Sugar detox, Day 10…The Final Day

*This was supposed to publish on 8/22.  Oh well.  Here you go…It’s now 8/27.

Alright so full disclosure, I have probably not been on the same “detox” that a lot of people deem a real sugar detox but that wasn’t the point of this in the first place.  I went into this with really only the expectation that I could get rid of processed sugary foods like cakes, muffins, cookies and candy.  I really didn’t care if I eliminated hidden sugars in my diet because truth be told I really don’t use hidden sugars in my diet so that I can eat all. the. processed. sugar.  Anyways, I’ll write a full report when I’m done with day 10.

Today I woke up and was TIRED.  I slept on my daughter’s floor from 2am until I decided to leave her room at 5:15am.  Well joke was on me because at 5:30am she noticed I wasn’t there anymore and started crying and just got up for the day along with my other two kids.  It was a horrible morning and definitely not a recipe for a good day.  That being said I did jump on the treadmill somehow and pump out 7 miles.  I knew that if there were any day of the detox that I was totally going to snap it was going to be today because of the lack of sleep situation and the cold that was in full blown effect now.


I was starving when I came up from my run so I snacked on some roasted pecans while I made my breakfast.  I made egg whites with chopped red peppers.

Mid-morning snack

I was trying to get us out the door earlier than the previous day so I really don’t remember eating anything (I’m writing this post on Sunday and trying to recall everything).


I sliced two cucumbers and mixed them with 1/2 an avocado.  I brought some sugar free caesar dressing in a container with me and used maybe a tablespoon but that’s probably being generous.

Mid-afternoon Snack

I came home from our outing and was starving.  I made myself a shake and also snacked on my homemade banana ice cream.  Oddly enough, this was all I wanted.  I didn’t even need anything else to be satisfied.  I was so happy about this!


Chad was going out to dinner with friends so I made the kids some organic chicken nuggets and sliced red peppers.  I also had a few nuggets along with some sliced manchego cheese and seeded crackers and then finished my dinner with some plantain chips and guacamole.  It was a super snacky dinner but it was delicious and one of my favorite types of dinners.  The kids were all in bed by 6:15pm and Chad left so I was on my own to create something.  This can end very badly.  I really really really really wanted some ice cream but not the dairy stuff we had in our deep freezer.  I wanted vanilla ice cream with something chocolatey.  So I did the best I could do and made a coconut vanilla ice cream with honey as the sweetener.  I technically wasn’t supposed to have honey on my detox but I just really wanted it and so instead of eating twice as much food to fill the craving with other stuff I didn’t want I caved and made vanilla ice cream with coconut milk, vanilla extract and honey.  I also made these brownies which didn’t set and were actually not great but they totally hit the spot probably because I haven’t actually had sugar for so long.  They were more like a thick chocolate sauce than a brownie but they were perfect for what I needed.  I had a few bites of both the ice cream and the brownie and I was done.  That’s all I needed!  I was surprised because in the past it would have taken much much more to get the same satisfaction. I was happy and went to bed happy and to me, that was all that mattered.

Notes on today:

*I felt horrible today.  Like the worst I’ve felt in a long time.  I am sick and irritable BUT I was flat.  The kids fought so much and were so annoying today but I didn’t blow up once.  Was that the fact that I had given up sugar and my moods have been more stable or was it the fact that I was so sick that I just didn’t have the energy to deal with them?  Who’s to say but I almost always spark and yell at them when combined with little sleep and being sick and I just stayed totally calm and flat today.

*I’m so glad I “broke” the sugar detox tonight.  I have never been happier with a decision and I actually felt free.  I went to bed with an entirely different outlook on how I’m going to continue on with my life with less sugar in it.  It really is all about moderation and I needed to run this experiment to get myself back on track with a healthier lifestyle.


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