Campbell Beth-10 months

Seriously!?  10 months and I’m JUST NOW writing her update!?  This kid will be 11 months this weekend (well it’s February and there are only 28 days in this month so actually she’ll officially turn 11 months on March 1 BUT STILL!!).  Life has picked up and gotten super crazy over this past month but I’ll try my best to remember my little angel’s 10th month as best as I can.

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Oh my little Campbell Beth.  You turned 10 months on January 29th.  We are now in the double digits 😦  I feel like you are much more of a baby right now than Emmett was at 10 months.  I think that’s just the second parent thing going on though.  When E was 10 months we felt like he was so old.  Somehow you are still so little in my eyes.  You’re our baby girl and for some reason you just seem more like a baby.  You have 4 teeth now!!  Your top 2 teeth came in around Christmas time and it was a real doozy.  Once those were in you started sleeping better than ever again and things got back to normal.  Emmett went back to preschool after our long winter break (and being sick half of December) so it’s been a real treat to tote you around on errands while he’s at preschool.  I love our time together and I’ll always remember it fondly.  When it’s just you and me, life slows down and I really love our quality one on one time.

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You are also an amazing stroller kid.  I switch off between wearing you in the Ergo, which you still LOVE, and pushing you around in the stroller.  I was actually amazed at how much you like being in the stroller for long periods of time.  I pushed you all around the art museum one morning and then again one morning while we were at the nature and science museum.  You never fell asleep (which is what I was intending) but you were happy which is all that matters.  You do however fall asleep when I run with you.  My runs typically last an hour or so and I’m not even kidding you, you pass right out within 2 minutes of our run.  You grunt and sing yourself to sleep and it’s super cute because you never do that any other time.  You are so much fun to run with because you are quiet and peace full, unlike running with a toddler!

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Girlfriend, your appetite is out of control.  You love all things food.  It’s so crazy to think you started out HATING anything other than breast milk and now you are full blown eating real foods.  We have experimented a little bit with foods you can eat yourself, which you very much prefer over someone feeding you, but you’ll eat purees just fine too.  At your 9 month check up you tested low on iron so we’ve been trying hard to bulk up you meat and spinach intake.  You seem to prefer salty or hearty over sweet stuff.  You still will eat fruits and fruit purees but I’ve noticed that you really REALLY enjoy the purees that have broccoli, spinach, meat or any other non sweet vegetable the most.  I don’t think we’ll have any problems with iron levels at your 12 month appointment.

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Nursing is still going really well.  I nurse you probably 4-5 times a day.  When I went back to school and left you with your dad twice a week at night over the past month you didn’t want to take a bottle at all.  For the first several weeks, your dad had to just put you in your crib SCREAMING (and yeah, you have a set of lungs kid!) until you passed out after about 10 minutes or so.  Sometimes I would come in and nurse you around 10pm before going to bed myself just to avoid the 1:30am wakeup.

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You still are sleeping like a complete rock star too.  How in the world we got so lucky I’ll never know but even when you wake up a few times in a week it’s not super irritating because you rarely do it.  Sometimes before I go to bed I’ll go in and wake you up (I know, never wake a sleeping baby!!) just to feed you and see your sweet face.  Ok, there’s a reason for this psychotic move…As I mentioned above, I have started my pre-requisite courses for nursing school so I’m gone 2 nights a week and don’t get to put you to bed.  So on those nights that you won’t take a bottle or have had a poor dinner, I’ll sneak into your room and wake you up to nurse.  This actually benefits both of us because you don’t wake up starving in the middle of the night and I don’t have to pump!!

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You seem to have a great disposition and an overall carefree attitude but what the F out if you get mad.  You still are super aggressive and determined and you don’t stop until you get what you want.  If something is in your way you shove it aside to get to what you’re after.  You are made of steal kid.  I also can’t believe how sturdy you are on your feet.  You may have encountered one bruise so far?  And that’s only because we weren’t watching you too closely and you pulled it over on top of you and it hit you in the forehead.  You continue to pull up on everything and your favorite item to crawl to is the dog’s water dish.  If that thing is on the floor your hand is instantly in it.

You’re also a water baby like Emmett.  You love love love when we take you to the pool or give you a bath.  You just like splashing and really don’t care if the water gets in your face or eyes.  I attribute Emmett being fearless in water to dumping water over his head several times throughout the course of his first year when we gave him baths and I have done the same to you.  I think it’s helped both of you feel the sensation of holding your breath and being ok with water on your heads and in your faces.

I’m sure I could go on and on and on about how much I love that you’re a part of our little family.  I honestly think I could write for days.  I feel so blessed to have you every single day.  Your smile lights up a room and your laugh is contagious.  You continue to bring strangers joy and happiness to the ones that know you.  I love that when people say “hi” to you, you crack the biggest grin ever and are never shy about it.  I swear 3/4 of the babies that I’ve come in contact with never smile or you have to work really hard at getting a smile from them.  Not you my sweet girl.  All anyone has to do is simply look at you for you to smile.  I’m so proud of that.  I hope you stay that way.  We love you so much.  Happy 10 months my baby girl!!

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