Over a month

**Late post!!

How has a month gone by and I haven’t blogged at all!? Unreal.  I wish I could really get with this whole blogging thing.  I really do enjoy writing.  So much has gone on since I last updated.  Ok, not really.  Still here, still prego.  I’m 33 weeks this week!  I can hardly believe that this little bundle of joy will be here in 7 weeks!  A few things have gone on since I last updated.  I had a baby shower in Kansas City at the end of February and I announced what we’re having 🙂  B is for blue which is associated with Boy!

It’s so crazy to think that he will be with us 2 months from today.  I can’t believe pregnancy has taken so long!  I have wanted this baby in my life since the age of 2 when my mom found me nursing my baby dolls.  I’m so in love with him already and I haven’t even met him yet.  Every time I feel him move almost brings a tear to my eye.  So far every appointment has been uneventful and he is measuring perfectly.  Our due date is sometime between April 25-May 1.  Part of me really wants him to hold off until May so that I can start my maternity leave later.  Part of me wants him to come in April so we can meet him sooner.  His room is coming together very nicely.


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