Every year I have the same problem…What in the world am I going to get for everyone!  Now that I/we have TWO families to shop for, it’s now twice the thought and twice as hard.  I know that we can receive wishlists from everyone but I also like to add my own flavor or uniqueness to the gifts I get people.  Chad is the same way and we end up waiting until the last 2-3 days before Christmas and end up panicking and buying either the gifts that people have requested (so there is no element of surprise there) or we end up getting crappy gifts that we don’t feel good about.  So what am I doing this year to combat this problem?  We are asking people for “idea” ahead of time and I’ve been going through Pinterest like crazy looking for fun DIY ideas for stocking stuffers to include my own flavor and spin on old ideas.  It may take some extra time and work but I finally have the time this year to put forth some effort and let my creative juices flow.


Quiet Morning

Thank goodness for a baby that will go back to sleep when overly exhausted.  This past weekend was pretty trying with him.  Yesterday we went over to our friends for brunch so Emmett didn’t get a morning nap.  He fought it tooth and nail in fact.  He was very content in his car seat while we all gobbled down our breakfast burritos.  He didn’t even make a sound, just watched us eat. While I am not upset at that, it does make for a longer than usual day.  We headed our to run errands after brunch and then to my folks house.  I thought he’d go right down for a nap once we arrived but he had other plans which went well into the evening hours.  All in all, I think Emmett took about two 20 min. naps yesterday.  He was super grumpy and didn’t go down until 9pm last night.  The good news is that he slept until about 5:30ish this morning.  That’s a good 8 hours of sleep.  We pacified him until 6:30, at which point I got up with him and fed him.  I didn’t know it at the time, but after I was done feeding him he went back to sleep and is STILL sleeping!  It’s now 7:46 and I’m loving my quiet morning!!  Here is what I’ve been up to with my extra hour and 45 minutes…

Now, if only he would do this everyday…Sigh.

Weekend in Review

Happy Sunday!  This weekend has been so great.  It has been the perfect mix of friends, family and down time with a little out and about action here and there too.  I had been feeling a bit down last week due to the lack of activity in my life.  I always feel a bit down after leaving my best friends (NYC weekend) so last week was a bit of a let down.  I have been pretty busy with Junior League stuff lately but last week was the first week in months were I didn’t have a single thing lined up during the day or evening.  It was great at first but by the time Wednesday hit I started to feel pretty down.  Not to worry!  Friday night was a huge pick me up!  We met up with some friends at the local KU bar to watch the KU game.

They had a seat reserved for us and we were right up front and personal with the TV!  I had my mom meet up with us and Chad and I also got some much needed help with E man.  We stayed until about 7:30ish (got there around 6) because a certain someone had to go home and go to bed.  Chad also had a broomball game to attend at around 9:30 so he had to go to that.  Meanwhile I was super tired and went to bed at 9.  It felt great.  Emmett was up twice Friday into Sat. morning.  Once at 11:30ish when Chad went and checked on him and then again at 4am.  Luckily he somehow entertained himself back to sleep at 4 so we all got to sleep until about 6:30 or so on Saturday.

Saturday mornings are always my favorite because daddy is home with us.  It’s great because I get to run by myself too.  After feeding Emmett some applesauce and a carrot, he was ready to go down for a nap.  After he went down I went on a nice 7 mile jog without a baby stroller!  Pure bliss.  I swear I’m about 1,000 times faster than I used to be.  It started snowing on and off during my run and I was glad to be done with it.  When I got home Emmett woke up and we all got ready for the day.  We headed to sprouts because we needed groceries for Saturday nights dinner.  We ended up having Taylor, Jacob, Cindy and Ryan over.  Cindy and Ryan (Cindy is the one we surprised last weekend in NYC) are thinking about moving to CO and were here this weekend to scope it out.  We invited all of them over along with my mom for stuffed bison acorn squash and salad with pumpkin custard dessert.  I wish I could have taken a picture of our plates.  The meal ended up being pretty great.  If I had it to do over, I think I would have cooked the squash covered and less time.  The insides (bison/rice/cranberries) was a little dry but it all turned out fine just the same.   My mom brought the dessert and man was it good!  If I think about it, I’ll post the recipe for the acorn squash later this week!  All in all the evening was great.  Again, no pictures 😦  How can I become a better picture taker!?  If I want to blog I need to learn how to take my camera out!  Anyways, It’s now Sunday morning and I did capture my favorite thing to do on Sunday morning…

Hope all your Sunday’s are filled with fun, laughter and relaxation!  We are now off to Taylor and Jacobs for brunch and one last visit with CP and Ryan before they head back to NY then off to my parents house for some pumpkin mac and cheese!

