17 and 18 Months

My baby turned 1.5 years old on Sunday.  I decided to skip the 17 month update because there really hadn’t been enough of a change to blog about but with combining these last two months, there’s been some major changes in his development.  I’m going to try not to write an essay but I really want to remember everything that has happened thus far and I know that if I don’t talk about it I’ll forget it (how sad that you actually forget!!).

So between August 27-October 27, here’s what’s been going on.  He’s such a sweet boy.  He has my heart and my finger.  We had to work hard hard hard to get him to hold our hands.  He HATED holding our hands or fingers up until a few months ago and now he grabs our hands without prompts and parades us around the house.  When we’re out and we are both with him he has to have both of our hands or he’s just not happy.  He reaches for both of us with ease and I think feels some sense of security in doing so.  Emmett is also full of energy.  This can be a challenge for his 19 week pregnant mama.  I really underestimated how difficult a second pregnancy would be with a child who is already here.  Thank goodness he is still taking naps, and long ones at that.  When he’s tired he puts his little fingers to his eyelashes and that’s your cue to get him to bed fast.  He loves falling asleep in the car but only for a few minutes at a time.  If he does this then he’s ready to go for quite some time afterwards.  This is great for when I have a lunch date with a friend or a play date that is in the middle of nap time.  This is horrible if I am exhausted and need him to nap in his crib.  The car naps totally ruin any chance of a nap at home.

Emmett loves to communicate.  His favorite words right now are “hi” “bye” and “ball”.  When we go anywhere with people the first thing he does is catch a strangers eye raise his tiny hand and say “hi”.  Sometimes it has a sort of accent with it that sounds something like “A-hi-ya”.  I think this catches most people off guard who are just doing there thing at Target or the grocery store.  I love when people say hi back to him.  He lights up and so do they.  Unfortunately what they don’t know is that one hi is not the end of it.  Some times people will receive up to 8 hi’s before he is tired of saying it to that person and moves onto the next.  More recently he has now started saying “ba-bye” to people that we’re leaving.  I’m not sure how he knows that we won’t see them again but he says it when we leave.  Of course, that “ba-bye” will also be followed with another enthusiastic “A-hi-ya”.  I think that’s my most favorite part, is that he says it with such a sparkle in his eyes.  Every. Single. Time.  For him, saying hi to people never gets old.  It’s kind of like watching an Alzheimer’s patient at times.  Regardless it’s adorable every time.  I try and remind him that he only gets one “hi” per person but he disregards me and keeps at it.  It’s actually very enduring.

Aside from saying “A-hi-ya” and “ba-bye” he is very interested in speaking his own language to us.  He babbles “words” to us all the time.  Of course you would have no idea what he’s saying if you know English but if you were from a foreign country and listened to him, you’d think he was speaking perfect English.  He looks you straight in the eye and just “talks”. He also knows very well what he wants and it takes little guessing.  He still signs more to us very consistently when he wants something.  Another phrase he says a lot is “e-i-e-i-o” as in Old McDonald had a farm…..His dad taught him that song and he loves it.  Most mornings when I’m not awake yet and he is, he can sometimes be my alarm as he’s softly singing “e-i-e-i-o” in his crib.  It’s such a sweet sound to wake up to.  Speaking of cribs, Emmett is extremely content in his crib when he wakes from both naps and being in there overnight.  It’s actually almost mandatory that we leave him in there at least 30 minutes after he wakes up or else he’s grumpy and not ready to be greeted.  His naps last anywhere from 30 minutes (car naps) to massive 3.5-4 hour naps (on amazing days!!).  I’d say on average his naps are about 2 hours though.  It’s crazy, if he’s been in there too long I actually miss playing with him!

He is now running everywhere he wants to go.  Of course, like most babies, he started out shaky on both feet but he’s really got the hang of this walking thing down now at 18 months.  He does take spills every now and then but only really cries if he’s super tired.  Most of the time he jumps right back up and keeps running to where he thinks he needs to be.  Emmett also has gone through sort of a picky eater stage if you will.  There were about 2 weeks straight where we’d be lucky if he ate his entire meal at breakfast but then he’d only eat pb&j at every other meal.  One night was so bad that he went to bed hungry because he wouldn’t eat anything!  This made his mama nervous but then I have to remind myself that sometimes I’m just not hungry either and will go to bed if I haven’t eaten anything.  Sometimes we just don’t feel like eating!  I spoke to his pediatrician about this and they assured me it was all part of this stage and that variety was more important than quantity.  It still is going to bother me but every time I get him to eat most of what has been put in front of him I pat myself on the back.

