3-Day Weekend

I started this post on Tuesday I swear!  I have so many posts that have been started and not finished and I haven’t been on the blog for a while because I’ve been very busy trying to get my business up and running (more on that later) but I wanted to come back to our 3-day weekend because it was full of pictures and one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time…

First and foremost, this past weekend would not have been possible without all the service men and women who have given their lives for this country.  A huge thank you to all those who have done this.

This past weekend was a weekend filled with fun events and summer activities.  Friday was a bit of a challenge in the baby boy department.  Emmett was kind of a mess and wouldn’t really take a nap nor was he a happy boy when he was up and playing so by 3:30pm when he was finally semi ready, it was time for me to make a choice to either meet up with my mom friends in the park for a long walk and play time or get E the much needed sleep he deserved.  I chose the first option and am so glad I did.  The walk was not only calming for Emmett but was amazing for me to be with friends who could commiserate.

21Afterwards E and I rushed home to get him some dinner and get ready for our next round of guests.  I headed to the grocery store before getting home to get ingredients for spinach and artichoke dip.  I quickly prepared the dip when we got home while Chad helped with feeding and bathing the boy.  After the boy was in bed (at like 6:30!), we sat and enjoyed a few beers on the patio before our friends showed up.  We were originally planning on meeting them out for happy hour, however, we have this kid and he goes to bed no later than 7.  So we improvised!  Thank god for flexible and willing friends 🙂  They came over around 7 and were here for several house.   We drank, we ate.  It was the perfect way to end an incredibly trying day.

Saturday I got up and had coffee in peace before the boy was up.  Chad got up with the boy so that I could go on my run alone.  I must say, without the jogging stroller my times have improved drastically.  It’s really incredibly but I do miss my little sidekick when I run alone.  It’s really weird to explain but I do love jogging with Emmett.  That being said, I also relish my jogs that I do alone now too.  When I got home we quickly got ready for another  year old birthday party.  Here are scenes from this party.  It was a HUGE success in my opinion!

1519 18 16 17We ate, we finger painted, we pushed the kids in the swings, we ate sand and rocks.  It was a great time!  And at almost 3 hours later the kids were all having meltdowns at around the same time so we said our goodbyes, headed home, gave E a quick bath and then headed up to my parents house.  My parents offered to take E for an overnighter so that Chad and I could have the night and next morning all to ourselves.  After we dropped him off, we headed to the bowling alley because believe it or not, we’ve never been bowling in the 5 years that we’ve known each other!

14 13 12It was a great deal too!  It was the holiday weekend special so we paid $22 total and got to play unlimited rounds for 2 hours.  We also split a pitcher of beer and just had a great time.  Chad played an amazing several games while I came up on the shorter end.  After a while we started to just make some of the games more interesting by playing left hand bowling (we both favor our right side) and mixed it up with just throwing the ball down the alley.

After bowling we decided to hit up a Greek place that we’d never tried before.  It was amazing!  I am sorry and sad to say I didn’t end up snapping any photos of our food.  We got two combo platters and split them.  One was full of meat and the other was a vegetarian dish.  They were both fresh and filling.  We took a TON home.  It was great and Emmett later enjoyed our leftovers.  Who knew, the kid has great taste and loves Greek food too!  Next time we’ll bring you along little boy 🙂  After dinner we weren’t ready to call it a night because let’s be honest, how many times in the last year have we had a night on the town all to ourselves!  We were initially going to try to catch a movie but there really hasn’t been much out that either of us are dying to see so we headed to a coffee shop that we’ve never tried.  It was lively and entertaining listening to all the conversations of 20-somethings all around us.  I have forgotten what it’s like to be out on a Saturday night past 9pm!  I got a latte and Chad got a decaf coffee and we split a slice of strawberry pie.  Everything was perfect.  The weather, atmosphere, the ambiance.  It was all great.  By 10pm we were spent so we headed home.  I think we fell asleep watching TV.  When we woke up it was so bizarre.  No kid, no dog.   I hoped out of bed and after Chad got up we both decided to go on separate runs.  Oddly enough we met up in the park and ended our runs together.  It was just like old times!  When we got home we got ready and headed out to brunch at a place I got Chad a gift card at for our anniversary.  It’s a bowling alley and we were originally going to go bowling there but we had heard that the place turns into a drug scene after hours so we decided on doing brunch there instead.  The brunch was amazing.

11 10We split an order of biscuits and gravy and then Chad got a burger and fries while I got the lobster omelet.  All three dishes were excellent and we’d definitely go back, at least for the food.  We took a look around after our meal and the bowling alley was definitely more for a bachelor party crowd.  It was a really cool place though.  Reminded me of something you’d find in Vegas.

