The Beauty of Time

How is it already Friday!?  We have some fun stuff planned over the next week starting with a date night for my husband and me.  It’s been a TOUGH week with Emmett but gosh dang I love that kid so much.  He’s definitely testing boundaries (his and mine) so I thought I’d share a little inspiration I found to get through these tough times with a little bit more ease.  This did definitely made me cry but also made me sit back and remember that I’m so lucky that I’m still full on in the thick of these wonderful times as a mom to two young children.  I don’t think I’ll ever look back and yearn for these time but I do want to do a better job of just being present in the moments and not letting them slip away too quickly.  Life just goes by way too damn fast.

one last time


My Baby has a Twin…

And it’s her me-ma Baudoin. We’ve had these photos for a while now but every time I look at them they look stunningly similar to our little Campbell. When her GG (Great Grandma on my husband’s side) saw the photo she thought it was Campbell. It’s actually HER daughter! Crazy! It’s fun to know what my daughter will look like in every stage of her life 🙂

November 2014 018
Campbell at 7 months
10 month Chris
My mother-in-law at 10 months
4 year old chris
Mother-in-law at 4 years old-ish
November 2014 094
Campbell last week



First Snow!

Ah, it’s that time of year again where the snow is coming down and is beautiful to watch…If you don’t have kids.  Snow days mean something completely different now to my husband and me now that we have two small children.  Snow days, especially on the weekends, used to mean staying inside all day, drinking coffee, baking, making heavy dinners, watching Netflix marathons, and cuddling on the couch all day.  HA!  Those days are OVER!  Now snow days mean getting up waaaaay too early to force a workout in so that you don’t explode at the kids, frantically figuring out what the hell to do all day now that you can’t go outside, going out to eat because who wants to spend time in the kitchen when you’re forced to be cooped up in the house!?  Very short naps because energy levels are still very high, and loads of TV and I’m not talking about favorite shows on Netflix, I’m talking PBS kids for all the hours.  Well, last week we had a VERY cold week.

November 2014 087

It all started Monday when I went out to go for a run.  The weekend was downright gorgeous with very few clouds in the sky the entire weekend.  There had been weather reports of a polar vortex coming through but I really had a tough time believing any of that was true.  Monday I was planning on getting up before the kids to get my workout in but I was TIRED.  I ended up sleeping in until 7 or so which is too late to sneak a workout in since Campbell gets up at 7.  So after Emmett woke up I bundled the kids up in about 13 layers and two fleece blankets and we were out the door with the BOB.  Oh my goodness was it beautiful out.  I even had gloves and a long sleeved shirt on that I ripped off 3 minutes into the run.  It was probably close to 60 degrees out with clouds in the sky but off to the west over the mountains.  I could tell the cold front was coming but I figured it wouldn’t be here until at least the afternoon if not later.  So we were off to a great start with the weather cooperating perfectly.  Nine minutes later a gust of wind came up and out of nowhere, very chilly air accompanied the gust.  I looked up towards the sky to see huge storm clouds that seemed to have come out of nowhere also.  I figured the chilly air was a fluke blast because we were close to a stream.  Boy was I wrong!  The wind picked up with drastic force and almost blew the double BOB over!  All of a sudden the sun was gone and the air was freezing…I am talking 60 degree weather to 30 degree weather in the time span of maybe 3 minutes!?  Unfortunately we weren’t super close to our house, at least 10 minutes away, and Emmett kept telling me he was cold.  I just kept saying “I’m cold too buddy”, while running in a tank top and wishing I had my gloves back.  By the time we made it home it had started snowing.

iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2166

And that’s how our week started off.  Thank you Chad for agreeing to let me get a treadmill because that thing has saved my ass on multiple occasions.  We quickly made our way downstairs to my treadmill and I hooked the kids up with snacks and an episode of Daniel Tiger so that I could at least finish off my run.  I made it to 7 broken miles that day!  After finishing up my run my mom came over and entertained the kids for a while so that I could finish up odds and ends around the house.  They both went down for naps at their normal times and I was able to enjoy the snowfall.  Anyways, this post is now getting lengthy but it’s what I do best…

November 2014 047

Tuesday was a preschool day which are my favorites because I don’t have to figure out what to do with Emmett while it’s snowing.  They take care of it and are able to run him into the ground so I don’t have to.  A nice little break if I do say so myself.