And I leave you with Emmett’s new favorite toy/activity…


Last weekend I took some time for myself and headed to NYC with 4 of my dearest friends to surprise our friend CP.

Yes, she’s a crazy one and that’s why I became friends with her.  So a little background was that for my baby shower that my friends threw for us back in June, CP was unable to leave NYC due to weather.  We kept holding out hope on that Friday but as it got later and later here in CO, it was also getting later and later in NYC.  I think around 11pm we received the text saying she wasn’t coming 😦  The next day we started brain storming ideas on when we could go surprise her in NYC to sort of do a “makeup” reunion/baby

shower type thing (only she’s a bachlorette so it would be a makeup reunion/bachlorette party).  Well, as you all are WELL aware of there was this thing that happened in NYC and along the Easter seaboard called hurricane Sandy that was trying to impede our plans.  Luckily our flights weren’t until November 3 which was the Friday after it all went down but regardless, it was a very stressful week trying to figure out if people from Dallas, Kansas, DC, and Colorado were all going to be able to attend.  Luckily the only real snafu was that me and Taylor’s flight was delayed an hour and our friend Emily who was coming from DC had a much longer than anticipated subway ride because most of the lines were still closed.  We all made it by about 6pm on Friday night, just in time for the surprise at 7pm.

We met at a restaurant in Brooklyn then walked to our Airbnb (Kiran, I promise I haven’t forgotten about paying you!).  The Airbnb was super nice.  We had a complete blast getting ready for the surprise.  Basically our friend Em said that her husband was having a conference in NYC but it had gotten “canceled” and they still had a place to stay and didn’t want to lose the money so they were still planning on coming so they invited CP over to having drinks Friday night to get her to come over.  She begrudgingly said yes and the rest is history.

We pulled off the surprise without a hitch and it was great.  The rest of Friday was pretty low key, drinking wine, chatting, ordering Thai food and just enjoying being around each other.  Saturday we all got up slowly, drank endless cups of coffee, then headed out for breakfast at a place called Moutarde.

I think we were all pretty starving and to call it breakfast is a stretch.  It was 1pm by the time we sat down and ordered our food.

I was SO hungry and gobbled up an omelet.   After breakfast we walked back and pretty much started drinking for the rest of the afternoon into early evening.  We got ready then started giving CP her gifts.

After the gift giving was complete, we decided to head out to dinner.  I was so hungry, I was about to eat my arm off.  I don’t know how those NYCer’s do it.  Cindy was telling us that on Saturday’s and Sunday’s she gets up, does coffee, eats brunch and then eats dinner then goes to bed.  Here in CO we are used to getting up early, going on hikes or runs, being outside all day, eating trail mix and cliff bars, having 3 square meals, climbing a 14er then going to bed at 9.  That’s my schedule 🙂  So this whole 2 meals a day thing while drinking in between and having no snacks was a little rough on my system.  Anyways, we went to a great Mexican restaurant called Pacifico.

