Where did the time go!?

Wow, I have done a horrible job blogging.  How will I ever become a real blogger if I can’t keep up with posting!?  I thought by having a boring job I’d have more time and be motivated to write.  I read blogs all the time and love love love them.  They are what get me through the day!  But somehow I just can’t push myself to write on my own blog.  I need to take more pictures.  That could be a reason why I don’t do much for the blog.  I’m hoping that while on maternity leave this blog could become an outlet of sorts for me so we’ll see what the coming year has to bring in terms of this blog.

Jumping ahead!  I’m 26 weeks pregnant!!  Again, where did the time go!?  I wish I had some photos to post but the last photo we took of me was this one

There’s a tiny tummy right there but this clearly is not a side view.  My husband and I took a fun picture on Christmas Eve to show our progress.  At this point I was about 22/23 weeks along

A nice round bump.  I was still in my non maternity jeans when this picture was taken.  I think my last bout of sickness was also around this time.  I’d say since Jan. 1, I have had no sickness at all and am finally enjoying this part.  We have been able to feel tons of little kicks day in and day out.  I can tell when baby is least and most active now.  Baby is definitely on a schedule.  Right when I wake up to pee in the morning, baby gets up and I feel some movement before I get back into bed or go back to sleep for a few more hours.  Sometimes I feel some movement around 8am then baby decides it’s time to take a snooze.  Baby will sleep from about 9am-11am or so then kick again until about 3pm.  From about 3pm-the time I go to bed around 9pm I don’t really feel much of anything, maybe a few kicks here and there, but that is about it.  The most active time seems to be from about 9:30pm-I fall asleep.  The baby almost puts me to sleep.  It’s my favorite time of the day.  I get into bed, pull my shirt up, and watch the kicking and the rolling.  It’s just the absolute most wonderful thing I think I’ve ever felt.  I do think I’ll miss being able to feel the baby inside of me once it gets here.

Exercise.  Well, exercise has gotten easier but my motivation level is still pretty much at rock bottom.  I do make sure to get a workout in everyday.  It’s almost always different each day which is so not like me.  I used to just run, everyday, no matter what.  Now I can barely run because it’s just plain uncomfortable.  I did go to the gym on Tuesday and rode the bike for 30 min, did some strength training and then stared the treadmill down.  I decided to hope on since I hadn’t had a run in 2 weeks.  I told myself I’d only run one mile then leave but one mile turned into two miles.  I never once felt uncomfortable during the run but decided not to push my luck.  I hoped off and felt amazing.  I wasn’t feeling the gym yesterday so I decided I’d do a run/walk of sorts for 4 miles.  It was ok.  The first mile felt fine but I decided to walk the second mile.   The last two miles were tough.  My pelvic area really started to hurt and the bladder pressure started to get to me.  I was very happy when the run was over.  I really have to be careful next time and know that 2-3 miles might be the new norm for me (or dare I say, no running at all).  I keep saying “that will be my last run” but somehow another run always forces it’s way back in.  I’m not saying I regret it at all but it’s definitely tough on my body.  I have gained about 13/14 pounds so running with that much extra is a challenge!  My body seems to prefer cycling on the stationary bike and the elliptical.  I can still obviously walk but I just don’t feel like I get a workout while walking.

Eating.  Eating has been fine.  My aversions have pretty much all completely disappeared.  The ones that were hanging on were aversions to coffee, chocolate, and gum.  So far I have been able to add some sweets into my diet but they still aren’t nearly as good as I remember.  I had coffee this past weekend while up in the mountains and it was actually pretty decent tasting.  Unfortunately, it will not be making it’s way back into my morning routine.  It was fine that morning but nothing I can’t live without, plus, it stains my teeth!  I have decided coffee will make an appearance only on coffee dates and maybe the occasional weekend treat when my husband and I want to get coffee together at a local coffee shop.

Clothing.  Ah, the joys of having to outgrow your clothes and buy new ones that you know you’ll not wear again until your next child.  I am having a tough time justifying purchasing clothing for maternity sake.  I still have yet to buy work clothes but so far this Be Band thing is working great.  It holds my pants up so I don’t have to button or zip them.  I almost buttoned my pants today but then didn’t want the button to pop off so on went the Be Band.  I definitely look prego today.  It all just depends upon the clothes I’m wearing and the day I suppose.

So there you have it.  I am 26 weeks along and can finally say I feel pretty decent these days.  I’ll try to do better with updates, especially the weekly pregnancy updates.  I really have no excuses.  It takes time would be my only excuse and that’s a great excuse since I’m bored most days at my job anyways!