Wednesday was just a downright blizzard outside so I had to get creative with what we were going to do.  Has anyone ever been to a McDonalds play place?  Wow, they are lifesavers during a snowstorm!  No one goes and kids can wear themselves out!  Not to mention, have you ever tried a McDonalds french fry?!  Yeah, those things are amazing and sooooo worth the drive!  Anyways, we made the trip over to a McDonalds close by and had lunch and play time there.  It was really fun until Emmett peed through his diaper and his pants got all wet from pee.  Snow days are also great for letting toddlers who aren’t potty trained run around without a diaper on.  I did this all morning and gave Emmett sippy cup after sippy cup of juice and water.

November 2014 020 November 2014 022 November 2014 023

He never ended up going to the bathroom in the potty so I threw a diaper on him so that we could leave the house.  Well apparently I didn’t wait long enough because it all came out at McDonalds and I mean ALL came out.  It was kind of crazy how much pee came out.  So we had to cut our trip to McDonalds short.

November 2014 024

The only way I got Emmett to leave was bribing him with a bubble bath.  So when we got home I ran a bubble bath in our bathroom (which was new to him since he’s never taken a bath in there) and we did that activity for about an hour.

November 2014 036 November 2014 040 November 2014 043 November 2014 029

May I suggest both of these activities for stay at home moms on snow days.  He slept like a champ on Wednesday too!  Thursday was another preschool day and we had nap wars so apparently he wasn’t worn out enough.  Friday I knew I had to change it up if I wanted him to nap so we went swimming!!

November 2014 067 November 2014 068 November 2014 073 November 2014 075 November 2014 077

Emmett loves swimming and he could swim all day if I let him.  We were there for almost two hours and he loved every second of it.  He definitely cried big time when it was time to go.  I’d love to get there earlier but the pool opens at 10:30 so you do what you have to do.  We went out to Chipotle after that and Emmett ate more food than I think I’ve seen him eat all year!  It was great and he took an excellent nap afterwards.  So point is, don’t dread the snow just because you may have a toddler.  You can get creative still do fun indoor activities.  This morning we went to an indoor play place with some friends and even though it was $9, it was worth every dollar because my boy happily went straight to sleep as soon as we got home.  Even Campbell is fast asleep and has been since 12:45!

A few days ago I wrote about how kids are hard and today I wish I could take it all back because they made these past few days super easy on me 🙂  Love my kids today (and everyday, even if it’s sub-conscience some days!)!!  Monday’s are my catch up days and I’ve got soooo much accomplished during nap time that day and the other days this past week.  Love life.  Love cool days.  Love my sacred nap time.

November 2014 033 November 2014 031

Kids are hard work

This past week flew by. I would wake up in the morning, get my workout in, grab breakfast, do a day filled with activities, then before I knew it I was brushing my teeth and in bed for the night. But let me tell you something, KIDS ARE HARD WORK! It’s never any wonder to me why I’m in bed and passed out and sleep a full nights sleep from 10pm-5:30am. I’m WIPED out. I don’t think I’ve ever slept better in my life. Ok, that’s such a lie. I slept way better before I had kids but maybe I just get better quality sleep now. So back to why kids are hard. To be honest I think these past 7.5 months have been an absolute breeze. Here’s why:
1. I’ve never felt better. I have SO much energy. Maybe more than my two kids combined. I feel like I have my life back after being pregnant. Because I was so miserable for 9 months straight, I feel like every single day that I’m not pregnant is wonderful. I really LOVE LIFE right now.
2. My running is back. I am back up to high mileage weeks and that feel freaking fantastic. I enjoy so much about my running. From pushing double BOBs to running on my treadmill in the early morning hours, I love everything about running and I think that my running definitely contributes to me being able to keep up with my kids and my enthusiasm for life. I feel like my running normalizes me and is like serious therapy without the high cost of therapists or drugs.
3. My coffee. What in the hell did I do without coffee for almost an entire YEAR!? Holy shit. No wonder I was so miserable while I was pregnant. And no, I didn’t stay away from coffee because of the caffeine. I physically could not drink the stuff. It made me want to vomit (but then again, what didn’t make me want to vomit?). When I’m having a stressful morning with my kids coffee saves me every. single. time. I love coffee.

