Sugar detox, day 7

Sugar detox day 7 I was back on track.  I can’t believe I’ve made it through 7 days of zero processed sugars!  Actually, I haven’t even had my staples when I do paleo which are maple syrup and honey!!

I woke up with a renewed sense of motivation.  I felt disgusting after my casein disaster from the night before and I was ready to start fresh.  So it’s now Tuesday and I get to start over so let’s begin.

I felt tired though.  I woke up at 4:57am because one of the kids cried out and it woke me up right before my alarm went off at 5am.  I also woke up to a text right after I dozed off for the night at around 10pm which made my heart race and made it tough to fall back to sleep (my phone is always on airplane mode but I forgot to turn my iPad off) and one of the kids cried out at 1:17am which woke me up and that’s when I experienced a bout of terrible heart burn and couldn’t fall back to sleep.  Even coffee wasn’t doing it for me.  I just felt tired and I’m not sure why.  Is my body detoxing?  Hard to say.

I didn’t have time to run today because we had a doc. appointment super early for Aubrey.  I still set my alarm for 5am and had plenty of time to workout but hadn’t taken in a break in a long time so I decided this unplanned rest day was probably a good idea.  Plus, I haven’t really had the energy or excitement I usually have for a run and this is usually a pretty good indication that I need a break or a day off.


I had cauliflower oats with a 1/2 banana for some added sweetness and some cinnamon and egg whites for protein.  It was a pretty decent breakfast and kept me full all morning.

Mid morning Snack

I don’t really think this counts as mid morning but it wasn’t lunch so that’s how I’m categorizing it.  After the doc. appointment I went grocery shopping and by the time I was done I was so hungry that I was starting to get moody and short fused.  I grabbed some applegate deli turkey slices and that helped.  I grabbed an iced coffee with unsweetened almond milk from home and left to keep running errands.


I didn’t get to eat until about 2:30 because we had to pick Cam up at PDO and it took forever and then we always come in hot after that.  Aubrey was hungry and so were E and C so everyone was yelling at each other and Aubrey was screaming her head off so I grabbed a quick tiny tupperware of leftovers from the night before and put E and C in front of the TV with leftover spaghetti and chicken sausage which was cold and then went to feed Aubrey and put her down for a nap.  I came down after that and got Campbell and put her down for her nap and then finally made myself some frozen broccoli, sugar free marinara sauce and turkey meatballs.  I felt my blood sugar come back up and then of course wanted something sweet.

Mid afternoon Snack

This is always the worst time for snacking because I’m stuck at home and even if I wanted to I can’t leave.  I had a few tangerines to start but that didn’t touch my sweet tooth so then I had a nut butter truffle and cheat alert, a few bites of pumpkin flavored noosa yogurt.  Oh well, there are worse things I could have grabbed for.  Luckily neither of the girls decided to nap so the rest of the afternoon was spent holding them and trying to manage 3 very grumpy children.  Hey it kept me from eating.


I wasn’t hungry because I had eaten lunch so late so I just picked at some roasted chicken and dipped it in Brianna’s cesaer dressing.  I knew I’d be back for something later so I was fine with doing this.

After dinner snack

And here it is…I was back for more and wasn’t even hungry.  This is just my nasty habit.  I wish I could just go to bed and forget this part but the truth is that it’s my only time with my husband without kids in the entire day and I just want to hang out and decompress. Unfortunately that comes with eating.  Because of the night I had previously with the casein I didn’t want to blow this so I grabbed a small bit of 85% chocolate and then I had a wonderful creation!  I mixed my banana chocolate chia seed creation with some plain yogurt and topped with cacao nibs and that totally did the trick completely!  I was so satisfied!!!  I ate that and then made some iced tea to sip on during the next few days and I went to bed!

Midnight snack

Ugh.  Of course this is the night that my son gets sick and wakes up at 11pm with a croup type cough and freaking out because he is sort of like his mom and is a hypochondriac.  I can’t blame him.  He was scared and crying and coughing and probably couldn’t breath very well and the only thing that was going to make him at least think that he was better was for me to do his nebulizer.  Of course as soon as we started it up he miraculously got better and calmed down.  Placebo effect or not it worked but then he was hungry and wanted a turkey sandwich.  I wasn’t hungry at all but because he was eating and it would be selfish of me to have him eat alone I decided to join him.  I grabbed a bunch of Mary’s organic rice crackers and some manchego cheese slices while he ate his sandwich.  He’s the slowest eater on the planet so I ate more than I’d like to admit.  I also had several turkey slices while making his sandwich.

Notes on today:

*I’m not happy with myself for my midnight snack.  In my normal life with sweets I do pretty well with only eating when I’m hungry and even then I can usually put that off until the next meal.  I think now I’m trying to overcompensate.

*I still felt pretty good all day despite eating at odd times.  I never felt that afternoon slump and it was pretty stressful yesterday having to run around doing errands and appointments and lack of naps from any child.  I’m not sure I would have handled a day like that with such grace had I been eating sugar all day.

*My husband had some ice cream after the kids went down and I didn’t even want any!  That’s HUGE for me.


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