Unfortunately I haven’t been running with him much outside so he hasn’t spent much time in our beloved BOB over the past several months (almost 4 to be exact!) but because I haven’t been running outside much we joined a gym!  The gym is less than a mile from our house and has a daycare.  Emmett goes to daycare there for about 1.5 hours every day while mama gets some much needed workout time.  While I do miss running it’s nice because at daycare he doesn’t fall asleep and ruin his naps (like he would if he were in the BOB) and he gets organized play time with other children of all ages.  I think this has really helped his social skills.  While we do go to tons of playgroups, it’s nice for him to be able to “play” without me there and have others looking after him.  The daycare is always full of kids so I am never left to wonder if he had any social interaction with other children that day.  The care providers are all awesome and now know him as a regular.  They do things that we wouldn’t normally do at home with him.  He finger paints, plays with sand, gets to draw with markers, glues shapes, and gets to run around in a fairly large open space.  When I come to get him he is always whipped out and ready to go home, eat lunch, and go down for a nice nap.  The only problem we have at the gym is that when we get there Emmett doesn’t want me to hand him over.  We’ve been members there for almost 2 months now and he still clings to me and cries every time I give him over.  He is always fine the second I leave so I try to make the exchange as quick as possible.

He has such a wonderful and carefree personality.  I just love watching him figure out new stuff and interact with others.  Everyday with him gets better and better and I always look forward to the next phase.  Of course I’m enjoying the one we’re in but I also am realistic and know these phases and stages don’t last so rather than be upset about time and it’s passage I am trying really hard to be excited about all the wonderful things we still have left to do and to look forward to.  For gosh sakes, one thing in particular is the newest member coming to join us in about 6 months!!!  I’m so excited to see how Emmett interacts with his sibling.

Real quick, we did go to his well visit on Monday and he is in the 45% for his weight and the 80% for his height.  He definitely doesn’t look chubby compared to his peers but he sure does tower over them!  I’m not going to take any of it to hear though.  My little brother was short and fat when he was a toddler and now he’s 6’2 and barely weighs 185.  I was always in the 99% for both height and weight. While I’m still tall for a woman (5’9), thank god I’m not still in the 99% for weight 🙂 now that would be a big woman!

On that note I think that’s about all the developments from the past 2 months.  I really wish I could add photos but our photo provider where I upload all our photos isn’t letting me download from the site anymore!!!  Hopefully with the help of my husband I can figure it out eventually.  Anyways, happy 17 and 18 months my favorite little buddy!!


17 weeks with #2

Ok, I know this post is SUPER late, in fact, so late that we’re nearing in on 18 weeks I’m 18 weeks today but I still want to document that 17th week and I also have a picture to go along with it so here goes…which I thought I had a picture for but my downloading and uploading mechanisms aren’t working properly so I’ll have to come back and edit in a photo for 17 weeks…sigh.

17 weeks 17 weeks pic 2Weight gained: at this point is was about 3-5lbs depending on the day and the time I weighed myself.  I’m trying not to get too obsessed about this but with Emmett I gained about 22lbs and it came off very quickly so I’m hoping for the same success with this one.

Workouts: I worked out every day except for Saturday which was a huge mistake.  I always feel more nauseous and tired if I don’t get a workout in.  Walking doesn’t count.  It has to be at least 30 minutes of pretty intense working out in order for me to reap the benefits.  I did what I always do which was a mix of running, elliptical, cycling, stairmaster, and some weight machines.  I have to admit, it’s getting a bit monotonous.  I’m so thankful that the gym I go to has childcare for up to 90 minutes.  I don’t have a clue what I’d do without the childcare option.  The only real problem with the childcare is that if you don’t get there early enough it fills up meaning that it then becomes a one in one out policy because the maximum number of kids they will allow is 24.  The busy hours are 9-11am which is when we get there (usually around 9).  I’ve only had to wait twice but the waiting sucks.  Oh well, I’ll take it in order to know that my child is safe and being well cared for.