Ok so back to the reason why kids are hard. Again, these past 7.5 months have been nothing but amazing in my opinion. Sure, having two was an adjustment at first but after those first 2 weeks we fell into the swing of things and life’s been great. I really would never say that any day has been down right hard, maybe challenging, but not hard. Again, this whole ridiculous amounts of energy really bauds well for me. BUT this past Thursday was different. I’ve been blessed with great sleepers. These kids love to sleep and I love to let them sleep. I’ve never dealt with the nap war thing that people talk about. Well, now you can feel bad for me because for the first time in like over a year Emmett just down right refused to nap. He had a weird day at preschool where when they took him to go to a singing activity he had a major meltdown and screamed for me. His teacher had to physically remove him from the activity and go to a quiet place to read books for the hour. He was fine when I picked him up and didn’t want to even leave but that’s not like him. When we got home and tried to do our normal nap routine that we’ve done for the past year or so he acted like he was scared and did NOT want me to leave his room. At first I totally fed into it and gave him hugs and kisses and felt really bad for him but after a negotiation and a cookie and him promising me he’d take a nap if he got a cookie and he still didn’t go down, I was pissed. WTF Emmett!? I stuck to my end of the deal now you have to stick to your end! But he didn’t. Um, where was Campbell during all this? Yeah, she was in her crib SCREAMING her head off. I can’t deal with two screaming uncontrollably at the same time and that’s kind of where I lost my cool. Luckily I lost my cool on the inside and via nasty text messages to my husband but I felt like on the inside my blood was boiling and steam was coming out of my ears to relieve some pressure.

I went in to get Campbell and I brought Emmett down stairs for the 17th time and told them we were going to leave the house because I was not about to entertain them at home all afternoon. But then something magical happened and Campbell fell asleep while I fed her and I was able to free up my arms and put her to sleep. Chad texted back to me and suggested I let Emmett watch some TV. I let him watch more than some TV. He watched almost 2 hours of it and I had zero guilt about it. When Chad got home everyone was calm and we even had dinner together that I had time to through together. It was an early evening for these chickens.

But here’s another thing that’s wearing on me…Campbell has gotten into a routine where she goes to bed at 7ish and then wakes up two hours later for NO REASON! I feed her just because I can’t calm her down but sometimes I’m asleep and that’s when it’s really hard. Ok, another lie, sometimes I’m just watching TV with Chad but my “work day” is over and I just want to veg so throw me a freaking bone Campbell!! It’s not that I don’t love holding and rocking my baby but it takes usually 30 minutes to get her to calm down because she falls asleep nursing and I get tired and I want to be asleep too. And because I’m the only one who can soothe her it gets very tiring. We did however try something new on Thursday night and because Chad knew I had such a rough day with nap wars he offered to go in and try to soothe her. Guess what!? All he had to do was pick her up and rock her for 5 minutes and she fell asleep! All I can speculate is that she smells me and for her, the only way that I can soothe her is if I feed her. Emmett went through the same thing and I had to stop going in and rocking him because he started expecting me to feed him. I think that’s what we’re going to have to start doing with Campbell too. So after she goes back down it’s nearly 10pm and I can barely function. My body hurts and I’m tired and I just am done.

I feel like for the first time since having two, that it’s finally caught up with me this past week. I also think it has something to do with Emmett getting closer to 3 years old and I’ve been told by nearly everyone who has ever had a 3 year old that 3 is worse than 2. We are slowly inching towards that and I’m starting to see glimpses into my future with a 3 year old. We had some new challenges up ahead and yes, I’m ready for them but no, I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to forgo the every sacred nap. Ever. I feel like it’s the only part of my entire life right now that is semi relaxing. Even my running isn’t relaxing anymore because it’s either done with a monitor and children wanting to be taken out of their rooms and entertained or a stroller with a kid throwing things out of the stroller or crying. So this whole nap thing and the fight that has ensued is new to me and not welcomed one bit. I’m hoping it’s just a phase because I know that he needs these naps (I mean on Thursday when he didn’t nap he fell asleep before 7pm while Chad was reading a book to him!) and he doesn’t do very well without them so I’m not worried that he’ll give them up anytime soon. What I’m worried about is the struggle of getting him to just get to his room to start the nap! I don’t want to deal with that every time I have to put him to sleep. I won’t go into it but he fought me on Friday with his nap time too and he also fought me going to bed that night. Thank goodness Chad came to the rescue on Friday night and for nap time on Saturday. He has given Chad zero problems and I’m now questioning if Emmett thinks he has me wrapped around his little finger or something.

