete blast.  To any who were wondering, it was fantastic.

4 month check up

Every check up I take photos of my baby at his doc’s appointments.  Here are the stats for E man

Head circumference: 16 3/4 (30%)

Weight: 13lbs 14oz (30%)

Height 24.5 in (30%)

The boy is a box!  He is completely proportional, just like his daddy!

Keep growing little buddy.  Your legs are already so chunky and I couldn’t be happier 🙂