Wisdom Wednesday

I read this today and I think it’s pretty incredible.  I am posting it as is and I found several typing mistakes on it so I do apologize in advance but this one is worth a read.  They really are wise words and they really do make a lot of sense.  Enjoy and happy Wednesday!



Guest Post on Baby FoodE

getting in shape-3rd trimester

I have yet another guest post on Baby FoodE in my series on stay fit during pregnancy.  It was posted last Thursday and yet again, I feel behind.  I was going to post this post last week but the week got away from me.  Then we had a weekend and I didn’t even OPEN my computer.  And of course it was a holiday on Monday so yesterday I was totally off and then we go on vacation again tomorrow.  Life seems to be getting faster and faster.  Anyone else agree with that statement?  Anyways, this week covers the third trimester.  Please go check it out!  You can also find my other posts in the series for pre pregnancy fitness and getting baby belly ready, first trimester fitness, and second trimester fitness here, here and here.  Michele was also kind enough to post a bio about me with some questions that I answered about my life which you can find here.

Hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday!