When Life Gets in the Way

I have really let my little blog slip away from me.  I know I talk about this far too much but there has just been so much going on in our lives that it’s just been hard to sit and feel motivated to write when I have a free moment to myself.  Let me catch you guys up a little bit.  I’m going to do something different to break it up a bit.  You have been warned, this is an overly long post and may or may not share way too much.

January: I have made mention of it here before but I am in school again taking my pre-requisite courses for an accelerated nursing program.  Back in October Chad decided he wanted to quit his job so he went in and laid himself off.  His company refused to let that happen and offered him more money to stay.  Long story short I was super anxious about him quitting and us losing our insurance so we talked that night and he told me that if I finally started just one class in the spring that he’d stay at his job for at least another 6 months.  I panicked but in the end I agreed and started my first class, Anatomy and Physiology 1 on January 26th.  I tried to enjoy my January as much as possible because I knew that all my “free” time would be taken from my for the next several months with constant studying.

February: I was excited and LOVED going to class and learning and feeling like I was reaching towards a goal that has been so unattainable to me.  I came home one day after class, went to bed, and the next morning after a really great run, I told Chad he needed to just do it-quit his job once and for all and do something he wanted to do with his life.  I really felt as though it was unfair of me to love my life and so much and do something I’ve wanted to do for so long while he was put on the back burner with his career choices and miserable day in and day out.  We decided later that month a quitting date.  Here’s where it gets pretty exciting.  I wore in Campbell’s 10 or 11 month post about the horrid illnesses that infiltrated our household for months.  February is when it all started and our children were sick for what feels like YEARS!  Yeah, I know, shut up Lindsey, it was only like 6 weeks (ok 8 weeks if you could how some weeks they’d be semi healthy) but that’s a lot to deal with when you’re trying to be a full time stay at home mom AND a student taking one of the hardest classes I’ve EVER taken (and I have 2 degrees, I know what’s hard and what isn’t and this class KILLED me!!).  The first test I had also coincided with an ER visit in the middle of the night, multiple doctor’s appointments, double ear infections for both children, croup, HIGH temperatures, coughing, all nighters and trips to the image labs to make sure Emmett haven’t developed some horrible case of pneumonia.  To say we were stressed was the understatement of the century.  But ya know what!?  Somehow I STILL got a B on my first test on the lecture exam and 100% on my practical exam!  I figured if I could do that well with all that we had been through in just ONE WEEK, I would be okay on a normal schedule.  Only normal never happened…

March: The kids continued to be sick.  It wasn’t as bad as the previous month but it was still bad.  More of the same ear infection sprinkled with more croup.  We got through it though because by this point this was our new normal.  Thank god for Chad because he was such a tremendous help on the days leading up to my tests for school.  He’s such an involved dad, it makes me feel like I don’t deserve him.  My girlfriends will talk constantly about how their husbands don’t help or don’t support them or don’t understand what they are going through and I think my husband totally gets it and steps up to the plate when he knows I’ve hit the end of my rope.

April: We FINALLY were starting to get back to “normal” and the bugs died out and schedules became more regular.  Kids stopped waking in the middle of the night and started sleeping in their beds full time again.  Talk about a whirl wind.  We were breathing again.  BUT we always have to have some excitement in our lives or seriously, what’s the point of living!?  Chad quit his job!  Yay!!  So now we have no insurance :/  However, I worked with an amazing consultant through Connect for Health Colorado who got us signed up with a Kaiser plan.  It’s not effective until June 1 but the kids qualified for Medicaid and their coverage started on April 1.  So Chad and I are trying our best to stay healthy until June 1.

May: We made it all in one piece to my final day of class!!!!  I actually somehow managed to pull off the most efficient A that I could have and ended up with a 90.5% in my class.  I’ll take it!  I’m on “summer break” right now even though the temps have been in the 40s and 50s and it’s rained the entire month of May.  I am loving the break because I have been able to blog, do my quarterly newsletter for my mom’s group, get semi-organized, see friends, take a vacation, and waste countless hours on internet during the morning hours between 5am-6am (my previous study time).  Nap time has been nap time for everyone and the dog has received more walks in the past month then she has in over a year.  I’m excited to start my online stats course though because often times I feel myself getting bored without a challenge.  I’ve gotten most of the things on my to-do list accomplished and I still have over a week left before my class starts.  So that feels really good.  I’m loving my stay at home mom role right now where I can just focus on that.  It’s been fun to be able to add in more fun stuff to my life again.  Emmett is done with preschool for the time being so I’m now trying to figure out what in the hell I’m going to do with him all summer but as a backup he can do a session at his preschool this summer if need be and be on his old schedule for the same cost.  If it doesn’t stop raining and start warming up, I think there’s a huge possibility he’ll be going back to to summer school in a month.

So that’s a short run down of what’s been happening with us lately.  Our lives feel like they are getting crazier and crazier but I think we thrive on chaos.  This is our story and I like how it’s going so far.