After our amazing morning out, we headed up to my parents house to grab the boy.  I will say, it was so nice to have the past 24 hours to ourselves and be back in our old life again but I was so excited to see Emmett.  I just couldn’t imagine anything better than being with him.  He is just so much fun and really, my entire world.  I want a million more of him and if I can’t have a million more Emmett’s I want a million more just like him.  We stayed up at my folks for the majority of the day and ate dinner up there.  We headed home later that evening.

Monday was great because Chad had off!  We did our morning things and then headed to the Stapleton pool to check out the scene in our new neighborhood.  It was packed but a great place to people watch.  I only wish that Emmett wanted to be there.  We stayed as long as we could but he was super tired.  We went right around his nap time which was a major parent fail.  He lasted about 45 minutes before we had to throw in the towel.  I again wish I had taken a few pictures of him because it was pretty comical to see him freak out in the water.  WTF kid!?  You have to be a water bug like your mom and dad.  You really don’t have much of an option there.  We’ll keep trying.  Maybe after nap time next time.  We got home and tried time after time to get him to take a nap but he had fallen asleep pretty hard on the car ride home so it wasn’t working out as nicely as I had planned.  He finally went down around 4ish and I headed out to hot yoga with some girlfriends.  I had forgotten how incredible I feel when I’m done with a hot yoga session.  It’s not an intense workout by any means but I feel so refreshed afterwards and sleep like a rock the of one of those sessions.

All in all it was a perfect weekend.  And here it is, now Friday and we’re about to do it all over again.  Hopefully there will be lots and LOTS of this happening….



Standing Still

This week, my sweet little one year old baby has decided he’s ready to stand on his own two feel alone.  He’s been doing this for a while now.  He will pull up on things and stand that way but this week was the first time ever that he’s stood up with nothing to hold onto.  He did it at the Botanic Gardens earlier this week while standing in a cold stream because he absolutely hated the feeling of the cold stream rushing over his hands so out of pure necessity, he stood up.  Of course I didn’t snap any photos of this.  However, yesterday while at the zoo with our friends, he did it again!  This time it was in the open grassy space by the geese.  One of my friends yelled, “Look at him!  He’s standing on his own!!  Linds, grab a camera!”  I didn’t know what to do and just sort of froze.  Somehow he stayed standing for almost an entire minute so I was able to run over, grab my phone, and take a few photos of him standing up all by himself, no help from my legs or a couch or a tree.  gettingreadytostand standing standing2I think it’s only a matter of weeks before this little guy is up and running for good.

Water Bug

9 8 7 4 5 6 3 2 1I think we could have a swimmer on our hands.  As the temperatures are soaring into the low 80s and potentially 90s this week, a water play date was on our list of activities to try.  We went to the Botanic Gardens earlier this week and I’m kicking myself for not snapping some photos of E’s first experience in the water stream but he hated it.  It was good to see that he did some experimenting yesterday in his little old infant bathtub.  I can’t believe that thing is still getting used.  Looks like it was well worth the investment!

Emmett’s Party

Ok, I tried very VERY hard to throw a “Pinterest” type party.  Decorations and crafts are not my strong suite.  But, I really wanted E’s first birthday to be special for him and I wanted great pictures for him to be able to look at one day.  Looking back, I am pretty sure he could give a rats a$$ because he’s a boy but it made me feel good to do it and I think it looked pretty good.

Here is a look at the entire room:

Entire Room Entire room differnt angleNot bad if I do say so myself!  Let’s start over at the wish table.  I wanted everyone to write Emmett a wish if you will for his first birthday.  Not everyone got around to writing him one but the one’s who did write one, we thank you.  They were so much fun to read over and I can’t wait to have E read them one day when he will really appreciate it.

not tableNext I tried to add a little fun to the room by making a banner of E from months 1-11 so that people could look through the photos and see how much he’s changed in his one year of life.  I don’t think there’s going to be any other year that he will live that he’ll change this much in such a short amount of time.

Emmett BannerFood was not going to be the bain of my existence for this party so I decided to keep it simple with hotdogs, burgers, chips, salad (not seen in the photo) baked beans and mac and cheese (also not photographed).  Thanks to my in-laws and my aunt and own mother, the food was taken care of and I didn’t even have to lift a single finger in this department.