Symptoms:  I’d say the oddest symptom this week was that I randomly threw up/dry heaved on Saturday.  It came out of no where but I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I didn’t take a zofran that morning.  We had spent the night at my parents house the night before and I didn’t pack an overnight bag because the sleepover wasn’t planned.  We ended up staying over there later than anticipated and we were both too tired to drive home.  Unfortunately this also meant that I didn’t have my pills.  So I learned my lesson…I’m not ready to quit my zofran.  I think with Emmett I stopped around 16 weeks or so but looks like I’ll need it for a little while longer with this one.  I was also experiencing some round ligament pain when I ran.  Sleeping is going ok.  I sleep pretty well and can get to sleep very easily but the problems come in when I wake up randomly in the middle of the night.  My head turns on and I can seem to quite it.  Usually I start thinking about going into labor and the pain that’s associated with it and I can’t get back to sleep.

Movement: Yes, there has been some movement in this department although it’s not like how it was with Emmett and I certainly don’t notice it as much as I did with Emmett.

Food aversions: Just chocolate.  I think pretty much everything else has made it’s appearance back on the table.  I’m so thankful that I’m not adverse to sweets still like I was with Emmett.  Pretty much everything tastes great again.  Pizza was the only other thing that sounded sort of gross but even that has gone away.

Food cravings: ha!  Yeah right.  There are things that sound good but nothing that I’d consider cravings.

Sleep: I put this up on the symptoms portion but again, sleep has been hit or miss.  I’m still very tired during the day.  I’m ok until about 3pm and then it hits me.  I can’t keep my eyes open and I get horrid headaches.  Not sure where this is coming from but it’s been with me since week 5.

Maternity clothes:  I purchased 3 new tops this week!  Two from Ross (they were both about $9!) and a shirt from Old Navy that was on clearance in the maternity section.  I’m loving buying clothes that are so cheap and I can even wear these items when I’m not pregnant.  I wear maternity shirts almost every day.  I never wore maternity pants with Emmett, only used the Bella Band (thanks Cara!!) and I’m hoping the same will be true with this one.  I am fairly certain the Bella Band will work out again this time because I’m carrying very high again like I did with Emmett which means I can wear all my pants at my hips.

Stretch marks: None and I don’t plan on getting any of these either!  I remember with Emmett I asked my doc what I could do to prevent these and she said nothing.  No amount of oil or lotion would prevent them from coming along.  She told me it’s genetic and a good indication of whether or not I’d get them was if my mother had them.  Guess I’m lucky because my mother never got stretch marks either 🙂

Miss anything:  YES…BEER.  Oh my lord to I miss alcohol.  My friends actually left a little less than a 1/4 of a bottle here and so I told Chad that it would be thrown out if we didn’t drink it so we split it.  I think I had about 3 sips and I also think I died and went to heaven for about 5 minutes while I enjoyed my sips.  I can’t believe that the one think I’m “craving” is off limits (depending who you talk to).  I know I couldn’t be trusted with a beer or a glass of wine if left in a room by myself. Thank goodness for sips 🙂

Looking forward to:  My 17 week appointment (actually, this happened last Friday.  I heard the heartbeat for the first time this pregnancy and it was amazing.  I also had my second blood draw to detect genetic disorders.  They pricked me 3 times because the MA kept using the wrong needle size.  Luckily they got the blood and it was only a vial compared to the 4 vials they took last time.  I had Emmett with me so that also posed a bit of a challenge keeping him occupied.  He really didn’t like when I had to lie down to hear the heartbeat.  I think he wanted to see my face and the second he couldn’t he got anxious and made for an interesting next 3 minutes!).

And that about sums up week 17.  Hopefully I’ll be back again on Thursday with an 18 week update.  I’ve also still got to update Emmett’s development for both 17 and 18 months!  I figured I’d just combine the two months since development has slowed from one month to the next.