We had a fabulous time drinking red sangria and eating chips with queso and guac.  My food was fantastic.  I ordered what I always get, fajitas and they were pretty good.  One thing I noticed or rather have always known about NY is that you don’t get what you pay for.  When I get fajitas just about anywhere else in the country it comes will all the fix’ins like at least rice, beans, salsa, guac. and sour cream on the side.  These came with none of that.  I’m sure if I had said I’d pay extra these items would have been included but that’s such a huge pet peeve of mine.  I’m just glad we ordered (yes ordered, the chips and salsa didn’t come with the meal) the apps before dinner or I would have still been hungry!  Are we sensing a theme here?  Lindsey is always hungry!?  After dinner we went back to our place and just hung out playing silly games like two truths and a lie.  I lost miserably both with others truths and lies and my own.  We went to bed relatively early and gained an hour because it was daylight savings!  Sweet!  We were all up pretty much by 8am the next day to have some coffee together and get some more hang out time before everyone departed.  Cindy T and I were the first to leave at 10am.  It was a quick trip for sure but I’m so glad it all worked out and everyone was able to make it.  I missed my baby like crazy but he was in great hands with his meme.  Meme even offered to take care of him AGAIN in a few weeks!  Bless her soul!  It’s hard work with this baby since he doesn’t nap and wakes up several times on any given night.  I definitely felt rested after coming home from NYC while I’m sure everyone else took a few days to recover.  I was able to sleep through the night without having to check on an infant 7 times 🙂  (he sleeps through the night most nights, it’s his mama that is paranoid and checks on him so much).

I love these girls so much and just wished we either all lived closer or could do these trips more often.  Maybe once all the kids are in school we can do it 2-3 times a year.  What do ya say girls?

Worry much!?

I wish I could say that Emmett has been the best sleeper ever from day 1.  I remember even when we brought him home from the hospital I thought he was a great sleeper.  The first 2 weeks were a tad rough with him waking every 3 hours or so but after that he slept 5-6 hour stretches.  His typical bed time was around 9-10 and he always sleep until 3am or so.  Then it changed.  He started sleeping 7-8 hour stretches at around 8-10 weeks old.  Hallelujah!  This was awesome especially when we’d go to bed with him.  Then when I went back to work he started sleeping 10ish hour stretches.  That was at 3 months.  Everything was going on the up and up until we hit 4ish months.  Rather than waking up once a night to put the paci. back in his mouth, we started waking up between 3-8 times a night.  It got a little out of hand.  Then at 5 months we noticed that he started getting some teeth so we blamed the frequent wakeups on teething.  So what am I worried about now?  Emmett is 6 months and 2 weeks and he has started rolling over to sleep on his tummy!

Three nights ago was when we really noticed it.  We kept waking up only to find him on his stomach and turn him over.  Every time we turned him over, he’d flip right back onto his tummy.  The next night was much better. He slept on his back/side for 11 hours straight.  Last night was a totally different story.  We put him down on his back and some how between the hours of 7-8pm last night, he decided to flip over during his sleep.  When I turned the monitor on to check on him, low and behold, he was on his tummy sound asleep.  I had two options.  1. keep him that way or 2. flip him and run the risk of him becoming very upset with me, waking up, and needing to be soothed aka fed.  I chose option 1 and kept one eye on the monitor the whole night.  Not fun.  With all that the doc’s tell you about SIDS and babies sleeping on their backs, it can really make a mama worried!  He ended up sleeping on his tummy until about 3:30am.  May I remind you that most of the time spent on his tummy, his face was buried or rather face planted into the mattress.  UGH!  I suppose he eventually self corrected himself because he was always breathing when I’d check on him.  Let’s just say I’ll be excited for this stage to either be done with or for him to turn 1!

6 months!

Two Saturdays ago marked 1/2 a year since I gave birth to my sweet beautiful baby boy.  Where do I begin!?  This boy touches everyone he meets (literally and figuratively).  It feels like just yesterday that I took his 5 month old pictures and here we are taking his 6 month photos!   We have hit many mile stones this past month with him.  I’m not even sure where to start.  I think our biggest accomplishment this past month is the introduction to solid foods.

This was a bit tough in the beginning.  He really wanted nothing to do with food at first.  Maybe it’s because I decided to try baby led weaning which is basically giving the child food to experiment with rather than spoon feeding them pureed foods.  This was kind of a disaster and the more I fed him the more anxious I became with those chunks and him choking on them.  The baby lead weaning folks have said that babies will gag because they’ve never experienced that type of consistency before but that those reflexes will prevent them from choking.  Well, E didn’t’ seem to be having a ton of fun with that method so I finally threw in the towel and opened a can of purred pumpkin.  He LOVED it so I purred the rest of the sweet potatoes and then have been feeding him chunkier solids as well like banana, avocado, and some store bought chunky foods for 9 month olds.  I want him to be able to eat whatever without preferring a certain purred consistency and becoming too picky.  Anyways, he also has gotten some applesauce and loves that as well.