Food TableThe drinks were very simple too.  We decided on several different soda’s in 2 liters and while shopping we also found a cute throw back theme for Mountain Dew and Pepsi that we just had to have so we got 2 12 packs and I believe 2 soda’s were opened.  We also had 2 24 packs of Paps Blue Ribbon Beer.  I loved that the colors on the cans were blue and red so that was the reasoning behind that (not to mention it’s one of the cheapest beers on the market).

drinksI also found several cute little kitschy type trinkets and toys at World Market and just couldn’t resist. I decorated the tables with all these little things.

bunsUnfortunately I didn’t get a great picture of the dessert table.  It was half done while I was sapping photos.  What is not pictured are the red velvet cupcakes and the beautiful red and aqua sugar cookies my sister-in-law made.  I also had an idea of putting photos of both me and chad on either side of E’s invitation but that isn’t seen in this photo either because my mother had it and she hadn’t arrived yet.

Cake tableThe ONE thing I was in charge of was the cake.  I made that tiny smash cake for Emmett and am a little embarrassed about it because it didn’t turn out quite how I’d envisioned but hey, who’s really looking at the cake?  It was destroyed in about 2.5 seconds anyways so I’m sure glad we didn’t spend big bucks on buying E a cake to put his fingers into.  The round cake, I made.  Both were a family recipe from my mom.  The cake was delicious.  The red velvet cupcakes were just made from a box mix because I was over how much the cake was already costing us even though we made it from scratch.

CakeI am so mad at myself for forgetting this cute little tin decoration I found at Hobby Lobby.  It would have fit perfectly with everything but it fell behind our TV and I forgot about it.  Pretty much everything else was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  That place is incredible.  I also made the banners from construction paper.  All plates, napkins, and plastic ware was purchased at Hobby Lobby too.  I searched Denver for all things aqua and red but the majority of this stuff came from Hobby Lobby.  If I were you and you are thinking of throwing a party, just save yourself a lot of time and hassle and do a one stop shop at Hobby Lobby.  I swear by that store.  Even the little cute paper striped straws were purchased at Hobby Lobby!  My mother-in-law donated the table cloth and serving dishes so I’m not sure where that stuff came from.  I can say I could not have done this party without my in-laws.  They are seriously amazing people and were so incredibly helpful.  My sister-in-law and mother-in-law helped me with all the decorations and their placements.  I would have no clue where to start so I’m every thankful that they were there to help guide me.  The party was a complete success and almost every one who we invited showed up which felt pretty awesome.  Emmett was born into so much love.  We are so grateful for those who helped with his special day and who showed up to help us celebrate.





Weekend Recap

This past weekend we celebrated my 2nd Mother’s Day.  How fun it is to be a mother.  A whole entire day devoted entirely to you!  I missed my mom this past weekend because she, along with my father, aunt and uncle, decided to book it to Mexico for the weekend.  I’ll forgive her this year but she better not try pulling that shi* again 🙂  Just kidding.  I’ve missed several Mother’s Days since leaving for college so I guess I kind of deserved this.  My brother and I were talking on Mother’s Day about how we kind of feel like we got out of it this year because we couldn’t even get a hold of our mother. Anyways back to our weekend.  It was a busy one.  We had boker on Friday night, which was eh.  We aren’t sure we are going to continue with this group or not.  I never read the books because, quite frankly, they aren’t really books I’m interested in and also, it’s pretty hard to find a babysitter on a Friday night.  But, it’s always nice to see the people and the food is out of this world good every time.  We split responsibilities and we were on cake duty.  I made this cake and it turned out amazingly well.  Oh my goodness, the richness of this cake was out of this world and I may make a 1/2 batch today just to have around at our house.  On Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early so I decided to take advantage of it and go for a run.  I took the dog for about 5 miles and then finished off another 2 by myself.  We had to bring my parents to the airport and we had to be at their house by 9:30am so I’m glad I got my run taken care of so I could free my day up.  After dropping my parents off we took E for his first hair cut.  It’s growing on me but at first I thought it looked dump and like he had just gotten a haircut.  Now that he’s had a few baths and I’ve been able to style it the way I like, I think it was a good move.  After E’s haircut we got him a quick nap then headed out for an afternoon birthday party.  We weren’t there for very long because it started to cloud over and get chilly out.

haircut 2Sunday was filled with Mother’s Day activities.  First up was the Mother’s Day 5k in City Park with the girls from my birth class.

mother5kWhile the mom’s and babies were running the race, the dad’s cooked brunch for us.  We had a wonderful spread of blueberry french toast casserole, hash brown casserole, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit salad.  We also had bottom-less mimosas, bloody Marys and coffee.  It was a great day.  Chad and I didn’t do much the rest of the day.  I ended up finishing up my run and ran home and then we put the boy down for a nap.  I figured he’d sleep for hours but no such luck…I think he maybe slept for an hour???  And that was for the entire day!  Because it was Mother’s Day, Chad took the boy to Target.  Mama’s tire on the BOB popped at some point on Sunday so Chad was nice enough to fix it.  He took the boy and off they went.  It was a glorious hour for me.  I sat and read blogs, checked facebook, and really just relaxed.  It was really nice and I thanked my husband profusely for this time to myself.

I really couldn’t ask for a better day or baby.  This boy keeps me laughing all day long. I’ve said it 1,000 times, but he’s the light of my life and the sparkle of my eye (ok, too corny?).  This kid is just too much.


The BIG 1

My teeny tiny baby boy turned one on Saturday.  I’d like to say I can hardly believe it but when I think back to this time last year, I can believe it.  SO much has happened since that night in the birthing room and that first breath he took.  I do feel as though it’s gone by semi fast, but when I look back at photos of him, I think to myself, “that was a long time ago”, which in all honesty, feels pretty good.  Emmett has just made leaps and bonds this past month in his development.  He has finally mastered the art of crawling.  I’m not sure on which day he took his last army crawl, but it was sometime in the month of April.  He had been getting on all fours for a while, I believe even in month 11, but now he is just full on crawling and he is fast.  That little boy can get to where he needs to be in lightening speed now.  I do believe this stage will prepare us well for walking because I think in the beginning of him learning to walk, he’ll actually be a lot slower!

crawling3This month Emmett has also learned to stand on his own.  He will pull up onto something, then let go and can do this for a few seconds at a time now.  He’s also added a few “words” to his speech.  His favorite is still “baba” and he pretty much says that to anyone and everything but a few new ones are “didi” and “byby”.  Those are added to “papa”, “dada”, and sometimes and I mean really only sometimes, “mama”, and he only says mama when he’s really REALLY upset and it comes out as an accident.  I think I’ve heard him say it maybe twice since December.

morecrawlingEmmett is very curious and he’s into everything these days.  When I’m holding him his head is constantly spinning in every which direction to see where a sound came from.  He points at lots of things, especially when we’re out grocery shopping or running errands. His absolute favorite thing in the entire world is to open and shut doors.  Give him a cabinet with a door or two attached and he goes wild.  He’ll sit there for 20 minutes just opening and shutting the doors.  His favorite toys are those with doors to open and shut.  When we were headed to Kansas City over the past weekend he was a crying mess on the way there.  We had no idea how to keep him quite so we pulled out our last trick, the Cheerios.  Only he wasn’t interested in the Cheerios, he wanted the container that we keep them in.  He sat and opened and shut the container for the remainder of the flight!  Sometimes in between opening and shutting said object, he likes to take whatever is in it, pull it out, place it down, look at it for a second, and then pick it up and put it back into the container or cabinet.  He also did this for multiple minutes with the Cheerios.

crawlingHe is an extremely happy baby as well.  He gets smiles from everyone he meets and while sometimes acts shy, totally gives anyone who smiles at him a smile back.  He is easy to make laugh and his laughing is contagious.  I don’t think there is a better sound in the world as the laughter of a child and of course because Emmett is mine, I think his laugh is the sweetest there is.  He still hates sitting still for a story.  Of course, that doesn’t mean he is totally disinterested in books either.  What do books do?  They open and shut!  So I can usually sit him down long enough to read one word on each page.  We leave a book or two in his crib at night so that when he wakes up he can entertain himself with one.  We have caught him on numerous occasions “reading” his books.  We’re getting there.

Sleep this month has been a dream come true.  He had minimal nights this past month where he woke up and wouldn’t go back down.  He has several little white specs in his mouth so I’m sure that’s what kept him up last month.  His teeth were trying to break through the gums.  I know we’ll have more on the way, but this last month was a nice little break from the middle of the night wake ups.  We did have one night last week where we actually had to sleep with him all night.  He had been sick with a running nose and cough and that combined with going to Kansas City, getting no afternoon nap in and also being in a new environment really threw him off.  Luckily he had zero problems sleeping with mom and dad and slept just fine through the night, not waking up once!  Mom and dad on the other hand were up every hour checking on him and making sure he was still breathing.  The whole sleeping with your kid thing still freaks me out and I have no idea how people do it.  I am just up all night worrying about him.  We are definitely not a co-sleeping family and never, ever will be.  We were thankful last week that once E finally did get some sleep, he transitioned into the crib in his own room just fine and we all got better sleep because of it.