16 Weeks

Ok, things are speeding up and I’m going to point all fingers to the fact that it’s because I’m feeling about 1,000 times better now than 10 weeks ago.  This last week has been pretty great.  I’ve had a lot more energy and have only had to nap twice!  That’s actually pretty huge for me considering if I don’t have a nap then I get sick at night.  Last Friday was my first day without a nap and I was a bit nervous that I wasn’t going to be ok later that night.  I had plans to go to a friends house for dinner and watch a movie and I wasn’t sure I was going to last much past 8pm.  Turns out I wasn’t home until about 10:15 and I did pretty well!  I was able to eat dinner AND have dessert!  Of course, dessert was consumed on the way home out of pure necessity (started gagging and almost threw up and needed something fast), but I managed to get it down and it tasted great too.  Win win!  Saturday I wasn’t able to get a workout in because we woke up and went straight to the pumpkin patch.  I tend to give myself a break on Saturday’s anyways since I want to be with my family but I also know that not working out makes me overly tired and in need of rest or a nap later that day.  Indeed, that’s what happened.  I was so tired by the time we arrive home from the pumpkin patch and Farmers Market that I could barely get Emmett’s diaper changed.  Luckily Chad was there to help me.  We both ate some fudge pops and decided to hit the hay ourselves.  I’m pretty sure Emmett didn’t sleep for one second but he was in there for 2.5 hours and mom and dad slept like rocks for at least 2 of those hours.  Anyways, over the remainder of the weekend I still felt pretty sick on and off and gagged quite a bit.  I ate more than I should have on Saturday but it was all in an attempt to stop from getting sick.  Sunday I was able to run 3.5 miles and ride the stationary bike for 40 minutes.  I felt on top of the world when I got home and thank goodness for that workout because it charged me up for the rest of our busy day.  Monday and Tuesday were pretty good as well although I was tired on Tuesday by the time the clock said 8:15.  I think Chad and I were both in bed by that time and asleep by 9 that night.  My only really “bad” day was yesterday this past week.  I actually woke up ready to tackle the day but didn’t get my usual workout in since we had an allergy appointment for E man.  That took about 2 hours out of our morning so I had just enough time to race him home for a quick nap and then get to the airport to pick my mom up (she was out of town at a conference and I offered to pick her up).  It was nice.  The short nap gave me a chance to make an actual meal and for Emmett to make it through the afternoon.  We went to lunch at Chipotle with my parents (side note: Emmett LOVES this place and without fail will eat all food placed in front of him).  Unfortunately at about 2pm I was close to dying (ok, not really.  Just very tired).  I knew it was too early to put E down so we ran errands until 3.  When I got home I didn’t even know how I was going to get Emmett upstairs, yeah, that’s how tired I was.  It took everything I had left to get him up to his room, change him and get him into his crib.  I crashed HARD after that for 2 hours.  I know Emmett didn’t fall asleep right away and actually, to be truthful, I don’t think he fell asleep until well after 4pm.  I finally mustered up the energy to make my way to the kitchen and clean, clean, clean.  It was a mess and felt really good to get that accomplished.  I also had an appetizer I was supposed to make to bring to my bookclub later that night that wasn’t even started yet.  Thankfully it’s an easy recipe and I was able to prep that as well.  It felt really good to get some things done while E slept as well as have some time to myself.  I got him up around 5:45 and gave him a bath before heading down for dinner.  Chad got home around that time and helped me out quite a bit after that.  I was so fortunate to be able to have had that afternoon nap because just as I was heading out the door I received a text from the friend who was hosting the bookclub and she canceled on us last minute so Chad suggested I hosted at our house.  I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m actually feeling better or the fact that I had a two hour nap but everyone came over, the house was clean, the kitchen looked nice and they didn’t end up leaving until 11pm!  I have NO idea where my energy came from last night but I’ll take it.  When I went up to bed I was surprised that I didn’t gag while brushing my teeth and for the first time in weeks, I didn’t feel lousy getting into bed.  In fact, I was so energized that I couldn’t fall asleep!  I even woke up this morning at 6:20 ready to tackle the day with visions of vacuuming (still hasn’t happened) and doing laundry (hasn’t’ happened either).  There was some sort of spark inside of me this morning that I haven’ t had in months.  Like the old spark I used to have before getting pregnant.

I’m going to try very hard and tell myself this is a good spark, not the kind of spark that means the pregnancy isn’t going well.  I’m trying to take a more laid back approach from here on out and just trust that my body is capable of doing this and doing this well.  My next appointment isn’thttp://thinrunner.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1102&action=edit&message=10 until next Friday but I’m going to tell myself right up until that appointment that everything is fine.  I’m tired of wasting time thinking about the “what ifs” scenarios.  As far as I know and have been told, this pregnancy is going fine and there’s no reason to think otherwise so that’s the information I need to go with.
So here we are at 16 weeks.  I didn’t really like the questions I answered from last weeks update so I’m going to do my best to look for other questions or make my own up that fit more appropriately to my personality and pregnancy.  Maybe I’ll have that ready by next week or update this post later.

