Sugar Detox, Day 2

How about we jump right into the day!

Day 2 (Thursday)

(I ran 4.15 miles with Campbell in the jogging stroller after having black coffee)


I came home famished after this run.  I immediately grabbed a ton of grapes while making my cauliflower oats.  I made the same thing as yesterday: cauliflower, eggwhites, almond milk and frozen blueberries.  Again, I was so stuffed after this meal that I didn’t even want to think about food.

Morning Snack

We went to the movies so I popped some popcorn and I actually used 6g of this kettle corn stuff (it’s a seasoning) that I got a long time ago.  I figured adding 6g to an entire popped bowl of popcorn wasn’t going to be terrible.  We were all eating the stuff so I think we each prob. consumed a gram of sugar each since we shared the popcorn and didn’t come close to finishing it.  I also used coconut oil and salt to pop it.  I know this is totally frowned upon and not on a normal sugar detox but I’m not going crazy and really just trying to eliminate processed sugars like M&Ms and store bought ice cream and baked goods and stay within that 22g a day window.


We went over to my parents house to swim after the movie and I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts and some TJs potato chips.  The potato chips actually said that there was zero grams of sugar on the label but when you look at the ingredients there’s a hidden sugar in the seasonings called maltodextrin.  This is just another name for sugar.  The label doesn’t have to say that there is actually sugar in the serving because it’s a trace amount.  Anyways, I knew what I was doing and I wanted to try this new “pickle and spice” flavor.  I didn’t have very many but again, would be frowned upon on any other sugar detox diet.  I actually skipped lunch completely because I just wasn’t hungry.  I drank a ton of iced tea and the nuts and chips filled me up.  I had a few apple slices at the pool and by the time we left it was almost 4pm and I needed to get home to make dinner.

Before Dinner

I was STARVING when I got home so I had about 1/4 cup of rice with coconut green curry chicken (paleo recipe) that was leftover from Monday night’s dinner.  I also snacked on some nuts and raisons while I made dinner.


We had microwaved frozen broccoli, sugar free marinara sauce and turkey meatballs.  This was basically heaven because I was so hungry.  The kids also ate every last bite up.

After dinner snack

I finished the night off with plain full fat yogurt, a banana mixed in and topped with cacoa nibs.  This was SO good.  It really hit the spot.  I brushed my teeth after this and popped in some gum and was done eating for the day.

Notes from today:

*I had a horrible nights sleep the first night of my sugar detox.  I think this was still due to the fact that I was coming off sugar and my body still hasn’t adjusted.  However…

*I set my alarm this morning for 5am and JUMPED out of bed.  I was so excited to actually get out of bed before the kids.  I haven’t set an alarm since before Aubrey was born (almost 7 months ago) so this felt really good to know that I was the first one up.  Despite not sleeping well, I still felt rested so I suppose the little sleep that I did get was quality sleep.  What I have noticed with prior sugar detox type diets that I have done in the past is that I sleep less because of life but I get better sleep than ever before.  If this is the only reason to give up processed sugars than it’s 100% worth it.  Sleeping less and feeling rested!?  I wish there were a magic pill for this.  I’m sure we could all use more hours in our days!  Eating less sugar definitely wins on this front and provides me more energy with less sleep so that I can accomplish more and while accomplishing more, I do things with more motivation and energy.

*I went to bed around 9pm

*I slept really well.  I would wake up and then fall right back to sleep

*I had more energy again today

*I feel more motivated than ever

*I still am not missing my daily doses of processed sugars at all even though I have ice cream in the freezer and M&Ms in the pantry.  For some reason I am not at all tempted by this stuff.  Maybe it’s because I feel so good during the day?



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