Time to dust this thing off and get to work amiright!?  No, I’m not serious and you know I’ll throw a couple posts up and then won’t return for several months because that’s just the season of life I’m in (or have been since starting this blog!).  But I wanted to just wish everyone a very happy start to 2017!  A lot of people thought 2016 was the worst.  But I have to disagree.  I mean for the country, yes, it was probably the worst and will only go down from here.  We even considered leaving the country and seriously looked at our options after this election because we just don’t want to see the downfall of a Trump nation.  But that didn’t even happen until November of 2016!  We lived a full 10 months prior to this country going to shit and in that 10 months it was great for our little 5-some.

Let’s reflect…In January we prepared for the worst and ended up having the most amazing little baby girl a family could ask for.  She had her heart surgery at just 2 days old and made a full recovery.  In February we got to bring that baby girl home and learn to live as a family 5.  In March we celebrated our Campbell Bean’s 2nd birthday.  In April we celebrated Emmett’s 4th birthday.  In May we continued the celebration and had a huge party here at our house for him.  We also got our surgery date for our sweet baby to have her lip repaired and finished out the NAM taping, something I was not sad to see leave our lives AT ALL!  In June Campbell started her preschool one day a week and Emmett started summer camp one day a week.  We had the actual lip repair completed for Aubrey and watched in amazement as our baby’s face changed drastically over the first few days after the surgery.  In July and August we did countless summer activities including pool trips, zoo dates, botanic gardens, nature and science museum trips, camps, trips on the lightrail to play in the fountains downtown, movie dates, playdates with friends, mountain trips with family, 4th of July celebrations, park dates after the sun went down, dog walks, theater in the park, and basically all things fun that you do in the summer like eating ice cream and popsicles non stop!  In September we took a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks and Emmett started back to his last year of preschool before starting Kinder next year.  In October we had fun decorating for Halloween and really getting into what the kids were going to be for Halloween.  We walked the neighborhood every night pointing out all the fun Halloween decorations that people had put up on their houses.  We trick or treated and laughed and stayed up way too late on the night of Halloween.  In November, despite the election results, we still pulled ourselves out of bed and managed to stay positive and do fun things at our normal hotspots while the weather held out due to global warming.  We celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and I even got to get our on a few mom dates myself.  In December, it truly was the most wonderful time of the year this year.  I made sure to jam pack our schedules with the most festive things I could find including Santa coming from the North Pole to the mall (we watched him arrive at night), our neighborhood tree lighting, zoo lights, botanic gardens lights, Santa visits at multiple locations, driving around looking at Christmas lights, putting up our own lights and trees and decorations, baking cookies, holiday shopping for teachers, school celebrations and eating all. the. sweets.  We made our way to Kansas City for Christmas and spent time with both sides of the family.  We saw people from my side who we haven’t seen in years and introduced Aubrey to them.  We laughed, we got sick a LOT, we lost sleep (I got to know my kids really well with all the time we spent together at night), we gained a new appreciation for the nights we do sleep, and mostly we just had fun.  December was the perfect cap to our 2016 and we definitely went out with a bang.  It was a year to remember for our family and we all came out of it in one piece, together and healthy-ish.

Every year seems to go faster than the last.  I just wish I knew how to slow these years down.  The good though is that every year that goes by and we get a little older, we do get a little wiser and we get to spend that much more time here on earth with the people we love.  Life is so damn short and I’m just happy to be a part of this life each and every day.  Happy New Year everyone!!!!