16 weeks 16 weeks pic 2


Week 15, Pregnancy #2

Ok so I’m starting a new type of post for my pregnancy updates to hopefully keep me more accountable.  It’s amazing how I’ve fallen so far off the bandwagon with these posts and all I can say is that I’ve been so incredibly exhausted and all I want to do is sleep during my free time so today my husband actually couldn’t sleep and was up at 4:30am.  I realized at approximately 5:22am that he was no longer in bed and therefore I couldn’t sleep either.  I tossed and turned for about an hour before I ultimately gave up and decided to drag my lazy ass out of bed.  I remember I used to get up at 5am every. single. day. so actually getting up at 6:20am wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, especially since that also means not having to get ready for work!  Maybe I can make a pattern out of this?  It also provides me some much needed computer time since the baby is still safe in his crib.  Oh, no, he’s not asleep.  He actually woke up around 4am too!  Thank goodness he just entertains himself in there until we decide to go get him.  I have no idea why he’s awake so early but it happens more often than not.  Speaking of the baby, once I get those photos uploaded, I’ll write up a 17 month post for the little guy!  I love how the only posts I’ve written in months either have to do with his monthly updates or this pregnancy.  Oh well, I suppose that’s where I am right now in life.  Let’s begin…

How far along?15 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: About 3 pounds.  I lost a few pounds early on and after the 12th week I think they are starting to come back on so I guess I’m right up to where I started before I got pregnant.
 Maternity clothes? Nope!
Stretch marks? None.  I didn’t get any with Emmett and I’m assuming it will be the same with this one.  My doctor told me that stretch marks are genetic.  My mom never got any so I don’t think I’ll get any either.  Also slow, steady weight gain and exercise help in this area too.  She told me all the creams in the world weren’t going to prevent me from getting stretch marks so unless I want to feel silkly smooth all day long I can save the money.
Best moment this week: Last night I actually saw my stomach popping around.  I felt tons of little tiny movements.  I don’t think it was gas or indigestion because my belly button was moving up and down.  It was crazy!
Miss anything: Um yeah.  The one thing I’m not allowed to have…Craft beer.  Wow do I ever miss it.  Since getting out of the first trimester I’ve been taking sips of Chad’s beers whenever I get the opportunity.  I wouldn’t trust myself to be alone with one of those puppies.  It’s the one thing I could seriously binge on right now.  I told Chad he better have a six pack waiting for me at the hospital.
Movement: Yes.  There really hasn’t been all that much this week.  I did however notice it a few weeks back, that feeling of popcorn bouncing around and every now and then I’ll notice it again but it’s been far and few between.
  Food cravings: Gross.  That’s what I have to say about food lately really the entire pregnancy.  At least I don’t start crying every time I know I have to eat.  I’d say cheese is still really high up on the list and I’ve also had little urges to eat sweet things here and there. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Brushing my teeth and drinking too much liquid with a meal.  Also chocolate is still hit or miss.
Have you started to show yet: I’m actually really surprised that yes, I have.  My friends made a comment about my stomach on Tuesday and said “Oh my gosh!  You have a little bump!  I got defensive and said, “No, I just had a really big salad so that’s probably what you guys are seeing”.  Turns out I do have a bigger stomach than from when I started out.  I’ve also heard that you show sooner with the second and if that’s the case then yes, I’m showing!
  Gender: One sonographer said boy, the other said girl.  Geez.  What a headtrip!  It’s killing me and I think about this constantly.  I just want to know and be done with it already!
Labor Signs: This is a dumb question so early on.
  Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody.  I think it’s getting better for for a while there I was wondering if there was such a thing as PRE-partum depression.
Looking forward to: My next appointment.  It will be next Friday on October 11.  It’s not a big appointment or anything but It will reassure me that things are still ok in there.  I’m really hoping they find a heartbeat this time since they haven’t the past two times.  I’ve been told my uterus is set pretty far back and that’s part of the reason they can’t even hear anything but it totally freaks me out when they put the doppler to my stomach and there is nothing but crickets in there!
So that sums up how the week leading up to 15 weeks has gone.  I’ve still felt very gaggy this week and when I run I seem to have developed some pain on my right lower side of my uterus.  As long as I don’t run every day it goes away within a day or two but it’s still very irritating.  I always dreamed I’d be a pregnant runner.  With Emmett I was terrified to run but still did it because it felt ok.  With this one it just hurts.  I don’t understand.  Maybe I’m running too much?  I’m thinking of decreasing my mileage and seeing if that makes a difference.  I already have noticed that running on a treadmill is easier on me than running outside on pavement so I try to keep it indoors as much as possible.  I am going to ask my doctor about this and see what she thinks.  I can’t say this week feels much different than last week because I’m still on my zofran and I still get gaggy every now and then.  I was at a Junior League even on Tuesday night and was driving home past my bedtime (9pm).  I gagged 3 times in the car and ran to the toilet when I got home.  So sick of this stage.  I’m hoping it goes away sooner rather than later. My energy levels are still pretty low.  I’m going to have to start keeping Emmett up later for his naps.  I have been putting him down around 11 or 11:30 every day but he seems to only take a cat nap if I do that.  It’s odd because he’s tired but then an hour later will be up and be up for the rest of the day.  I get stressed because I have NO idea how I’m going to run around after him for 6 hours until Chad gets home.  If we have play dates in the afternoon it’s not as big of a deal but the days when we don’t have much going on are really long when he doesn’t nap very long.  This makes it challenging for me to get anything done what so ever.
That about sums up week 15.  If you don’t hear from me before next Thursday I’m probably napping or chasing after a baby that won’t nap!  Fifteen week photo…
15 weeks pic2 15 weeks


10-14 weeks

Since when did blogging become such a chore to me?  I need to get up earlier before little man wakes up so that I can just come downstairs and blog at my kitchen table and not worry about taking time away from him or taking time away from my nap time to blog.  I think that’s the main reason I have put it off.  It does take time to write and while I do love to do it, I know that I should be doing other things with my time.  I had visions last week of blogging right before bed.  I even got so far as to take my computer to bed with me!  I took a shower, got all ready for bed and then once I got there, I felt so incredibly sick that the thought of opening up a computer to even look at a screen made me kind of sick to my stomach (yes, I even got up to dry heave a few times in the toilet that night).  So the blogging from bed before bedtime did not happen either.  So here I am, October 2, finally pulling out the computer to say a few words on how things have gone from weeks 10-15 in pregnancy #2.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to document every detail because believe me I have but seriously I’m just so freaking tired. I actually found the below snippet about week 10 in my draft pile so I’m going to let you read my feelings on week 10 and then I’ll pick up from there:

How am I only at 10 weeks?  Unreal to me.  I feel like I’ve been pregnant for YEARS by now.  The time is just crawling.  I’ll do my best to capture what has been the 10th week of pregnancy for me.

So we left off last week with Chad’s parent’s still in town helping me out with Emmett while I literally did a. whatever I wanted or b. slept.  Both choices were great choices and it was definitely hard getting up this morning knowing that I would have Emmett with me all day with no help from anyone.  Last Thursday was the marking of the start of the 10th week.  I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it felt to finally be in double digits.  I don’t feel amazing or anything but I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of feeling better at least.  On Thursday I actually went to the gym and worked out and then met up with my dad at Starbucks to grab some sheet cake pans from him to bake Chad’s bday cake for him.  When I got to Starbucks I was starting to go downhill again because I didn’t plan well and was hungry.  Luckily a croissant sounded pretty good so I ordered one of those and pretty much devoured it.  We sat and chatted for a while and then we both needed to head out.  Afterwards I texted Chad’s parents to see how things were going since it was almost 1pm and I’d been gone since about 9:30am.  They said all was well and that Emmett was finally waking up from his morning nap.  About 3 hours of napping!  Not bad!  So they said to stay out longer if I wanted and not to rush back.  I went to Target ALL BY MYSELF and then to cafe Rio, my favorite fast Mexican food joint for another salad.

