The 3rd and final labor story

I will be breaking this up into 2 parts because well, if you have ever read any blog post of mine ever you know I tend to be wordy and ain’t no one got time fo dat!  So to make it a tad bit easier on the eyes I will just split the story up.  I am 6 weeks postpartum so the details are starting to become a little fuzzy but I’m going to try my best to remember what I can.  Here goes…

I really really REALLY wish I could have documented everything that has happened to me starting all the way back in May of 2015 (almost a year ago what!?) but I didn’t because a) I was still super busy with finishing school (we got pregnant like 2 seconds after I finished my final for my anatomy and physiology class) b) we left for 2 vacations in May and I just didn’t have time c) when we got back from our second vacation at the end of May I started my online stats course and then that same day I became deathly ill from pregnancy for the next 9 months.  So how about I just start with the day I went into labor.  This labor was totally and completely different for me than the other two were.  Because my baby was already determined to have a heart defect I was induced.  I was terrified.  Let’s be honest here, birth is not walk in the park but induction!?  Well that’s just an entirely different experience in and of itself.  I mean come on, your baby is being forced out of your body before he/she is ready to make their appearance into this world and in my opinion that is very unnatural and just plain wrong.  I debated a lot as to whether or not I was going to abide by the doctor’s wishes and agree to be induced but in the end it came down to what was going to be best for my baby’s health and honestly, when they told me about wanting to induce me I was already 36 weeks pregnant and had been basically done with pregnancy since week 5 and just wanted the dang kid OUT.  So I agreed to be scheduled for induction on January 25, 2015.

I never really thought that day would come and I was hoping and praying every day that magically this baby would just decide to come early but because I knew when I had ovulated I was only 2 days further than what the docs. had me at and I just knew she wasn’t going to come early.  So the days leading up to my induction were absolutely terrifying for me because as we got closer and closer with zero signs of impending labor I kind sorta started to freak a little bit about the whole labor situation.  You may be asking, “Linds, WTF!?  It’s just labor and trillions of women before you have given birth and this is seriously no big deal!”, but to me it was a huge deal because I’m totally into natural birth and for myself, I want nothing to do with epidurals (as pleasant and as wonderful as they sound!!) because I don’t like medications in general and the only pain meds I have ever taken are in the form of tylenol or ibuprofen.  So I’m sure you can imagine the conundrum I was in seeing as how I was going to be forced into labor with an unnatural pain associated with it.  I really did want as natural of a labor and delivery as possible and really didn’t want an epidural but I also wasn’t sure I could do it.  So that’s why I was so scared.  My friends and family all kept telling me that I had done with twice before so what was I so worried about but so many people (who ended up getting epidurals) told me that induction was totally different than going into labor naturally and that I would be doing myself a HUGE disservice if I didn’t get the epidural and that pitocin induced pain was about a gazillion times worse than natural labor pains.  I have had pitocin twice before with the other kids and I KNOW how badly it hurts so the thought of having to go from start to finish with pitocin induced contractions made me sick to my stomach.

So the day finally came.  January 24th, the day I was admitted into the hospital with zero signs of natural labor.  No contractions, no bloody show, no diarrhea, no urge to nest.  Nothing.  My parents were a godsend because the took the kids the night before.  The night before was a Saturday and the 24th was a Sunday.  Chad and I had the ENTIRE day to ourselves.  It was so so so nice to have a full nights sleep in our own bed.  We woke up very refreshed and kid free.  We got up and had a wonderful morning.  I don’t think I even worked out that morning but I’ll be honest, I don’t remember what I did.  I just remember being in heaven because I didn’t have to take care of anyone but myself.  We did do some last minute stuff like finally pack for the hospital, run stuff to Goodwill, clean up the house, and grocery shop.  I even made a friend a very overdue meal that I promised her from when she had her baby in October.  We did have a little bit of fun though.  Chad and I went out to lunch at the Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek.  This place has the most amazing Cobb salads and it was all I wanted as my “last meal”.  I also got french fries because what’s a salad without french fries?  My in-laws also showed up later that day because it was going to take a village to take care of our other two kids while we were in the hospital with this baby.

And then it happened.  All of a sudden it was 7:30pm and we were faced with the reality that this was happening and that we were going to start this process of having our baby and that we would meet her TOMORROW!  Oh. My. God.  Chad kept trying to force some food down me before leaving but I was so nervous I couldn’t eat.  He kept reminding me that I needed my energy for what was to come but I just couldn’t.  My stomach was in knots.  We got our stuff packed up in the car and saw our neighbors as we were getting in.  We talked to them and they wished us well.  It was so surreal to be telling them that we were on our way to the hospital to go have our baby.

I didn’t know how induction worked at all but what I was told was that we’d get to the hospital and I’d be forced into some sort of dilation before being put on pitocin but that wasn’t going to happen until the next day, probably around 6 or 7am.  I wasn’t sure why they wanted me to come in the night before but I just figured it was to be there in the morning when they were ready to start things.  I was actually super excited to get a full nights rest with no monitors to watch or kids to listen for!  I even told Chad he could probably stay home if he wanted and get a nice nights rest!  No.  That’s not even remotely close to what happened.  Little did I know that the induction was actually going to start that night.

Part 2 coming up tomorrow!



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