Anyways, the point of this post is just to vent and let out some frustration. Kids are hard and we’ll deal with this new phase if that’s what it is. We’ll get our groove with or without a nap if that’s what it comes down to. I know I’ve been spoiled for the past 2.5 years and not everyone gets what I have but dang, it’s all relative and so this is what I’m used to. Am I selfish to want time to myself even though I’m now a mom? I feel as though the nap part of my day makes me a better mom and re-centers me. It makes me feel human again and lets me regroup. It does the same for my kids. We’re all better off after nap time.

Ok, don’t cry for me any longer. I’ll be fine. I mean isn’t that what motherhood is all about? ME 😉 I just need a nap.

Halloween 2014, A Construction Worker and a Ladybug (and a hot dog)

If you read the heading then you know what my children were for Halloween…

Mini Canon 11.4.14 610 Mini Canon 11.4.14 614 iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2141

I love the idea of matching my family in Halloween costumes.  In fact, I’d love it if Chad and I could actually get into it and we could do a foursome thing but let’s be honest, I’m not nearly creative enough, nor do I care to put energy into thinking that far ahead.  I usually think about things one-two days before I need to do them.  I would definitely not call myself a procrastinator but I just don’t put the effort into things like this so when I ran into this construction worker costume (not even in the Halloween section but in the TOY section) on sale for $15 the Wednesday before Halloween I knew it was Emmett’s costume for this year.  He has been totally obsessed with all things work related and that includes using hammers, nails, wrenches, saws, etc., so this costume had his name written all over it.  Anyways, I wasn’t about to hunt the town for a hammer baby costume or something matchy matchy for Campbell to wear.  A friend of mine let us borrow a lady bug costume for Campbell so I got lucky with her.  But again, I wasn’t about to search the city for another bug costume or some other ridiculous outfit for Emmett so the two could match.  Anyways, they both have strong personalities and I’m pretty sure that for the rest of our “dress up for Halloween” lives, I’ll never get them to match so why start now?  Emmett is also super into Daniel Tiger and I was totally going to make a Daniel Tiger costume and that’s what he was going to be for Halloween but the construction worker thing was just too easy and again, by Wednesday (Halloween was Friday) when I still had no tiger outfit, it was looking good that that’s what Emmett was going to be this year.  The thing I think I was the most bummed about was that we actually had a 6-12 month lobster outfit that we used for Emmett back when he was 6 months that was $50!  I wanted to reuse it because he wore it a grand total of once.  We really got our money’s worth on that purchase.  But I digress.

Mini Canon 11.4.14 594

I was actually really excited this year for Halloween and it did not disappoint.  Emmett was super pumped about his costume and Campbell just looking freaking adorable and ridiculous.  We started our day with some friends at the zoo.

Mini Canon 11.4.14 608 Mini Canon 11.4.14 607 Mini Canon 11.4.14 602 Mini Canon 11.4.14 606 Mini Canon 11.4.14 605 Mini Canon 11.4.14 604

I let Emmett wear his costume and he was extremely excited about this but he also wanted to bring in his hammer and saw.  I knew this was going to be a problem because the other kids were going to want to play with them and of course that’s exactly what happened.  We had a few tears but overall it was great that he got to wear his costume there.  After we got home from the zoo the kids took massive naps and then we actually had to wake them up around 5ish to start the evening.  We started with going trick or treating around our neighborhood and then migrated over to a friends house for a party with, what felt like, 1,000 toddlers and their baby siblings.  It was a little crazy but a ton of fun.

iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2155 iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2146

iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2153 iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2154

The neighborhood where our friends live was dead so it was great to take the kids trick or treating over there since every time we went to a house each toddler got about 20 pieces of candy at each house!  We stayed waaaaaaay too late but the kids all did really well considering they were hyped up on sugar.  C was totally over it and looked glazed over by the time we got into the car.

