Day in the Life

I can’t remember if I’ve ever done a post like this before but I love these little glimpses in to other bloggers lives so I figured I’d give you a small taste of our little life around here.  I’m choosing a non preschool day because quiet frankly preschool days are probably a bit boring to read about.  I’m sure you all could care less about how many miles I run with Campbell or which grocery store I go to so I’ll share a day in the life, we’ll call it “Monday”.

So Monday’s around here can be both amazing and hellish.  I’m going to share what Monday looked like this past week because it was a good one and pretty typical when Emmett isn’t in preschool.  Monday’s area great because I usually use them for catching up, doing laundry, cleaning from the weekend, grocery shopping, basically just getting caught up and set up for the week.  So here goes…

5:20am-Chad’s alarm goes off and he turns it off quickly and goes right back to sleep.  Typically we both get up at this time to get our workouts in.  If I’m up then I go downstairs and have coffee and read blogs, start a blog post or read/reply to emails.

6am-workout time.  I usually run for about an hour or 7-8 miles.

7am-Eat breakfast and have some more coffee.  Typically get C around this time.

7:30am-Feed C and watch the news.

8-8:30am-Go and get Emmett.  He’s usually been awake for about an hour by this point but he still doesn’t even scream for us.  I usually just start feeling bad and go get him.

8:30-9am-E eats breakfast.  Usually oatmeal, eggs, or cereal.

9-10am-Go for a run.  If I don’t get up and run early then the kids get to suffer and run with me in the double BOB.  They actually did really really well on this particular day.  E was super happy and ate snacks the whole time and C slept the entire time.  I was able to get in just over 7 miles.

10-11:30am-Park time.  I promised Emmett if he just “let mama run” then we’d go to the park afterwards.  He actually asked for it several times and had just about had it with me and my false promises by the time we were done.  We stayed and I let him play for a long time.

11:30-12pm-We decided to go home and regroup before heading out again.  I needed groceries but also needed to feed C again before heading back out.  So Emmett played while I fed C and ate something and gave him a snack.

12-1pm-We usually don’t spend an hour grocery shopping but we were at the store for an hour on this day.  I decided to get a flu shot during “lunch hour”.  Dumb.  We waited for what felt like a lifetime for our turn.  Emmett and I both got our shots and then went grocery shopping afterwards.  The kids were both super good but that wasn’t my best parenting move.

1-2pm-I am so sick of reading the same books to Emmett over and over again so we headed to the library because it’s close to the grocery store and picked up about 11 new books for us to read to him.  He was kind of a maniac and unless I go for a class or something, it’s really hard going with Emmett now.  He runs all over the place and pulls books off of all the shelves.

2-2:30pm-We get home and I let Emmett watch one episode of Daniel Tiger so that I can put groceries away and start lunch.  I let him eat in front of the TV today so that I could get stuff done.

2:30-3pm-Put both kids down for a nap.  Not always a 30 minutes process but it was today.

3-5pm-Both kids slept for 2 hours.  This usually does happen but I usually put E down closer to 1:45 and C down closer to 2:30.  They both usually sleep until at least 5 though.  I made pumpkin cupcakes and prepped dinner and cleaned.  This is usually my hurricane time to fit in as much stuff as humanly possible.  Usually I only get half of dinner prepped, maybe a blog post completed or which ever chores I have to clean our house for the day in this time period.  I do feel productive with this time most of the time but other days I just want a freaking break so I’ll also carve out an hour of TV time while I try and fold laundry or peruse the internet.

5-6pm-Both kids are up so we go outside and watch for papa!  Papa usually gets home at some point in this hour.  Sometimes I can finish up dinner if both kids are in a good mood.

6-7pm-We eat dinner and also play in the basement afterwards with Papa.  C also starts getting super fussy around 6:30ish so I go up and get her ready for bed which includes a bath (once or twice a week due to skin issues), diaper change, and pajamas.  I then nurse her to sleep completely in the dark in the glider (while checking Pinterest of course!!).

7-8pm-This is finally when I “sign off” for the night as Chad usually takes Emmett up to get ready for bed.  I usually clean the kitchen up at this point from dinner and pick up the house or finish laundry or other household duties.  I am so lucky that Chad has taken over the bedtime routine for Emmett.  We started doing this back in January so that Emmett could get used to Chad putting him down before the baby got here.

8pm-Both kids are down and Chad and I stare off to space.  I’d say more often than not we watch TV in different rooms.  Sometimes he gets back on his computer and works and I do my own thing too.

9pm-We are both usually in bed by this point.  Wow, we are losers.  Things are going to change quite a bit in January when I go back to school but for now this routine is kind of awesome.

Of course, there are acceptions to the typical day.  I’d say at least once a week one of us in gone at night and has to take over both kid duties but that happens to Chad waaaay more than it happens to me.  I have added Junior League responsibilities and room parent responsibilities to the list of stuff I do at night when I have to leave the kids with Chad.  It’s terribly stressful and totally fs up our routine but we gotta live life so whatcha gonna do!?


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