Week ends and odds

This week marks either 35 or 36 weeks?  Anyways, I have an ultrasound on Monday and will update the outcome of that next week.  This week however has been an interesting one.  I’ve actually felt pretty good in comparison to last week.  Last week was just full of nausea.  It was unfortunate because my husband’s family was in town and it was hard to be perfectly pleasant and also feel run down and nauseous the whole time.  Thank god they are understanding and laid back and really didn’t mind at all.  But this week I think I’ve gone to bed almost every night feeling fine.  I say almost because last night was terrible.  Oh and the night before I thought I had a bladder infection.  Let’s start with Monday.  Monday was wonderful.  It was actually our anniversary!  We have been married for one whole year and actually made it one year child free!  We were a little nervous that if this baby decided to make an early appearance that he’d be born before or on our anniversary but that day came and went :).  So in honor of our anniversary, I called in sick and had a lovely day.  I slept in, was able to do the elliptical for an hour, met up with my husband for lunch, took the dog to the park for a nice long walk, and we were able to eat at a very nice restaurant up in the Highlands called Duo.  This place serves all organic food and is very fresh and wonderful.  To our surprise, my mom had beaten us there and left us an anniversary card and also paid for our dessert.  It was very thoughtful!  Thanks Mom!

Tuesday our birth class was cancelled due to “spring break” (who celebrates that unless you are in school?).  Wednesday was when I actually thought I had developed a bladder infection.  It started around lunch time when I went to go workout.  I thought it was just the baby pushing down on my bladder but I really couldn’t tell.  I peed right before I got dressed in my workout clothes then 3 min. later, had to pee again.  This time it was just a trickle and was a bit painful.  All through my workout (on the stationary bike) I had to pee.  This only happens if I’m walking or running.  Again, just a trickle after my workout.  I got worried and of course started crying.  I called my OB to make an appointment and they couldn’t get me in until the following day at 10am.  I decided to take the appointment and then go home for the day to put my feet up and relax.  Once I got home the pressure when away and I instantly felt better.  I even walked the dog with little to no feeling of having to “go”.  I was actually fine until after my shower at around 8pm.  That’s when it came back.  It was very painful and I sat on the toilet for almost 20 min. just waiting for something to come out.  I figured it was going to be a long night.  It ended up actually resolving itself and by morning the pressure was gone.  I decided to keep my appointment anyways just to be on the safe side.

Let’s talk about the doctor for a second shall we?  I went in for the appointment and ps by the way, I HATE going to the doc. if I’ve already eaten, had anything to drink, or haven’t exercised.  Well guess what?  Yesterday I had too much to drink (wanted to have enough to give them a pee sample), I ate breakfast, and I didn’t exercise.  I don’t look at the scale anymore at the doc’s office b/c it makes me anxious.  I didn’t figure they’d weigh me anyways yesterday b/c it was not for a pregnancy related appointment.  Well, they did.  I didn’t look and all was well.  I went in to my waiting room and when the PA came in to talk to me the first piece of info. was very good news-bladder infection results came back negative!  We talked for a bit and she said that my full results wouldn’t be back until Monday.  I told her that’s fine b/c I was coming in again for an ultrasound and an appointment.  She asked why I was having one and I told her it’s b/c everyone keeps telling me how small I look.  She was actually pretty funny and asked “how tall are you?” I said “5’9”.  She told me that the baby has lots of room to grow so that’s why I’m not big.  She also told me to ask people where they got their medical degree the next time they decide to comment.  Ha!   Then she went through my charts and told me “you’ve gained PLENTY of weight”.  That was a little offensive to me.  I don’t think I’ve gained “plenty” of weight.  I’m pretty sure I’m right on track.  I think I’ve gained about 20-25lbs thus far.  I think I’m doing pretty damn well!  That irked me for some reason.  I felt pretty down about my stupid weight the rest of the day.

I know weight shouldn’t get me down…I’m pregnant for gosh sakes!  But it does.  That’s why I don’t look at the scale.  I’m wearing non maternity pants today!  yes, they still fit, even in the 35/36 week range!  Anyways, that should give me some reassurance that I’m doing alright.  Yesterday after my appointment I went and worked out (35 stationary bike, 2 mile run) then treated myself to an entire burrito bowl at Chipotle.  You’d think I’d learn.  I don’t.  I came home with a monstrous stomach ache and heartburn like no other.  I have done this once before and promised myself I’d save 1/2 of  the burrito bowl for later in the day b/c this has happened before.  Anyways, for dinner I was able to get down 2 pieces of toast and some scrambled egg whites.  After that it went down hill and I had to go to bed.  I’m pretty sure I was in bed around 9:15pm and then the cramps started.  No, not contractions…full blown, I got to go #2 cramps.  I could not get comfortable to save my life.  Somehow I managed to fall asleep until my husband came in around midnight.  I shifted positions and the pain started all over again.  He gave me his pillows, I got comfortable and slept until the dog woke me up around 6:25am.  The cramps were gone but let me tell you, I am now completely cleaned out!  I wasn’t even hungry for breakfast this morning.  When I finally did get hungry, I treated myself to this:

Was that ever good!  I need to learn how to make this more often!  I had a skinny zesty egg white sandwich with turkey sausage and sun dried tomato on a honey wheat bagel.  Wow, that totally hit the spot.  And b/c the bagel place is next door to Starbucks, I decided to treat myself to a non fat tall decaf latte.  I should make this a Friday tradition 🙂


34 or 35 weeks depending on who you ask!