Mini Canon 11.4.14 618 - Copy Mini Canon 11.4.14 617 Mini Canon 11.4.14 616 Mini Canon 11.4.14 615 Mini Canon 11.4.14 609

Every one with kids always used to tell me that holidays become way better once you have a child of your own.  For a while the magic sort of disappears.  I think it was sometime after college for me.  It was like a dead zone for a while.  But once I got engaged and then after having Emmett, the magic has slowly returned and I have to say that I become more and more excited with each passing holiday because Emmett is getting older and starting to become excited himself.  I know that these years are precious because the magic will fade all too quickly for my own children one day so I’m trying my hardest to make sure that each holiday is magical and memorable.  I want to take way too many pictures for them to look back at and I want to go overboard because it’s just as much for me as it is for them.

Halloween 2014

A letter to my first baby; Emmett Thomas 2.5

So it’s been a while since I’ve written about my main man.  Of course, I don’t ever leave him out, even in Campbell’s monthly posts.  I feel like I’m constantly comparing the two because they are just so drastically different from each other.  Emmett is my easy going kid and has been from day one.  Not a care in the world, sweet as sugar, and incredibly easy to please.  I thought I’d try something different with this post.  I want to write a letter to Emmett instead of just update him and what he’s like.  I want to capture him and what he’s like today, not just what he’s been like the past several months.  This may be a super long post but I don’t care because it’s my space on the internet and I can do what I please on here.  So here goes nothing…

Dear Emmett,

You are 2 and a half years old!  Well, actually, you are about a week and a half over 2.5.  I have to tell you, I want to write about every detail of your life but I also have to be realistic.  There’s just not enough hours in the day to get done everything I try to do.  I’m in way over my head right now with everything I’ve taken on over the past few months but I like it that way and we’re all adjusting just fine.  My baby, you are my first child.  And there’s just something to be said about having that first baby.  Your new friend Charlotte was born to one of my best friends on Wednesday and your father and I were reminiscing about how it felt to have that first baby come into our lives.  We didn’t know what we were doing really, but I knew for so long that I wanted you that I think I took to you like a fish to water.  We have this amazing mommy/son relationship that I hope continues throughout the course of our lives together.  When I found out you were a boy at the 5 month anatomy scan I cried buddy.  I cried long and hard because quite frankly I didn’t really know what to do with a boy.  I couldn’t imagine playing blocks and cars and trucks and dinosaurs.  I didn’t want to have boy things around my house and go shopping for boy clothes.  I was a girly girl when I was younger.  I was super into dolls and Barbies and pink and makeup and dress up.  I wanted to do all that over again with my own baby and now I knew that that’s not how our life together was going to pan out.  I somehow had a feeling that you’d be into all things boy.  Well, my instincts were correct and now, at 2.5 years old, you love cars, trains, trucks, trash trucks, dump trucks, sirens, being active, never sitting still, dirt, messes and all things boys love.  You are 100% boy.  And you know what?  I absolutely love it!  I could sit back and be a fly on the wall for hours just watching you explore your little world.  You amaze me everyday and your imagination is off the charts crazy to watch.