We are also still going strong with the BOB.  I’ve done several 10 mile runs with him completely awake the whole time just cooing and chatting it up.  He seems to still really enjoy being in there and is perfectly content being awake in there too.  This is a new phenomenon for him.  He usually falls asleep within about 20 minutes of being in there.  Thank goodness he doesn’t cry in there or get fussy like he used to.  I used to have to time my runs perfectly either right when he woke up from a nap or right before he was ready to go down.  Now it seems as though it really doesn’t matter.  I have heard horror stories from some moms who said that their kids never went in the BOB and hated it.  Ok, mine hated it too but that really wasn’t an option for him.  I think he just got used to it!

BOB2 BOBHe’s still an excellent eater.  He has been trying new things almost every week.  He absolutely loved his birthday cake.  You never know what kids are going to do or how they are going to react to those things but Emmett took it down like a champ and has since enjoyed a cupcake or two.  He still won’t even touch eggs.  I did get an egg down him a few weeks ago but that was only because it was fried, mashed, covered in cheese, stirred with hummus and dowsed with applesauce.  The mixture almost made me gag but he happily ate it.  I have learned that if you want Emmett to eat anything, it must first be covered in applesauce.  Actually, he’s pretty good about eating most everything else.  New foods are still someone iffy the first few times but after he tries it for maybe 2-3 bites, he’ll usually eat it with ease.  We really are just having trouble getting him to drink water.  I think he’s got the hang of one of the sippy cups we have but he much prefers to drink water out of our cups.  I’m still nursing him and it’s still going well but I’m trying to go down to 3 feedings.  It was working pretty well up until yesterday when he just didn’t eat a great lunch so I nursed him before and after lunch which ended up totally 4 feeds from me yesterday.  Eventually, I’d like to get down to just morning and evening then slowly ween him off of those.

highchair eatingHe also loves to do tricks and is finally starting to associate certain things with words.  Chad has taught him “so strong” and “so big”.  When you say “Emmett, are you so strong?!”, he balls his fists up like a body builder and “flexes” his muscles and scrunches his face up.  When you ask him, “Emmett, are you so BIG!?”, he take his arms and puts them up over his head and stretches them out as far as they will reach.  He also knows where our noses are as well as our ears and tongues.   He is now 1 year and a week and over the weekend my mom taught him how to sign more when he wants more food.  It’s pretty impressive to watch.  He also takes his lip and sticks it all the way out when you say “Emmett” in a low voice.

emmett's lipWe have our one year check up this morning so I’ll be back to update on that and have some stats on where he’s at with his development.  I’m crossing my fingers, hoping and praying he’ll be right where he should be.  I can’t tell if he’s on the small side, the large side or right in the middle.  I guess that charts will tell us!

To the sweetest, happiest little guy I know, Happy Birthday!  You made it ONE whole year and there are many more to come.  Thank you for being the best thing that has ever happened to us.  You are so loved little boy!

happybirthday eating cake

One week ago today

I’ve been working on Emmett’s one year old post and have it just about finalized but still need to add photos.  So, in the mean time, I will leave you with a little scene from last weekend.

birthdayLast weekend today, my little friend Emmett turned ONE!  Can you believe it?  I hardly can but really I think back to what I was doing a year ago and it’s been a while.  I can honestly say that this past year has been the best year of my entire life.  I wake up every single morning bursting with joy because I know that just across the hall is my best friend and we get to play all. day. long.  People ask me quite often, “Isn’t being a mom the most challenging and hardest job you’ve ever had!?”  Um, maybe I’m missing something but being a mom has been just about the easiest and most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.  It’s true, I’ve been given great raw material but that aside I just absolutely love every single day with him.  Even the “hard” days can’t even come close to comparison with some of my hardest days in the actual working world.  I understand that being a stay at home mom isn’t for everyone and I’ve said it too, I really didn’t know how I would take to it.  But this gig has surprised me in ways I never thought possible.  When you have your own child, everything changes.  I did babysit very frequently when I was in junior high and high school but this is so different.  I can’t explain why.  I just know that I could easily do this “job” for the rest of my life and die content.  I know that I won’t be able to do this forever so I’m trying to enjoy every single millisecond of this time with my best friend.  I would like to say I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now, but everyday, somehow, I get even happier.  Watching this boy grow and learn gives me so much gratification.  I know I am a privileged person to be able to stay at home with my baby and I will never ever take it for granted.

So…the next time someone thinks that stay at home moms eat bon bons all day, well, that’s not entirely true…I eat M&Ms, ice cream and what ever baked goods I’ve made that week 🙂 they work extremely hard with a little bit of enjoyment and a lot of fulfillment.