Campbell Beth 9 Months

Just to let everyone know, I finished this post on DECEMBER 30, 2014!!!  But alas it is January 8, 2015 and I’m just now getting around to adding pictures and posting.  Life is about to get real hectic for the next several months so I’m hoping to still continue blogging occasionally.  Why does time seem to speed up with each day?  Sigh…

So I obviously just finished up my 8 month post for my baby girl and somehow she’s 9 months already.  I hate this warp time speed thing.  I swear the days and months and years just keep getting faster and faster and I despise it.  It honestly wasn’t even noticeable to me until I had my first baby.  That saying, “The days are long but the years are short” certainly applied to our little family when Emmett first got here.  I swear those first 2 years crawled by.  But then I had Campbell and my life went from slow and steady with the days taking seemingly forever to days just flashing by me.  I go to bed every single night thinking, “didn’t I just do this a few hours ago?!” when in reality I did just do “this” but it was 24 hours ago.  Anyways, only my baby girl’s 9 month update.

My little angel.  I swear I do thank God for both of my kids multiple times a day but sometimes I think Campbell is my little angel.  At least that’s what I call her most of the time.  Campbell’s 9th month has been a breeze.  She’s just about the happiest most easy-go-lucky child one can have.  She seriously just goes with the flow.  Any situation she’s put in she adapts to.

iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 010

Campbell is now just full on crawling.  And she’s fast too.  Once she finally realized how to move she hasn’t looked back.   She never went through the army crawl stage or scooting on her bottom.  She literally went from rocking on all 4’s to moving forward by crawling.  Speaking of moving she also learned how to pull up on things the same week she started crawling.  This was a lot to take in for me as she was so immobile for so long and now we have to baby proof EVERYTHING!!  She’s so curious about her world and she’s also extremely persistent and will get what she wants and will get to where she wants to be no matter what.  She’s super strong and I think it has a lot to do with those thunder thighs she’s got.  The girl doesn’t have ankles.

iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 024 iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 025iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 026 iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 027

So while she was learning how to crawl everywhere and pull up to a standing position, she also caught a nasty virus called hand foot and mouth which is apparently a childhood disease.  It’s highly contagious and gross.  The kids both caught it and both had blisters all over their mouths for about a week.  At least Campbell used the quarantine time to learn how to perfect her movement skills 🙂

iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 054 iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 043

So I want to share a little something about this girls personality.  She’s one of the most aggressive little baby’s I’ve ever come across.  She just doesn’t stop trying to get something until she has it.  That being said, she is super quiet about it.  She isn’t like most babies who fuss and cry and scream when they want something and someone moves it out of their way.  Campbell will shove barriers out of her way, she’ll shake things out of her way, she’ll bulldoze over what ever it is that’s in her way to make sure she gets what she’s after.  If Emmett and she are playing together and he has a toy that she wants she will just grab it right out from under him.  If he takes it back from her she’ll just grab it right back.  She’s also been known to take Emmett’s pacifiers out of his mouth while I’m reading him books before naps and bedtime.  If she’s in the bed with us she’ll crawl over anyone and everything to get to his mouth and then yank his pacifier out.  Of course she has no clue what to do with it once she has it but she will put the nipple in her mouth, usually with the pacifier upside-down to show that she “knows” what she’s doing.

iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 056

I’ve also caught her laughing while looking at nothing several times.  She’ll be cruising along on the floor, stop to sit down, and then out of nowhere just start giggling.  It’s funny to me because usually she’ll just sit in a corner with her back towards the world, stare at the wall, and start laughing.  It’s odd and hilarious.  She also has done this while in her carseat, her crib, or her highchair, all while totally by herself.  Speaking of her giggling Chad always comments on how she sounds like a squeaky toy.  It’s super adorable and it’s hard not to laugh when she does it.

iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 059

Campbell still continues to be super interested in her older brother.  She just stars at him all day long.  He moves a million miles a minute and it’s cute to watch her try to keep up by crawling after him.  Every time Campbell isn’t with me Emmett always asks if he can go get her.  I think the feeling is mutual for both of them.  They are two peas in a pod and I love that they have such a great bond (at least for now).

iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 009

And just because I need to mention this, light sockets.  This girl is obsessed with light sockets!  WHY!?  She sees one and zooms over to it then methodically picks her tiny fat finger up and in it goes.   Well not quite in because I rush over and grab her.  But Emmett never did this nor was he the least bit interested in those things!  One thing I can say that the kids were/are both interested in is the dog’s water dish.  Campbell just can’t stay away and if I don’t put it up before she’s awake then she will, without fail, pick it up and empty it everywhere.  She also loves to splash in the emptied out water after she’s poured it all out.  She also puts EVERYTHING into her mouth.  I swear my fingers in her mouth all day long fishing out tiny balled up pieces of paper or some tiny bead from a toy of Emmett’s.  Needless to say, the house is slowly being baby proofed all over again, gates and all!

iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 040

And because it’s December that also means we celebrated Christmas and what’s Christmas without a visit to Santa.  Both kids went to Santa like it was NBD BUT neither of them smiled and thought the idea of sitting on this guys lap was ridiculous.  I don’t know.  You make your own conclusions based on the photo…

iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 101

Campbell went through a very bad bought of constipation over the last few weeks too.  This may be because I wasn’t watching her too closely now that I think about it, and she probably swallowed something she wasn’t supposed to!  Anyways, we have more baby food than we know what to do with (from my lovely friend Michele) because we had to put her on a completely breastfed and prune diet.  That did the trick because for two days in a row she’s had nice blowouts.  Normally I’d complain about this but it’s great to know she doesn’t cry every time she poops now!  I’m not even kidding, she would CRY when she was going #2!  It was so sad.  But everything is back to normal.

So all that baby food…We will have it for over a month I’m sure.  I’m so grateful for my friend who makes that baby food because I think it’s turning Campbell into a great eater.  She LOVES her food and has finally stopped pushing away the spoon.  She eats all types of fruits and vegetables.  I’m excited to start her on some finger foods too.  We started them around this next month with Emmett so I’ll updated on that in her 10 month post.  Breastfeeding is still going really well and she nurses probably 5-6 times a day although I’m not really paying much attention.  I just feed her when she’s fussy really.  I can’t imagine her giving it up anytime soon but stranger things have happened.

iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 092

One last thing I want to mention is that when I hold Campbell she pats me on the back.  It’s super sweet and she really only does it to me.  It’s like she’s saying, “thanks so much for picking me up mom!”  Another thing she does is when I put her down in the living room and I go into the kitchen, she follows me and when she wants me to pick her up she will climb up my leg.  She will also sometimes lift her arms to motion that she wants to be held.

iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 073

Sleeping is still going really well.  We have noticed that if she isn’t tired right when we are getting ready to put her down and hasn’t been nursed to sleep, she prefers we leave her lamp on.  For whatever reason she almost never cries when left to go to sleep for the night if we leave the lamp on.  We sneak in and turn it off before we go to bed.  As I mentioned before, he constipation problems caused her some pain and a lot of that pain would happen in the middle of the night.  One night (Christmas Eve) she woke up 3 times because it was so painful to try and poop.  She’s doing much better now though and is back to her regular 7pm-8am sleeping schedule.  She also, at some point, sprouted her two top teeth!  I’ve been feeling for them for months and they are finally starting to graze the surface of her gums!  So maybe by 10 months she’ll have 4 teeth or so.  It’s going to be really weird to look at her smile with those top teeth though!  She’s still my baby but this is starting to make her look less like a baby.  At least she still has short baby hair!

iPhone 5 pics 11.13.14-12.19.14 091

If there’s anything else worth mentioning then I’ll come back and edit this post (for my own satisfaction) but for now I think that’s about it!  I know every single month I end with the same stuff…she’s amazing and beautiful, and easy going, and wonderful and perfect.  Happy 9 months my squishy/precious/incredible daughter.  I love you more than stars (as your papa says).

iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 093 iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 095 iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 097 iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 098 iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 101 iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 104 iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 105 iPhone 5 pics 12.20.14-12.30.14 106


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