I’ve reached the point in pregnancy where I don’t have really any clue what week it is.  I’ve decided that if baby can hold on until April 10, I will be completely 100% ready to meet him after that.  He will be considered full term by all accounts.  That’s only 2.5 weeks away!  I’m so excited!  This picture was taken last weekend:

People keep telling me how small I look but I do have to be honest.  I’m trying extremely hard to keep up with my workouts and to eat right.  I think it totally helped that I had zero tolerance for anything sweet or sugary from weeks 5-24.  I’ve added a few things back in like some ice creams, cakes, some chocolate, but I prefer salty over sweet now if asked at any point in my day.  Foods just don’t quite taste the same as they did pre-pregnancy.  I still don’t reach for the coffee like I used to.  I’ve had a few coffees, maybe 5, since week 5 but that’s about it.  I had my first coffee back in January up in the mountains when I was away on vacation with Chad and my parents.  We were watching some wedding show on TLC and they were serving coffee and it looked good!  We dashed down to the nearest coffee house and got me a large decaf coffee.  It was pure bliss 🙂  That took care of it though.  I haven’t really had that urge since.

We had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  They somehow came up with 33 weeks and 5 days on Tuesday but I’m know that I’m at least 34 weeks if not 35.  We had been counting from the last ultrasound and since baby B was measuring a week ahead, we changed the due date from May 1 to April 25 and that’s what I’ve been going off of.   He is still measuring right on track at the 50th percentile in height and weight.  SCORE!  I was actually pretty confident that I’d have at least an 8lb baby on my hands but when I asked my doctor she seemed to think he’d be somewhere in the 6lb range.  I was shocked.  I guess he’s going to take after his daddy.  She said my fundal measurements were right on track but to put peoples fears to rest about the smallness of my belly she said we could do an ultrasound the next time I come in.  So we have an ultrasound scheduled for April 2!  I can’t wait to see my tiny little baby boy again!  We may get a more accurate measurement of how long he is and what he weighs at that point.

We are well into our birth classes by now.  They started on February 7 and will end on April 24.  The first one due is April 14 in our class.  It will be fun to see if she makes it that far.  I think everyone hopes they will be early but so many people are later than they think.  This is why I’m preparing myself for a May baby.  We did feel some Braxton Hicks contractions last night which were completely bizarre.  Chad was feeling the baby and all of a sudden my entire stomach went hard.  He mentioned that he couldn’t feel any body part so I put my hand on my stomach and said “Oh my gosh!  I’m having a contraction!”.  He was worried at first but I assured him it’s very normal to feel these from here on out.  It wasn’t painful at all.  I had one more that I was aware of when I was in the shower.  It was so strange.  Again, baby must stay in there until April 10 for me to feel good about his growth and development!

Now onto other things which is why I started this blog in the first place…My exercise habits.  It’s been incredibly hard to keep myself motivated to exercise but somehow, every single day, I get it done.  Whether it’s just a few miles of walking or a full blown workout at the gym, it gets done.  It’s crazy that running was very painful for me after about 26 weeks.  I stopped for quite sometime because the recovery just wasn’t worth the 4 miles.  I don’t know what happened to me but one day I decided to forgo the outdoor running and run exclusively on a treadmill but shorten the mileage to only 2 miles at the end of a hard cycling session.  To my surprise I had zero pain when my run was done on a treadmill.  So I decided to stick with that.  Now my workouts usually consist of 2-3 mile runs on the treadmill and 20-45 min. of biking.  On the weekends I usually do the elliptical for about an hour and then walk the dog 2 miles or so.  This has seemed to be a pretty good mix.  I was weight training but just the thought of picking up a dumbbell makes me tired so I nixed that part of my workouts and am exclusively back to doing just cardio.  I’ve gained just over 20lbs depending on the day.  I hear that many women start losing weight after 36 weeks and I’m just hoping I’m one of those women 🙂  I really would love to stay right around the 20lb mark for the remainder of the pregnancy but am really not monitoring my food intake at all.  We’ll just see what my body decides to do!

Everyday I grow more and more in love with my son.  Each passing minute of everyday I think about him.  I’ll leave you with my current “in this world” love, my first child who I promise never to neglect once my son does make it into this world.

Over a month

**Late post!!

How has a month gone by and I haven’t blogged at all!? Unreal.  I wish I could really get with this whole blogging thing.  I really do enjoy writing.  So much has gone on since I last updated.  Ok, not really.  Still here, still prego.  I’m 33 weeks this week!  I can hardly believe that this little bundle of joy will be here in 7 weeks!  A few things have gone on since I last updated.  I had a baby shower in Kansas City at the end of February and I announced what we’re having 🙂  B is for blue which is associated with Boy!

It’s so crazy to think that he will be with us 2 months from today.  I can’t believe pregnancy has taken so long!  I have wanted this baby in my life since the age of 2 when my mom found me nursing my baby dolls.  I’m so in love with him already and I haven’t even met him yet.  Every time I feel him move almost brings a tear to my eye.  So far every appointment has been uneventful and he is measuring perfectly.  Our due date is sometime between April 25-May 1.  Part of me really wants him to hold off until May so that I can start my maternity leave later.  Part of me wants him to come in April so we can meet him sooner.  His room is coming together very nicely.