You are super into talking.  You don’t shut up.  Not that that’s a bad thing at all because I love hearing your sweet voice but you really don’t ever stop talking.  I’m actually kind of amazed at how much you have to say.  Your vocabulary is exploding and you seem to learn new words and and string together new sentences almost hourly.  I feel like every time you wake up from sleeping you are a different kid.  You have such a wonderful sense of humor and can also be quite ornery at times.  You get jokes and kid around with us constantly. You want to know something funny?  I had parent/teacher conferences with your preschool teachers a few weeks ago and they told me you don’t say a word at preschool!  I actually thought they were kidding at first but they didn’t think you even knew how to talk!  Apparently you are very quiet in preschool and just sort of keep to yourself.  You don’t like to engage in all the activities that the other kids do.  You like to play trains and trucks all by yourself.  You don’t mind if the other kids come and join you but you just don’t care either way.  You are also a sweet sweet boy with your peers.  I am not sure if I’ve ever seen you hit anyone of them.  Kids like to hit and kick you for some reason.  Maybe you’re an easy target?  I haven’t really figured it out but kids are aggressive with you.  I see a lot of me in you because I was the same way.  I also didn’t speak at school and so I think that’s where that comes from.  You are just so easy going and when someone does kick you or try to be aggressive towards you or yell at you, you seem to look at them like “why are you doing that to me?”.  I am struggling with how I’m going to teach you to stick up for yourself.  On the one hand I want you to hit back and hit back hard but in the adult world violence is not acceptable so I can’t teach you to do that.  On the other hand I love that you aren’t a mean boy and that you make them look like fools for hurting you.  Even when your sister accidentally grabs your hair and pulls it you just look at her and start crying.  I’m so impressed that your first reaction isn’t to just punch her lights out.  You are such a gentle soul and it breaks my heart to see anyone yell at you or make you cry.

You have also been so much fun to watch with your sister.  Your heart is bigger than your own little body.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say that you are made up of 50% love and 50% laughter.  You always need to hug and kiss everyone and everything.  We’ve actually started a little bedtime ritual where you MUST hug and kiss your sister before she goes to bed.  It’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!  You actually kiss her and make a sound going “mmmmah!” and then hug her and as you’re hugging her you say “huuuuuug”.  You also are a momma’s boy but now more than ever, have become a papa’s boy as well.  You are crazy about both of us and it’s really been fun to see you get more attached to your papa.  For the first 2.3 years of your life it was ALL ABOUT MOMMA.  If I was in your eye sight you wanted me to do everything-hold you, get you food, put you to bed, play with you, go places with you, give you a bath, brush your teeth.  The list goes on and on.  I even had to go so far as to go out of the room or sneak off and pretend I wasn’t home just so your papa could put you to bed or really do anything for you for that matter.  But, in the past 2 months something has changed.  You no longer care if I’m around or not.  You have your nights for sure and you still get super shy and don’t want to leave my side when I drop you off at preschool or go someplace new with you but you also really enjoy your papa and all he has to offer.  You have even on occasion asked me “where papa go?” when I come in and get you from your naps in the afternoon.  You’ve gotten so used to him doing so much for you that I’m now not the only one who you prefer.  It’s really fun to watch you grow so close to him.  Last night we went to get your hair cut and you asked papa, not me, if he would hold your hand.  You also said, “mama come with you”, which means mama come with ME, but you wanted your papa to hold your hand.  Afterwards we went out to eat and we tried to switch children.  Your papa was holding your sister and I said I’d be in charge of you.  However, you had different plans.  You basically threw yourself to the ground when I tried to hold your hand and only wanted to hold your papas hand.  I am not going to lie, it sort of hurts my feelings when you do things like this but on the other hand I realize how nice it is that you can also just as easily be happy with your papa.

Going back though to how big your heart is, the other day we were grocery shopping and you FREAKED out.  Now, you don’t throw temper tantrums very often and I mean like once every 6 months but when you do, you’re upset.  You were overly tired and had just had it shopping.  It was actually the day after we had come back from Louisiana and you hadn’t napped all but twice out of the past 7 days.  I mentioned to you that we were going to have mac and cheese when we got home and that sparked you.  You started crying and crying about how badly you wanted macaroni and cheese.  I had to check out at the self check out lane and had a TON of groceries because all the actual people were apparently on lunch break.  One person who worked there saw how stressed I was trying to just get the f-ing groceries to register on the scanner with a crying child and quickly raced over to help.  That was a BAD idea.  You cried even harder and just wanted me to hold you at this point.  Unfortunately I had Campbell in the Ergo and you were sitting in the cart strapped in so I couldn’t hold you because I needed to just buy the groceries and get the F out of there.  Well, they ended up distracting you just long enough for me to finish up and pay.  As I walked us out I told you that I understood how upset you were and that I knew you couldn’t express that in any way other than crying.  I asked you if you just needed a big hug and you said yes.  That actually worked and after strapping Campbell into her carseat I grabbed you and just held and hugged you in the parking lot.  That did wonders for you and felt so good for me!  After getting you a snack and putting you in your carseat I started to back the car out and you immediately burst into tears again and asked for “a little hug!!!!”.  Ok, how could I say no to that!?  I slammed on the breaks and dashed out of the car to get to you as soon as possible to hug you.  I mean when your 2.5 year old asks for a little hug, you give him a little hug!  You also ask for hugs and kisses before naps and before going to bed.  You also love sitting in our laps as we read to you and being held.  You are a very touchy feely kid but that doesn’t surprise me at all since I am the same way.  Meme keeps telling me how much you remind her of me when I was your age.

