First Snow!

Ah, it’s that time of year again where the snow is coming down and is beautiful to watch…If you don’t have kids.  Snow days mean something completely different now to my husband and me now that we have two small children.  Snow days, especially on the weekends, used to mean staying inside all day, drinking coffee, baking, making heavy dinners, watching Netflix marathons, and cuddling on the couch all day.  HA!  Those days are OVER!  Now snow days mean getting up waaaaay too early to force a workout in so that you don’t explode at the kids, frantically figuring out what the hell to do all day now that you can’t go outside, going out to eat because who wants to spend time in the kitchen when you’re forced to be cooped up in the house!?  Very short naps because energy levels are still very high, and loads of TV and I’m not talking about favorite shows on Netflix, I’m talking PBS kids for all the hours.  Well, last week we had a VERY cold week.

November 2014 087

It all started Monday when I went out to go for a run.  The weekend was downright gorgeous with very few clouds in the sky the entire weekend.  There had been weather reports of a polar vortex coming through but I really had a tough time believing any of that was true.  Monday I was planning on getting up before the kids to get my workout in but I was TIRED.  I ended up sleeping in until 7 or so which is too late to sneak a workout in since Campbell gets up at 7.  So after Emmett woke up I bundled the kids up in about 13 layers and two fleece blankets and we were out the door with the BOB.  Oh my goodness was it beautiful out.  I even had gloves and a long sleeved shirt on that I ripped off 3 minutes into the run.  It was probably close to 60 degrees out with clouds in the sky but off to the west over the mountains.  I could tell the cold front was coming but I figured it wouldn’t be here until at least the afternoon if not later.  So we were off to a great start with the weather cooperating perfectly.  Nine minutes later a gust of wind came up and out of nowhere, very chilly air accompanied the gust.  I looked up towards the sky to see huge storm clouds that seemed to have come out of nowhere also.  I figured the chilly air was a fluke blast because we were close to a stream.  Boy was I wrong!  The wind picked up with drastic force and almost blew the double BOB over!  All of a sudden the sun was gone and the air was freezing…I am talking 60 degree weather to 30 degree weather in the time span of maybe 3 minutes!?  Unfortunately we weren’t super close to our house, at least 10 minutes away, and Emmett kept telling me he was cold.  I just kept saying “I’m cold too buddy”, while running in a tank top and wishing I had my gloves back.  By the time we made it home it had started snowing.

iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2166

And that’s how our week started off.  Thank you Chad for agreeing to let me get a treadmill because that thing has saved my ass on multiple occasions.  We quickly made our way downstairs to my treadmill and I hooked the kids up with snacks and an episode of Daniel Tiger so that I could at least finish off my run.  I made it to 7 broken miles that day!  After finishing up my run my mom came over and entertained the kids for a while so that I could finish up odds and ends around the house.  They both went down for naps at their normal times and I was able to enjoy the snowfall.  Anyways, this post is now getting lengthy but it’s what I do best…

November 2014 047

Tuesday was a preschool day which are my favorites because I don’t have to figure out what to do with Emmett while it’s snowing.  They take care of it and are able to run him into the ground so I don’t have to.  A nice little break if I do say so myself.

Wednesday was just a downright blizzard outside so I had to get creative with what we were going to do.  Has anyone ever been to a McDonalds play place?  Wow, they are lifesavers during a snowstorm!  No one goes and kids can wear themselves out!  Not to mention, have you ever tried a McDonalds french fry?!  Yeah, those things are amazing and sooooo worth the drive!  Anyways, we made the trip over to a McDonalds close by and had lunch and play time there.  It was really fun until Emmett peed through his diaper and his pants got all wet from pee.  Snow days are also great for letting toddlers who aren’t potty trained run around without a diaper on.  I did this all morning and gave Emmett sippy cup after sippy cup of juice and water.

November 2014 020 November 2014 022 November 2014 023

He never ended up going to the bathroom in the potty so I threw a diaper on him so that we could leave the house.  Well apparently I didn’t wait long enough because it all came out at McDonalds and I mean ALL came out.  It was kind of crazy how much pee came out.  So we had to cut our trip to McDonalds short.

November 2014 024

The only way I got Emmett to leave was bribing him with a bubble bath.  So when we got home I ran a bubble bath in our bathroom (which was new to him since he’s never taken a bath in there) and we did that activity for about an hour.

November 2014 036 November 2014 040 November 2014 043 November 2014 029

May I suggest both of these activities for stay at home moms on snow days.  He slept like a champ on Wednesday too!  Thursday was another preschool day and we had nap wars so apparently he wasn’t worn out enough.  Friday I knew I had to change it up if I wanted him to nap so we went swimming!!

November 2014 067 November 2014 068 November 2014 073 November 2014 075 November 2014 077

Emmett loves swimming and he could swim all day if I let him.  We were there for almost two hours and he loved every second of it.  He definitely cried big time when it was time to go.  I’d love to get there earlier but the pool opens at 10:30 so you do what you have to do.  We went out to Chipotle after that and Emmett ate more food than I think I’ve seen him eat all year!  It was great and he took an excellent nap afterwards.  So point is, don’t dread the snow just because you may have a toddler.  You can get creative still do fun indoor activities.  This morning we went to an indoor play place with some friends and even though it was $9, it was worth every dollar because my boy happily went straight to sleep as soon as we got home.  Even Campbell is fast asleep and has been since 12:45!

A few days ago I wrote about how kids are hard and today I wish I could take it all back because they made these past few days super easy on me 🙂  Love my kids today (and everyday, even if it’s sub-conscience some days!)!!  Monday’s are my catch up days and I’ve got soooo much accomplished during nap time that day and the other days this past week.  Love life.  Love cool days.  Love my sacred nap time.

November 2014 033 November 2014 031


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