Halloween 2014, A Construction Worker and a Ladybug (and a hot dog)

If you read the heading then you know what my children were for Halloween…

Mini Canon 11.4.14 610 Mini Canon 11.4.14 614 iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2141

I love the idea of matching my family in Halloween costumes.  In fact, I’d love it if Chad and I could actually get into it and we could do a foursome thing but let’s be honest, I’m not nearly creative enough, nor do I care to put energy into thinking that far ahead.  I usually think about things one-two days before I need to do them.  I would definitely not call myself a procrastinator but I just don’t put the effort into things like this so when I ran into this construction worker costume (not even in the Halloween section but in the TOY section) on sale for $15 the Wednesday before Halloween I knew it was Emmett’s costume for this year.  He has been totally obsessed with all things work related and that includes using hammers, nails, wrenches, saws, etc., so this costume had his name written all over it.  Anyways, I wasn’t about to hunt the town for a hammer baby costume or something matchy matchy for Campbell to wear.  A friend of mine let us borrow a lady bug costume for Campbell so I got lucky with her.  But again, I wasn’t about to search the city for another bug costume or some other ridiculous outfit for Emmett so the two could match.  Anyways, they both have strong personalities and I’m pretty sure that for the rest of our “dress up for Halloween” lives, I’ll never get them to match so why start now?  Emmett is also super into Daniel Tiger and I was totally going to make a Daniel Tiger costume and that’s what he was going to be for Halloween but the construction worker thing was just too easy and again, by Wednesday (Halloween was Friday) when I still had no tiger outfit, it was looking good that that’s what Emmett was going to be this year.  The thing I think I was the most bummed about was that we actually had a 6-12 month lobster outfit that we used for Emmett back when he was 6 months that was $50!  I wanted to reuse it because he wore it a grand total of once.  We really got our money’s worth on that purchase.  But I digress.

Mini Canon 11.4.14 594

I was actually really excited this year for Halloween and it did not disappoint.  Emmett was super pumped about his costume and Campbell just looking freaking adorable and ridiculous.  We started our day with some friends at the zoo.

Mini Canon 11.4.14 608 Mini Canon 11.4.14 607 Mini Canon 11.4.14 602 Mini Canon 11.4.14 606 Mini Canon 11.4.14 605 Mini Canon 11.4.14 604

I let Emmett wear his costume and he was extremely excited about this but he also wanted to bring in his hammer and saw.  I knew this was going to be a problem because the other kids were going to want to play with them and of course that’s exactly what happened.  We had a few tears but overall it was great that he got to wear his costume there.  After we got home from the zoo the kids took massive naps and then we actually had to wake them up around 5ish to start the evening.  We started with going trick or treating around our neighborhood and then migrated over to a friends house for a party with, what felt like, 1,000 toddlers and their baby siblings.  It was a little crazy but a ton of fun.

iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2155 iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2146

iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2153 iPhone 5 pics 11.12.14 2154

The neighborhood where our friends live was dead so it was great to take the kids trick or treating over there since every time we went to a house each toddler got about 20 pieces of candy at each house!  We stayed waaaaaaay too late but the kids all did really well considering they were hyped up on sugar.  C was totally over it and looked glazed over by the time we got into the car.

Mini Canon 11.4.14 618 - Copy Mini Canon 11.4.14 617 Mini Canon 11.4.14 616 Mini Canon 11.4.14 615 Mini Canon 11.4.14 609

Every one with kids always used to tell me that holidays become way better once you have a child of your own.  For a while the magic sort of disappears.  I think it was sometime after college for me.  It was like a dead zone for a while.  But once I got engaged and then after having Emmett, the magic has slowly returned and I have to say that I become more and more excited with each passing holiday because Emmett is getting older and starting to become excited himself.  I know that these years are precious because the magic will fade all too quickly for my own children one day so I’m trying my hardest to make sure that each holiday is magical and memorable.  I want to take way too many pictures for them to look back at and I want to go overboard because it’s just as much for me as it is for them.

Halloween 2014


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