Sugar Detox, Day 3

Feeling SUPER motivated and great!

Went for a 5 mile run with my main man Emmett in the BOB after drinking copious amounts of black coffee.

Breakfast (this was on Friday)

Trail mix with nuts and raisons while preparing breakfast.  Breakfast today was 2 slices of sugar free sour dough bread (you guys, this stuff is amazing.  It has 50 calories a slice, is organic, and is free of both processed and natural sugars!  It’s made here in CO and I’ve never fount it anywhere else in the nation so I feel lucky that we have it in our grocery stores), 2 whole eggs over easy, and 1/2 an avocado.  I made the kids protein waffles which include oatmeal, cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon.  I ate their leftovers with maybe less than 1/8 teaspoon of maple syrup.  This was so entirely satisfying that I was ready to tackle the day.  I also ate a date roll from sprouts that the kids didn’t finish.  This date roll totally tastes like a dessert.  It’s processed dates rolled up to the size of a fun size snickers back rolled in unsweetened coconut flakes with an almond on top.  Heaven when you have given up processed sugars.

Morning Snack

I made a 3 quart container of decaf orange spice black iced tea.  I sipped on this until 1:30 when I started to get hungry for lunch after running errands all morning.


The kids and I made a run to Trader Joes and I stocked up on all things naturally fruit sweetened and snacks to get me through this.  We all had some dried mango on the way home from running errands.  These are SO good.  Trader Joes sells both dried mango that’s sweetened with sugar and dried mango that’s labeled as “just mango” so you have to be careful with your purchases and REAL LABELS!!!  I always buy dried fruit that’ just dried fruit.  SO SO SO many types of dried fruits have the second ingredient labeled as sugar of some sort so just be aware that these do exist and do your research before purchasing.  I also purchased some dried Turkish figs so the kids and I busted those out and oh my word…they actually taste like fig newtons!


I came downstairs after putting Aubrey down for her nap and was actually hungry for lunch.  This is so rare these days because I so often ruin my appetite with M&Ms or whatever I have baked that week.  I usually go through the motions of eating a lunch of some sort but it’s rarely satisfying because I snack so much prior to eating lunch.  Today I was ravenous but in a good way, not a way that my blood sugar was so low that I felt like I had to get something immediately.  It was a really really good feeling and one that I have missed because I was actually craving a healthy satisfying lunch today.  I pulled out our leftovers from the previous nights dinner for both myself and the kids and we ate meatballs with broccoli and sugar free marinara sauce.  I also had an apple with almond butter for “dessert”.  I kept myself busy the rest of the afternoon by doing chores and prepping food.

Afternoon Snack

While prepping dinner I also made banana “ice cream”.  I made this up and to make it I used 5 ripe bananas, 1 can of light coconut milk, 5Tbs of almond butter and some vanilla extract.  You could probably add cinnamon and it would be amazing or cocoa powder and you’ve got yourself a decadent chocolate dessert.  I snacked on that while putting it away with some cacao nibs.


I made cauliflower crust pizza!  WOW!  I have tried this once before and it was a total fail.  I think I used the food processor wrong last time and shredded the cauliflower rather than ricing it.  I loosely followed this recipe with some minor variations and I totally forgot to add the parmesan cheese so I’m sure that may have changed the consistency a bit but mine still turned out amazingly.  The kids NEVER eat their pizza at dinner time because dinner in our house it a total shi* show.  They actually ate every last bite of this pizza and after Emmett’s first bite he actually said “this pizza is good!”  I also added mozzarella cheese, olives, Italian sausage and sugar free pizza sauce.  Chad even said it was definitely something that we could do every week instead of our usual white flour pizza crust!

After dinner snack

And since I still can’t seem to break myself of this habit, after the kids went down I treated myself to some chia seed pudding and watermelon.  I used this recipe for the chia seed pudding but omitted the added maple syrup/honey option.

Notes for today:

*I woke up feeling tired but slept great because I had zero slumps during the day.  Chad came and got Emmett in the middle of the day after the girls went down for their naps and I never once felt the need to sit down or take a nap.  I prepped food the entire time the kids slept.

*We went on a walk after dinner and I chased Emmett and Campbell and had so much energy.  This is definitely something I lack by the 5pm hour.  I also almost always have heart burn, bloating and indigestion ,which I thought was completely normal, after dinner on most nights.  On this night I experienced none of that.  I felt like on our walk I could have taken a run or something and I am NOT an evening exerciser.

*I went to bed at 9:30pm


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