One whole year

It’s been one whole year since I found out I was pregnant with Aubrey. I want to start at the beginning because this one was an intense pregnancy and unlike many other pregnancy I’m sure. I want to start writing more posts about this in hopes that I can help someone else along this journey.
I have mentioned that Aubrey had some complications and that the pregnancy was terrifying but I haven’t really expanded on that. I think partly because I didn’t really know where or how to begin. When we were going through it all it was just so raw and emotions were everywhere. Sometimes I wish I had documented everything in the moment but the second I would sit down to write the words weren’t there and I would just cry. I cried a lot. So now that’s it’s been a year and she’s here I think it will be easier to re-capture everything I was feeling and articulate it the way I had wanted it to sound. So now I want to start at the beginning and where better to start than the day I found out I was pregnant with our sweet baby #3?!
May 17, 2015: I woke up EARLY. I had to run a leg of the Colfax Marathon with some friends. Six miles to be exact. I was 8 days past ovulation and knew there was a chance I could be pregnant. I won’t go into the details of how one gets pregnant but I will say that Chad and I did the deed one time this cycle and after that one time I had a very very very strange feeling that I was for sure pregnant. I just knew. So I wasn’t surprised that I had a horrible run that morning. This was my first physical indication that I was pregnant. My legs were tired and no matter how hard I pushed my body that day it wouldn’t go any faster. I knew I could go faster because I had it in me but for some reason my body just wouldn’t go. It felt like I was putting in 100% effort and getting back only 50%. The entire run I just kept saying to myself “If I’m not pregnant than I don’t know my body at all”. After the race I just wanted to get home and take a pregnancy test. I knew it was waaaaay too early for a test result to be positive but I just couldn’t wait any longer. I was so excited and just wanted to KNOW! So when I got home my parents were actually there. I ran upstairs and pretended like I had to go to the bathroom or shower or something. I tore open a dollar tree pregnancy test and took it and waited. I waited and waited and low and behold after about 10 minutes I saw the faintest line I had ever seen while taking a test. Maybe no one else could see this line but I could see it and so could Chad. Unfortunately only time could tell whether or not this was a true line. I just knew though that this was a positive. The next 24 hours were so hard to get through because I just wanted my body to make enough HCG to show a true positive.
The next morning I took another pregnancy test but this time it was one of the expensive First Response pregnancy tests. It came up positive right away with two beautiful pink double lines. To say I was thrilled was probably the understatement of the century. Baby #3 was onboard and while the thought of miscarriage was at the forefront of my mind I really thought this one was going to take. So I continued on with my day and texted Chad a picture of the positive pregnancy test. His response? “Welp, here we go again.”


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