He holds his own bottle now too!  When it’s too full then he can’t but when he reaches about 1/2 way done he likes to do it himself.  It’s really cute!

At the beginning of the month we decided to surprise Emmett’s grandma Baudoin in KC for her 60th birthday.  We had such a great time!  We came in on a Thursday night and Chad’s mom was totally shocked and surprised.  It was really fun.

Beckett also seemed to take a huge liking to his cousin Emmett.  It was odd because the last time we saw them (about 3 weeks prior in Arizona), Beckett really didn’t seem to interested in him.  This time around it was completely different!

Beckett kept wanting to “hold it”.  We finally let him and he was more than pleased with himself.

Over the weekend we celebrated not only Chris’s birthday, but the rest of the October birthdays as well.  Marge, Emmett’s great grandma, and Jared, Emmett’s uncle.

We had birthday sloppy Joe’s (a birthday tradition) and ice cream and cake.

The rest of the weekend entailed seeing friends and a visit to the apple orchard for some delicious apple fritters!  It was a fast weekend but we feel like Emmett’s development changed leaps and bounds.  He slept in the crib for a few naps (some were as long as 3 hours!) and also slept one night for 13 hours straight!  He’s slept like this before but it’s always a nice surprise when he does it on vacation.

After coming home from the weekend Emmett decided to stop sleeping through the night again.  This happened for a pretty consistent 5 days in a row.  Low and behold, my mother kept saying “maybe he has a tooth!” and I just would not believe her.  I finally decided enough was enough and checked it out.  And drum roll please….there it was!  A small little tooth on the bottom right side.  Amazing.  That pretty much explained the night wake ups and fussy days.  Once we found it he started sleeping through the night again.  I guess it had finally broken the surface.  Emmett also met my JL provisional group and I had book club with the birth class ladies.  All the babies are developing at basically the same rate.  It’s just incredible!  The weekend after we got home from KC, my brother and dad were in town for a wedding so they got to see E man.  Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures, not a single one!  But my artistic husband did take a photo of Emmett in their leaves.

And of course one for your viewing pleasure…

Another crazy milestone for Emmett is that he’s started rolling, everywhere.  This is something that his mama is both proud of and not fond of.  On the one hand, it’s so much fun to see him figuring out how to get from point a to point b without having to be carried.  On the other hand, at night, he’s learned how to roll onto his tummy, usually in the middle of the night, which scares the bejesus out of me.  Last week he was rolling just fine from tummy to back and now he is rolling from back to tummy and somehow can’t figure out how to roll himself back to his back.  UGH.  Talk about a SIDS problem!  I swear, I hate going in to check on him only to find him on his tummy with his face buried in his mattress.  He also is really hating being on the floor.  He wants to sit up and see the world.  He is not interested in being placed under his play mat anymore and just being content.  We are going to get a little exercauser thing from Chad’s sister when we are in KC for Thanksgiving so that E can sit up.  My mom has one now and he seems to really like it since he’s not laying down.  I was worried because I’ve been reading up on 6 month mile stones and one of them is to babble and another is crawling but he isn’t doing either of those things.  We went to E’s 6 month check up last week and the doc. wasn’t’ worried at all.  Guess that means mama can rest easy!

Here are his 6 month stats:

Height: 26.5 inches, 50%

Weight 17.2 ounces, 40%

He is still on the smaller side but is looking fantastic, even a bit bigger then his last several appointments where he’s been in the 30% for just about everything.  So it’s fun to see that he’s gone up in those stats!

So that’s about it from here!  We are loving watching him learn and play every single day.  He is just so much fun to be around and we can’t wait to see what the next month holds!

Happy 6 months buddy!