After a Sugar Detox…My thoughts

So obviously I didn’t do a full blown sugar detox.  I still had my 85% dark chocolate most days and probably too much fruit and substitutions but I decreased my sugar consumption by a considerable amount for me so I’m calling it a sugar detox.  This was hard for me.  I love sugar.  I am a self proclaimed sugar addict and while I did feel better during the day and think I slept better at night, I still don’t want to cut the stuff out of my diet.  It was a good experiment to bring me back down off my sugar cloud but the fact of the matter is that it makes me feel happy and I feel like a prisoner when I limit what I eat.  I don’t like the feeling and I actually really look forward to my daily treats.  I love my salad and eggs and veggies as well and when I’m super hungry I want to fill up on that stuff but I also really like the habit of eating something sweet after my meals to finalize them and move on with my day.  Yes, I called this a habit because I don’t need to do this but I really like to.  I also don’t like making substitutions for my sweet treats.  All 10 days I was trying to substitute my sweet snacks for things like shakes made with only coco and banana and almond milk or super dark chocolate that really wasn’t satisfying or some sort of treat that I’d made with only bananas and a few other none sugar items.  It wasn’t working for me and wasn’t making me happy.  This life is too short to not feel happiness everyday.  Some may argue that food shouldn’t make a person happy and that there’s something else psychologically going on.  Ok, maybe there is and I’m ok with that!  In these intense times in my life I really love having sugar as my substance of choice to go to and make the world right again.  Sure I may pay for it with mood swings and poor sleep but I may not.

Here’s the thing, after the 10 days I totally blew off everything I learned and did.  Ok, maybe not everything.  I was still conscience of what I was doing and eating sugar wise but I ate real cow’s milk ice cream and have pretty much every day since last weekend.  I don’t do my mindless snacking on M&Ms and TJ’s boxed chocolates still but who knows, that will probably be back at some point.  I haven’t done any baking either except for an amazing paleo treat that I’m trying very hard to resist eating every last bite because paleo or not, they are incredible (and SUPER high in calories).  So I have cut back and I’m trying really really hard to only eat my treats after the kids go down but even that has been a challenge for me because I really just like sugar.  It’s the same with coffee.  I will never give that up and I don’t care to.

So where am I at now that a week has gone by?  Well I feel like my sleep is honestly the same and my moods have actually continued to be steady.  I really don’t think you need to completely give up sugar at all to feel the benefits.  I think that if you just cut back on sugar and take in the recommended daily amounts of sugar you’ll be fine.  I’m sure you’d be fine even going over that limit if you exercise.  I do exercise and pretty intensely at that so I feel like my sugars get used up in my body so that maybe I don’t feel the effects like some people do.  Who knows, I do know that when I eat way too much sugar I do feel it.  I definitely am more tired when I consume nothing but sugary treats all day and I’m more on edge.  But that also happens when I don’t exercise.  So who knows.

All in all I can say that I’m glad I did it for the small amount of time that I did.  At some point I really really really want to try to stick to and do a Whole 30.  I have read the book and the cookbook and done a ton of research on Whole 30.  I love the idea but again, I just don’t want to cut sugar out for that long.  I do know just after doing my little experiment that it does work and I could gain more energy and sleep better and all that but I’m just not ready to give up my treats.  Maybe I’ll do a Whole 30 with a night time chocolate treat 😉  I’m sure the authors would love that, especially after writing about my experience.  Anyways, bottom line is that you need to do you.  And I highly recommend That Sugar Film which can be found on Amazon Prime.  Wow, it was eye opening and such a great documentary.  I loved every second of it.

I’ll end with saying that I’m now much more aware of the added sugars in things that don’t even need sugar.  My kids are better without sugar too.  Why would I cut sugar out of my diet and not theirs?  I want to always teach them that sugar isn’t the enemy but portions are and I just want them to be aware of how much sugar is in our food.  They can make their own choices.  I loved doing this and I hope that some of my habits (not eating a treat after breakfast) stick around but to give up sugar completely is a crime and, at least for me, would take out a lot of the joy in my every day life that I experience.  I love rewarding my kids with special dates to get cupcakes or donuts and I just can’t/won’t deprive us of those special memories.


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