Two Things

Yesterday was the most amazing day.  It was Saturday of all days so of course it was amazing.  I’ll share more on that this week.  But two things happened yesterday that stuck out in my mind.  First off, I got to go running in 50 degree weather and did 8 miles while listening to a new podcast from NPR called invisabilia.


The podcast was on the secret history of thoughts and how we think of our own deep thoughts.  I have a bit of an anxious side to me and this podcast really was eye opening.  It was also extremely inspirational and something that couldn’t have been better to be running with.  Do yourself a favor and go listen to this podcast right now. And don’t forget to listen to the second podcast right afterwards about the man who was trapped in his own body and how his own torturous thoughts saved his life.

Second thing, go to Netflix and start watching “Call the Midwife”, a BBC production.

call the midwife

Oh. My. Gosh.  I think I watched 4 episodes yesterday while the kids were napping or after they went to bed.  I wasted way too much time doing this while I should have been doing other things (um, writing the quarterly newsletter for a mom’s organization I’m in!) but it was so worth it.  I think I may have cried throughout all 4 episodes.  Not that that’s what you’re going to do but I’m a mom and I have delivered two babies and I want to be a nurse midwife one day so this show really struck a cord with me.  I can’t wait to “waste” more time today watching the rest of the episodes.

And of course have a great Sunday!


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