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Thanks for visiting my blog!  I have been reading blogs for about a year now and tried to start one of my own last July.  It quickly failed as I didn’t keep up with pictures and posts.  This time I’m wanting to get serious with my blog.  I am in my early 30s and live in Colorado.  I am originally from here but had to leave to realize what I was missing. I moved back here bringing my then boyfriend back with me.  We met at a wedding in Kansas City where he is from and where I was currently living at the time.  I was finishing up a Master’s degree and he was itching to leave Kansas City so timing was pretty perfect.  We moved out to CO in the winter of 2008.

I am an avid runner and love all things fitness.  This blog is basically going to be a journal of my thoughts, my running my eating habits and married life as a stay at home mama with two kids.  Sounds boring but my friends say I tell pretty good stories.

My journey for healthy living started a long time ago.  I was a swimmer since the day I could walk.  I have always loved fitness and exercise.  Some days starting in elementary school, I would work out for up to 4 hours a day.  I just LOVE working out.  That being said, I never really worried about my weight until I started high school.  I always ate tons of food being a swimmer and constantly hungry but then swimming started becoming seasonal and my social life became more important.  Late night runs to Arby’s and Village in for pie and snacks of loafs of french bread with olive oil quickly contributed to me gaining about 30lbs from my freshman year to the end of my sophomore year.  I took control of my exercise habits again over that summer but just couldn’t quite manage to take control of the eating habits.  I always ate “healthy” (or so I thought) by eating pretzels with salsa (1/2 the bag) or yogurt (full fat), granola, and a tortilla with cheese as a light afternoon snack.  My exercise habits were not canceling out my rabid hunger.  Junior and Senior years I managed to slim down a bit more but never to the point of happiness.  Enter college.

I went to the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) and new that I needed to replace swimming with another form of exercise.  I started running.  But not the usual 30 minutes (or two miles) I was doing around my neighborhood.  I really got into it.  First starting with time-“I’ll go 35 minutes today instead of 30” and so on.  I finally got up to an hour by about Christmas time and my weight had gone from a healthy 155 (I’m 5,9) to an almost dangerously low 122.  There was more to it then just running.  I was restricting what I ate in a major way.  I lost my period and became what my family members would say “scary skinny”.  All my new friends in college encouraged the weight loss as they didn’t see such a dramatic difference since they lived with me.  I would never say I had an eating disorder.  I always had 3 meals a day.  And I typically ate what I wanted-just very small portions.  I never deprived myself, that is on the days that I exercised.  The days when I didn’t exercise were the days that I had to “watch it” and foods became off limits-mostly sweets and high fat food.

The summer after my freshman year I incurred what probably got me out of this mindset, in injury to my knee which forced me to completely stop running for  3 months.  I was devastated.  I was terrified of gaining back all the weight (mind you, I still did not have a period).  The doctor put me on birth control pills to regulate my periods but I hated taking a pill everyday and had horrid side effects (I was later diagnosed with a medical condition which forbids me to take birth control as I am high risk for blood clotting).  Thank god we figured that one out!  I still didn’t get my period for sometime.  I think it was when I started dating my first boyfriend and the hormones started flying that my period was triggered.

Junior year was amazing.  I actually only gained about 10lbs the summer after sophomore year and then took them off again during school but my periods were regular, I was dating someone and I studied abroad that year.  One of the best years of my college experience.

To this day I have run 2 marathons and 1/2 marathons.  Along the way I have learned to listen to my body.  I still am obsessed with running but also know that I do want to continue to run up until I die which also means forced breaks, cross training and shorter mileage days.  I want to prevent injury, keep my weight down, and be healthy for my babies and husband.  Along the years after college I’ve gone up and down with my weight but my running has always been a constant.  Running, I love you.



2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I like what I’ve read of your blog so far, I’m surprised more people aren’t reading it! I love how you’re so honest about everything and your writing is very detailed.

  2. Hey Lindsey!
    I am trying to connect with some other CO Mamas, to get the word out about a new state-themed project I’m working on. I’m a native CO mom myself, from Glenwood Springs. Is there a place I can email you, or can you send me an email at my address and I’ll reply? Thank You! Ashley

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