So that week was a rough one too.  I actually threw up for the first time that week which never happened with Emmett.  I know I’ve said it before but I’m just so incredibly happy that Chad’s parents were here to help me that week.  Holy cow, it was a rough one.  I know I would have survived it had they not been here (I wouldn’t have had a choice) but it was just so nice to be able to nap, nap, nap and nap.  So moving right along…I’m noticing that I’m doing things a bit differently this time.  I’m documenting the week leading up to the week so like for week 10, I documented all the days leading up to the day I was 10 weeks.  So I suppose that’s how I’ll have to continue.  SO the day after I turned 10 weeks I had another doctor’s appointment.  I thought it was just a standard listen to the heart beat appointment and then be sent on my way.  We were there for almost 2 hours just waiting for the freaking doc. to arrive.  The only thing that made us forget about how angry we were (Chad came with me this time because I didn’t want to be alone if there was no heartbeat) was that they couldn’t find the heartbeat (not totally uncommon this far along) and so they decided to to an ultrasound to see what was going on in there.  They actually took a while on the ultrasound which was quite a treat for us.  The sonographer went over, in detail, all the parts of the body including her best guess on the gender.  Her professional opinion was that it was another boy and we have the pictures to “prove” what she saw.  To me, there was no question about it, there were boy parts on that picture.  I really wasn’t all that bumped out at first because I was just so happy that there was actually a healthy baby with a heartbeat in there but then it sort of sunk in as we were leaving the office and I got pretty sad thinking about how this may be our last child and I’ll never get that girl that I always wanted.  Then it made me sick to my stomach thinking that if we do want to try to have a girl, I’d have to go through this whole pregnancy thing AGAIN and there’s no guarantee that the next one would be a girl either!!!  So I spent the better half of the rest of the day thinking about all the great things about having two boys that there are.  I left it at that because I knew if I put too much more thought into it I would just cry.

That next week, heading into week 11, was a little bit better.  It was Labor Day on that following Monday so it was great to have Chad home for a 3 day weekend after his folks left.  It was also Chad’s bday that weekend.  Chad’s parents left on Saturday so we all went out for a birthday brunch for Chad and I got an omelet.  This is kind of huge for me considering eggs have sounded awful for about 6 weeks.  It was pretty good, not great.  After saying goodbye we headed home and put Emmett down for a not so long nap and then headed up to my folks house for his bday dinner with some friends.  We had a great time and the meal was fantastic.  I even ate some chocolate cake and ice cream!  Again, this is huge for me since I haven’t like sweets either.  My parents took Emmett that night so Chad and I went home kid less that night.  The next morning we woke up leisurely, did our own separate things for a while (Chad went to Home Depot, I went on a run) and then we met up afterwards for lunch.  We went to a really good Mediterranean place.  It was super nice, super expensive and not kid friendly.  Perfect.  It was so nice eating a meal without having a toddler climbing out of the high chair before our meals even came.  Afterwards we went to a few vintage type furniture stores and then to a movie.  We saw “Now you See Me”.  It was pretty good!  And what was great about it was that it was at the dollar movies so we didn’t pay more than $5 total for the movie!  After that it was time to relieve my parents of Emmett so we went over and got him.  We headed home shortly after and got Emmett to bed.  The next day was a bit different.  I didn’t work out because I didn’t have energy and I felt sick pretty much all day.  A friend stopped by to see the house and I felt like complete crap the entire time she was over.  The rest of the day was just a filled with a bunch of bad feelings, gagging and dry heaving.  Did I mention I love being pregnant?  Oh, right, I DON’T!  The rest of that week Emmett and I had a few playdates but nothing huge.  I had another friend (Hi T!) who made breakfast for me that week as well.  She made me a quiche which was fantastic!!!  I wasn’t sure how the whole egg thing was going to go but man oh man it was delicious.

The week leading up to week 12 was still hit or miss with feeling sick.  That weekend Chad’s college friend came into town so I took Emmett and headed out so that the two of them could have time together without the boy or myself.  My mom invited me to go see “Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert” at the performing arts center here in Denver.  It was a very colorful and fun show.  I got to drop Emmett off with my dad so that we could go just the two of us.  It was quick and I wish we could have stayed downtown to grab appetizers and drinks but I also knew my dad could only take so much of Emmett.  We rushed back home to relieve my dad.  I felt horrible when we got home and almost threw up a few times on the light rail on the way back.  I sat next to a guy who reeked of BO so that may have had something to do with it.  The rest of the weekend sort of flew by and I didn’t even see Chad until about 8pm Sunday night.  After I came home I basically became an emotional wreck and cried and cried and cried.  I had dry heaved as soon as I walked into the door and just lost it with the emotions.  We watched some TV for a while then I went to bed.  I just wanted to day to be over.  That week I had a few obligations at night and so did Chad.  I had a Mom’s night out thing at someone’s house, Chad had soccer, and we both had some stuff going on in the same night that Thursday.  It was a super busy week which was good but again, I do remember every single night, without fail, my head was in the toilet.