So speaking of you being like me, my mom, your grandma, just laughs when I tell her stories about you because she says I did the exact same stuff!  While I do have a little girl now, she is nothing like me and you are definitely my mini me.  You started preschool in August and the first day was rough for you.  You really didn’t want me to leave and I think you held it together pretty well for the first 3 hours.  However, the last 30 minutes were a bit rough on you.  You started crying and were kind of inconsolable.  You were very happy to see me and jumped into my arms, red eyes and all.  You even started crying again when you saw me.  Anyways, it’s gotten easier but you still sometimes tell me you don’t want to go.  When we get there though you seem to take to it like a fish to water and are really enjoying your teachers and new friends.  You are learning so many new things and we have noticed that after every morning at preschool, you learn new songs and new vocabulary words.  We catch you singing songs all the time.  In fact, your life is a song.  You sing whatever you are doing.  You are going to a Jewish preschool so we are also learning all things related to Judaism.  It’s a real learning experience for all of us and we have really enjoyed learning about Challah, Shabbot, and all the Jewish holidays!  We love the community there and I’m having a great time being one of your room parents.  As I mentioned above, your teachers told me you never speak at preschool.  They asked me what you’re like at home and I told them you don’t stop talking.  They were shocked to hear that.  I was the same way at school though so again, this does not surprise me.

Let’s talk for a second about music.  As I mentioned, you sing about your life.  Well, the other night for whatever reason I had the CMAs on.  I was just doing some house pick up stuff while it was on before starting the bedtime routine and “All About That Bass” came on as an intro song.  You were glued.  You picked up your papas guitar that sits in the corner of our living room on a stand and you brought it over to the TV and started singing, “all about bass bass bass no treble” and strumming the strings to the guitar!  You then ran over to the stand and jumped up on the ottoman with it and used it as your “microphone” and started singing into it!  Don’t worry, I have it on video 🙂  You have such a strong love for music.  Your papa and I think you may be into the music scene or some sort of entertaining when you get older.  This is exactly how my brother started out, with his own guitar and now he’s in LA pursing entertainment so you never know 😉  You also sing us songs from preschool.  You’ve also picked up ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Mary had a little lamb, and row row row your boat.  When certain songs on the radio come on you also sort of freak out and love to listen to them.  Some of your favorites are Katy Perry, basically any of her music but especially “Dark Horse”, Ingrid Michelson, “Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls”, Ed Sheehan, “A-Team”, and now your current favorite “All About That Bass”.  Even when you were having all your asthma problems and we had to nebulize you for 10 minutes at a time 4 times a day, the only thing that would get you to sit for longer than 5 minutes were music videos, specifically Katy Perry’s “Roar”.  I tell ya kid, if you stick with the music stuff you’ll go places 🙂

You are also starting to mellow out a tiny bit.  The year 1-2 was very hard on me.  You were into everything and were either at 100% (awake) or at 0% (asleep).  Now you will sit still for things like reading books, which is quickly becoming a favorite activity, Daniel Tiger or Sesame Street, two of your favorite TV shows.  You also have started to take a liking in art activities and sensory activities.  We have started doing “playschool” which is with 3 other families where one mom teaches a lesson every other week and the other moms drop the kids off to learn so that those moms can have a few hours to get a few errands run.  You have been semi into the activities.  Last week you were into the water beads and coloring a butterfly.  You do love to color.  You are also SUPER into “doing work”.  Whenever Papa is outside doing anything with tools in the garage or anywhere in the house you are right there beside him focusing in on what he’s doing.  You are also into watching me clean or do household activities and as long as your sister is asleep, we can get a ton done around the house.  Some of our favorite things to do together are vacuum, dust, spray “windex” (I give you your own spray bottle of water which you think works just as well), fold laundry, and clean the car out.  You are great to do these things with because you’re totally enamored with everything that goes into cleaning the house.

