Sugar Detox, Day 1

I finally have done it.  I have taken the plunge to try my best and give up sugar for a measly 10 days (maybe more depending on how I feel after the 10 days).  I obviously have taken a pretty large break from blogging over the summer due to a very intense lack of sleep situation because of Aubrey’s lip repair surgery.  It’s been a long summer but now that things are improving and sleep has become a part of my life again, I can somewhat concentrate on doing things I love again.  This includes blogging and eating a bit better.  I’m also taking a minor break from blogging exclusively about Aubrey’s situation (but I WILL be blogging about her story more after this sugar detox experiment).  I want to keep myself accountable by starting a diary and letting you all know how this goes.  So here it is!  We will start with day one but first a little bit about why I’m doing this in the first place…

I am an addict.  Let me clear things up a bit.  I do have an addictive personality.  I realized this when I started running.  If you know me, you know that there is just about nothing in the world that I will let get in the way of my run if that’s what I had my heart set on that day.  Anyways I am also a sugar addict.  I have never really ever wanted to give up sugar and so this is weird to me to have to say that I want to give up sugar for my health.  Every time I have ever done something with food it’s been to lose weight.  This time it is 100% due to the fact that I have been reading about what sugar will do to me and how it effects my every day and my body.  The metabolic effects on sugar consumption are mind blowing, cancer and other diseases feed off the stuff and it’s just in general a terrible thing to consume on a regular basis.  The average american consumes over 100 pounds of sugar a year!!!  We as women are only supposed to consume 22g of the stuff a day.  That’s less than a bowl of honey nut cheerios with skim milk!  I don’t eat cereal very often and we have switched over to unsweetened almond milk which has 0g of sugar per serving but STILL!!!!  It’s amazing how much sugar we all consume and that we are completely unaware of!  Did you know sugar is in balsamic vinaigrette!?  I also am doing this for my kids.  When I eat better I also tend to feed them better.  We were all consuming way too much sugar around here due to ice cream treats after dinner, donuts every Friday (because that’s our tradition), graham crackers as snacks etc.  Enough already!  I’m sick of feeling low on energy (or is it just sleep deprivation from having young children!?) and I’m also tired of feeding my innocent children crap that should never be in their tiny bodies in the first place.  So I have vowed to myself to give up sugar (the processed stuff) for 10 days.  I would love to do it forever but I’ll be completely honest, that’s absolutely not realistic.  I basically just want to reframe our idea of treats around here and when we do eat sugar I want it to be based around a real celebration so that it really becomes a treat.  I want to change my relationship with sugar on the whole.  I want vacation to be indulgent now and not just everyday life.  I want birthday parties with crappy store bought cake to be fun and I want to really  enjoy a seasonal latte this year.  So let’s begin.

*My sugar detox is my own.  I’m not following a program of any sort and I’m doing what I feel is a vast improvement from where I started.  I am still going to be eating natural sugars found in fruit and some dairy products and I’m basically just going to try to stay within the 22g limit per day.  If I want sugar I will eat it but in extremely small amounts that will probably be deemed as “hidden” sugars.

Day 1 (Wednesday)

(In case you care I went for a 7 mile run outside before breakfast this morning)

Breakfast: black coffee, grapes and some watermelon after my run, cauliflower oats with blueberries and egg whites (don’t knock it til you try it!  This was actually a pleasantly surprising substitute for full blown oatmeal which I’m not trying to avoid at all on my detox but am trying to eat less of in terms of carbohydrates so this was a great compromise.  It also kept me full for HOURS).  I used about a 1 cup of riced cauliflower.  I also used about 1/2 cup almond milk and about 3/4 cup of egg whites.  I microwaved until it was the right consistency then threw about a handful of frozen blueberries in there.  It was really good and I didn’t want anything afterwards which really surprised me.  I almost always want a little something but this totally filled me up and left me satisfied.

Morning Snack

Nothing!  I was so full from breakfast that I didn’t even think about a morning snack!  Today we went to a farm in Longmont that’s a really long drive away from our house so we had to get up and get moving.  I think it really helped that I wasn’t at home at all or even tempted to eat anything all morning because I was busy getting us ready and driving.  I was going to grab a black coffee to sip on the way but we were running late so I just popped in some sugar free gum (a lot of people going on a detox eliminate this stuff but I don’t want to so I’m not going to) and forgot about the coffee.


Because we were at the farm I packed all of us a lunch.  I packed myself a spinach salad with turkey, gorgonzola cheese, large dried cranberries and sliced almonds.  I decided to not use any dressing because it was too messy and I forgot my fork.  I also had an apple with almond butter.

Afternoon Snack

After leaving the farm I was actually pretty hungry because I usually eat way more than a salad and an apple with almond butter for lunch (ok by way more I mean endless amounts of M&Ms and ice cream straight out of the carton all while hiding from my kids and eating it as fast as I can so they don’t see me or ask for it) so I grabbed a Larabar and then went to Starbucks and got a venti iced 1/2 caf. Americano for the drive home.  I almost always drink these black and I did today as well.

Once we got home I snacked on some trail mix with raisons and nuts and made dinner.


I roasted a chicken with just olive oil and salt and pepper.  We also had sweet potatoes chopped and roasted in coconut oil and fresh green beans sauteed in olive oil and salt and pepper.

Evening Snack

I really want to eliminate this all together but because I’m just starting this new way of eating out I’m giving myself a break.  I had a huge bowl of frozen blueberries with cacoa nibs and coconut butter and almond milk.  This is totally like dessert and I love that I can finish off my day with this.  I was watching Bachelor in Paradise while eating this and it was a long episode so when I finished consuming my blueberries I was still wanting something else.  I grabbed for some 90% dark chocolate and boy it was bitter.  It will take some getting used to but what I was surprised about was that it took one square and I was done.  I think this bar has 3g of sugar per serving and a serving was way more than what I had (I think they consider 6 squares of this particular bar a serving) so really I think I did pretty well on this chocolate situation.

Notes about today:

*It was really easy and I felt in control

*I was 100% satisfied after eating what I ate

*I never once felt bloated

*I didn’t feel tired at all until I went to bed

*I had energy the entire day

*I didn’t have my usual afternoon slump of wanted to sit on the couch and take a nap with my 4 year old (by the way, I almost never get to do this even if I really want to)

*I went to bed at 9:30


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