So that brings us up to the week leading up to week 13.  I turned 12 weeks (sounds stupid but I don’t know how to say it otherwise) that Thursday.  We still hadn’t announced and actually still haven’t announced that we’re pregnant publicly.  I know that most people say something on facebook or social media around this time but I just wasn’t ready.  Honestly I wanted to wait until my next ultrasound.  Anyways, I went to CA that following weekend sans the boy or the husband.  I think the best part about the trip was the plane ride.  No toddler.  It was so peaceful.  I got to read, sleep, eat and enjoy a whole row to myself for 2.5 hours.  It was pretty much the best flight of my life.  I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it.  I didn’t get into CA until about 11pm which is midnight CO time so I was in bad shape once arriving to our accommodations.  Really. Bad. Shape.  My brother got to witness my nightly routine of throwing my head into the toilet and gagging while brushing my teeth.  The rest of the weekend I enjoyed going on a run in my old town of Davis, eating delicious food, enjoying great company, walking the farmers market, catching up with old friends, and sleeping in!  Oh my gosh, I slept until 9am both mornings!  Heaven.  I’m not typically a napper or someone who sleeps a lot but when I’m pregnant nothing in the world is better than sleeping as much as I want.  Normally I think that would have bugged the hell out of me but when I’m pregnant clocks don’t even matter.  The flight home was similar to the one out only I had my parents to talk to on the way back and I had a major headache so I also had my mom there to rub my head for almost 30 minutes!  I need to her around more often 🙂  I actually had a pretty busy week ahead leading up to 13 weeks.  I had some Junior League stuff in the mornings, I had two doctor’s appointments, Emmett had randomly been sick so we had recheck appointments for him and I had a few play dates lined up for us.  I think the busy weeks are better than the non busy ones.  It helps keep my mind off of how horrible I feel all the time.   I’m not going to go into detail about the 13 week NT scan we had (ultrasound to check for genetic disorders) but let’s just say there was a slight change in gender prediction.  I was 100% ok with having another boy but then when they threw this whole “I think it’s actually a girl” thing at me, my heart went into my throat and I couldn’t speak.  Now I’m just trying to stay neutral so that if this “girl” turns back into a boy I won’t be completely devastated (although I did tell Chad to please be considerate of me because there will be tears and they will probably last several weeks if the gender changes again).  Blame the ultrasound techs for telling me so early and playing with my emotions.  I really felt sort of excited to have another boy after getting used to the idea and now I’m really REALLY REALLY REALLY excited to have a girl.  So we’ll see…

That brings us up to the week leading up to week 14.  Well I threw up this week.  I actually was feeling pretty great after the gender scan and all that weekend.  I even was able to do a 6.5 mile run on that Sunday!  We went over to my parents house that day and I even had a hankering for ice cream!  I also sort of felt back to my normal self because I had purchased cappuccino crunch yogurt and was eating that for breakfast!  I also had a Starbucks frappaccino.  Who am I?!  I’d say that was the best week to date.  I also started feeling slightly less tired but still tired.  I was out late a few days that week and that does not help me.  I still had and have very strong aversions to brushing my teeth even though I’ve purchased this all natural toothpaste.  I really wish they’d sell non minty tooth paste for pregnant women.  Maybe I should invent that?

Wow, so are we really all caught up?  Today I’m 15 weeks along!  I’ve decided that it may be more manageable to keep track of things if I do those little questionnaire things I’ve seen before on others blogs and then write a quick blurb about how the week has gone.  So instead of writing about the week leading up to week 15 in this monstrous post, I’ll give it it’s own little page and insert.  I haven’t uploaded photos in weeks from my phone but I do have a 14 week photo all ready to go and I’ll have a 15 week photo to share on the next post.  So congrats to you if you’ve made it this far along in the post!  Sorry about my editing skills.  By the time I’m done writing I just don’t care to go back and proof read.  Maybe one day when I have another really boring job I can go back and clean up my little space on the internet.

14 weeks…14 weeks 14 weeks pic24 weeks…