Sugar detox, day 5

Day 5 was on Sunday.  I am not sure I am even going to come close to writing down all that I consumed in this day.  I was extremely hungry all day, starting at about 2:30am.  I am not kidding when I say I couldn’t get enough food.  So I’ll do my best to recount what I had.  The strange thing about it all was that not once did I feel the urge to reach for something sweet or sugary.  I was actually craving whole foods!

Before breakfast middle of the night snack

I haven’t eaten something in the middle of the night since after I had Emmett and I was breastfeeding him and would wake up starving.  We lived in an 800 square foot condo and I would feed him out in the living room so the kitchen was like 5 feet away.  It was super easy to just grab a yogurt or something after putting him back down.  Tonight my middle child woke up with a cough and only wanted me so Chad had to come down at the same time because my 3rd child wanted to eat and we had no milk in the fridge.  He was warming up some milk and I was holding the middle one and HAD to eat.  I was so so so hungry.  Thankfully I had put some protein waffles in the fridge and grabbed those to eat.  They did the trick and I was able to go back to sleep easily on my toddler’s hardwood floor.

I woke up at 6:15 and despite sleeping on a hardwood floor felt great and rested so I got up.

Breakfast (Sunday)

I wasn’t going to run today because I hadn’t taken a break in over a week so I ate a bowl of strawberries with vanilla chia seed pudding, coconut flakes and cocao nibs.  If you are looking for something sweet this totally does the trick.  I love chia seed pudding because of the texture and the cacoa nibs with the strawberries feels like I’m eating chocolate.  I also had a few bites of strawberry protein pancakes that Chad made for the kids with the Kodiac Cake mix we have.  Just a side note, I checked the ingredient label on these bad boys and there’s 3g of sugar in a serving.  That’s WAY better than normal pancakes but I was wondering where the hidden sugar was.  They add brown sugar to the mix if you’re at all wondering.

Mid-morning snack

This is where things just got out of control and not in a bad way but dang I was so hungry.  I decided to run for 4 miles on my treadmill because I was antsy and it’s hard for me to take breaks.  Once I got showered and ready I was STARVING.  I reached for an orange and figured that would suffice.  Not even close.  I then got out some macadamia nuts I purchased at TJs on Friday.  I had a few of those but realized they are very high in calories and fat and while I’m not at all concerned with consuming high calorie or high fat food I also bought those as a “treat” and not to fill me up when I’m ravenous.  I put then away and pulled out some leftover fresh green beans with toasted almonds we had for dinner one night.  The kids wanted a snack so I got out some trail mix and snacked on that with them too.  I also “cheated” and opened up some noosa pumpkin yogurt for each of them and ate a few bites of that after stirring them up.  I will never buy this yogurt again.  There’s so much added sugar and very little protein.  I think there’s more sugar in a serving of this yogurt than in a bowl of ice cream.

After all this snacking I decided to make some snacks to have on hand for both myself and the kids when we want a sweeter tasting type treat.  I made a batch of these banana muffins only sweetened with bananas and taste amazing, especially with grass fed butter and I made these “truffles” which are surprisingly good.  After all that I was done in the kitchen.


Lunch wasn’t eaten until almost 2pm because of my midmorning binge.  I spiraled 2 zucchini and sautéed that was about a tablespoon of pesto and diced up chicken rosemary thighs that were leftover.  I sprinkled the final product with parmesan cheese.  It was amazing and filling.  I didn’t even need anything after this but of course I wanted something sweet so I made myself an iced coffee with about 1/4 cup iced coffee concentrate I bought at Trader Joe’s and about 3/4 cup almond milk.  I put those two ingredients in a cup filled with ice and topped it off with cold tap water.  This was amazing and totally did the trick to get rid of that pesky sweet tooth.

Just a side note, I checked the ingredients on my pesto and it said there was 1g of sugar (in a 1/4 cup serving) in a serving!  I was wondering how in the world there was sugar in pesto because I’ve made pesto before and never had to add sugar to it.  Of course it was right there in the ingredients as just plain old SUGAR.  Ugh.  So frustrating.


Chad made dinner while I was out with my son seeing a movie.  He made chicken sausage and shrimp sautéed in seasonings for dinner with a diced white potato mixed in.  It was amazing and the kids loved the shrimp.  I have never even purchased shrimp so it was a fun different thing for us to eat.  I also had a few slices of dried mango while giving some to the kids for “dessert”.

After dinner snack

I couldn’t stop thinking about sweets after dinner so I reached for my banana ice cream with cacoa nibs and also added some almond butter this time.  I thought I’d be full but I wasn’t.  I was still craving sweets so I went back and had some plain yogurt with about 1/8 teaspoon of maple syrup added and some more cacoa nibs mixed in.  This still didn’t do the trick so I reached for my 90% dark chocolate and had 2 squares and that did the trick.  I am absolutely blown away with how satisfying this dark chocolate is and how I can actually taste the sweetness now.  Prior to going on this whole sugar detox thing I found the 90% to be so bitter that it’s been in our pantry since I last May because I haven’t wanted to go near the stuff.  I pulled it out a couple of nights ago to try it again and it tastes amazing now to me.  That’s how much my taste buds have started to change.  It’s truly incredible.

Notes about today:

*Even though I slept on a hardwood floor in my daughter’s room and was up for about an hour in the night and woke up multiple times for various other reasons, I still somehow never felt tired the entire day.

*My fuse has become so long that I don’t even recognize myself anymore

*I wish I knew why I was so hungry today but don’t really care because I held out and never once grabbled for ice cream or M&Ms or baking something like I normally would have.

*I think the best part about today was that I just didn’t feel at all tired.  I know I’m talking a lot about sleep but I really can’t get over how great I feel with such little sleep.

*I also feel so much less bloated and have experienced zero indigestion which I have struggled with my entire life.  Doc’s have tried to put me on multiple types of drugs for this when really they should have just told me to eliminate or reduce sugar in my diet.  Annoying.

*I am constantly amazed at my steady stream of energy throughout the day.  I had so much energy going into this and was so skeptical about how good I would really feel but it’s been a game changer with my mood and energy levels.



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