Your favorite day of the week is Friday.  This is because Friday is trash day.  You LOVE watching the dump and recycling trucks go around the allies getting all the trash.  Everything from the guys doing the work to the actual truck you love.  If you’re left alone though you get a little scared hearing the big trucks and not seeing them.  We always have to keep the windows open so you can see what the trucks are doing.  If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a wave from the “guys” as they go by our window.  So while we’re on the topic of scary, you’ve developed a fear of both thunderstorms and shadows.  I think we have Daniel Tiger to thank for this because there is an episode where he’s scared of things and those two things are on that episode.  Honestly I don’t think you’d be scared of these things if it weren’t for that freaking show.  It’s been a real challenge to undo what that show has done to you.  You’re still scared but every single time you bring it up we try to talk you down off a cliff to safety.

I think the last thing I want to mention is hair.  For some reason you’re super into hairdryers, combs, and whether or not I wear my hair down.  Right around the time Campbell was born I actually went and just bought you your own hair dryer from the thrift store for $2 so that you could wonder around and bang it on stuff.  You’re really into gadgets too.  You like playing with headphones, iPhones, iPads, computers and anything with buttons.  Your memory is also crazy good.  You went to the dentist a while back and haven’t forgotten about it.  Every time we drive by you say “that’s Emmett’s dentist!”.  You also know where the zoo is, where the Children’s museum is, where Papa’s work is, where most of your friends houses are, where meme and pepe’s house is, where Papa plays soccer, and where our own house is.   Oh and how could I forget CARS!  YOU LOVE CARS!  I don’t even know where this obsession came from but you can’t get enough of cars.  Maybe it’s the gadgets inside of the cars that you’re so obsessed with or the doors or the lights but you are in love.  While we are driving you’ll spot cars that look like close family members or friends cars and say “that looks like ____ car”.  I used to leave a door stop to the garage on the door and let you play in my car while I got things done around the house.  I don’t really trust you anymore and that you want get into things you aren’t supposed to get into so I don’t do that anymore but it was nice this summer when Campbell was still really small and I was still trying to figure out the two kids thing.

I keep thinking about more things I want to tell you that you’re into right now since you aren’t likely to remember this stage of your life but it’s got to come to an end at some point.  I’ve been writing this letter for 3 days now and I think it’s time to close it out.  Emmett, I can’t say enough amazing things about you.  Really, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and for things to get hard with you but so far you’ve been a complete breeze.  You do get upset at things but it’s so easy to give you an explanation and then watch you just understand and move on.  We rarely have to use corrective action on you.  That said, you’re only 2.5 and I’ve hear 3 is MUCH worse than 2 so we’ll see what you have in store for us but right now I want to thank you for being easy on us.  You are why I love being a stay at home mom.  All the friends I’ve met because of you have changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful to you for that.  I have this fulfillment that you’ve created that I’d never ever be able to experience at ANY job.  You make every day worth living and fill my heart with an overwhelming amount of joy.  As I type this I’m listening to you in the monitor singing your ABCs and I’m smiling.  I’ll miss the days when I can spy on you through a monitor as you innocently sing songs and look at books.  You made me a mom and I am forever appreciative of that.  You’ve made me a better mother to Campbell and you’ve made me excited about life again when it was becoming dull and monotonous.  I have wanted you all my life and I can’t believe I was here on this earth for 30 years without you.  I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing human being in my life but I’m so glad you chose us.


Mom, Momma, Mommy

Wisdom Wednesday

I’m not sure when I’ll actually apply to nursing school but I do know I need to take about a million prerequisite courses before I can even think of applying.  Chad and I have talked in the past few weeks about our future and the things we want out of the next few years.  We made a deal.  Now I’m starting one prerequisite course in January.  What’s after that?  Do I really need to know the answer to this question today?  I don’t think so.  What I do have answered is my undeniable passion towards wanting to become a nurse.  I’m not going to get there by talking about it year after year after year.  It’s time to take action…

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