Campbell Beth-7 months

My beautiful girl is already 7 months old!  I ask myself daily where the past 7 months of my life have gone!?  They have literally been the fastest 7 months of my life and nothing seems to be slowing down anytime soon.  This is both exciting and terrifying.  I find myself conflicted on a daily basis of whether or not I want this moment to freeze in time or for my baby to continue to grow up too quickly.  I can honestly say that having a baby the second time around has been about 1,000 times more fun.  I think it all boils down to not knowing what to expect next when I had Emmett and now with Campbell I know exactly what to expect.  It feels like any thing that has been even remotely difficult this time around just goes by so quickly, hardly enough time to dwell on it.  With Emmett, every little thing that happened felt like an annoyance or an irritation and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  It’s the unknown vs. the known I suppose.  Everything with Campbell has just been so simple.  And the funny thing is that she’s actually been a much harder baby to deal with than Emmett every was.  Even on the hardest days with Emmett, he was still easier than she is!  But I think because I’ve done this before I just deal with it.  Plus, I can’t really spend too much time thinking about it because I have a 2 year old who devours my attention.  Maybe that’s why these past 7 months have flown by so quickly?  Not enough time to really pay any attention to Campbell!?  How sad!  But seriously, I DO get plenty of time with her.

Campbell Beth 7 months 016 Campbell Beth 7 months 018

I was talking with some friends last week and they were complaining about how they sometimes haven’t even looked at their second child until the first one takes a nap.  Lucky for Campbell, that’s never been the case.  She wakes up before Emmett so I get some quality time in with her in the mornings and then Emmett goes to preschool twice a week so I get 3 uninterrupted hours with her.  Then of course there’s the afternoon naps.  For the most part, both kids are sleeping at the same time during the afternoons.  I can almost always count on at least 1-2 hours of overlap.  Campbell almost always goes to sleep after Emmett and wakes up before Emmett, so again, I have plenty of time with my baby girl, just the two of us.  Oh and did I mention that whenever we go out she’s NEVER in a stroller!  She’s 100% always worn in the Ergo so I think she may actually will end up spending MORE time with me than Emmett ever did!  Although I did love wearing him too and he rarely sat in a stroller either.

Campbell Beth 7 months 021 Campbell Beth 7 months 020 Campbell Beth 7 months 019

So onto Campbell Beth at 7 months old…I’d say that this past month has been the fastest month ever.  I do think that our trip to Louisiana in the middle of the month had something to do with that.  We were gone from a Tuesday-a Monday, so almost a full week away.  When we got back home I had no clue what date it was and it took me two full days to get us back on track and feel like I was organized again.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad we went, but wow, it really takes a toll on you when returning.  I may have also been experiencing a bit of post vacation let down.  Chad and I also had some major life decisions to make after getting back so reality really bites when returning to decision making mode.

Campbell Beth 7 months 014 Campbell Beth 7 months 013 Campbell Beth 7 months 012

C just continues to thrive and grow and be interested in her little world.  I think the most important development to note is that she’s so close to crawling.  She’s constantly rocking on her hands and knees and continues to scoot backwards when she wants to get somewhere.  She has also taken to a downward dog/plank position when left on the floor.  She is a super strong little girl but people have been saying that since her birth with her grip.  Again, the intenseness of this girl continues.  She also LOVES watching her brother.  And when I’m holding her and he’s running circles around me her head is also in constant motion to see what he’s doing and where he’s going.  She also thinks he’s the funniest person on the planet.  I know I’ve mentioned this before but she truly gets tickled pink while watching him.  I am so happy to see this and it almost makes my heart feel like exploding when I watch the two of them interact.  When ever Emmett is close enough for Campbell to touch, she will grab his shirt, hair or hand.  Emmett also has been super into showing off in front of her.  For example, yesterday he said “watch this baby” and jumped off the side of her crib.  This morning he even reprimanded her because she got too close to the fire place (it’s glass and closed but we’ve told him it’s hot and to NEVER touch it-even if it’s off, which it always is) and said “NO baby”.  It’s sweet how he watches out for her.  She also has to be kissed by him at least twice a day.  I don’t know where he gets it from but he makes a kissing noise only when he kisses her and says “huuuuuug” when he hugs her.  He especially loves doing this at bedtime.

Campbell Beth 7 months 010 Campbell Beth 7 months 009

Campbell continues to have a love/hate relationship with the jogging stroller.  I’d say for the most part she’s used to it.  I’m averaging about 7 miles each time I go out with her.  As long as I go around her morning nap time then she’s solid.  She’ll usually sleep for about 40 min. of the run and then be awake the rest of the time, super content and just looking around.  It’s a lot easier for her to do this when she doesn’t have her partner in crime sitting next to her screaming and singing at the top of his lungs.

Campbell Beth 7 months 006 Campbell Beth 7 months 005 Campbell Beth 7 months 004 Campbell Beth 7 months 003

Morning naps are still a real challenge unless I’m a slave to naps and have a planned day home.  This happens maybe once a month though.  I really hate staying home all day because Emmett is restless and I go stir crazy so unfortunately Campbell has to just take catnaps in the mornings.  However, when she does get a decent nap in her crib, Emmett and I can actually get quite a few things done around the house.  Just two days ago he helped me clean and sponge the seats, windex the window and vacuum the entire car out!  I do love these days because it keeps Emmett entertained and C gets her nap but again, we don’t do them often.  C still sleeps really well in the afternoons too and I think that’s mostly because she doesn’t get a great morning nap.  I’ll definitely take that because it’s the only time in my day where I get a nice kid free break to do things like blog, organize and bake (three of my favorite stay-at-home-mom activities!!).  Sleeping at night is also still going fine.  Lately she’s been waking up around 10-11pm to eat for some reason.  Maybe she doesn’t’ even want to eat but that’s what I offer her because it’s the easy thing to do.  She always goes right back to sleep and then I don’t see her until 7:30am or so the next morning.  I will note that the other night was a real doozy because she didn’t want to go back to sleep after she ate and SCREAMED her head off.  I didn’t know what to do and was sort of strung out because she had woken me up from a deep sleep and I really just wanted to go back to bed.  Chad had to intervene as I was at my wits end.  He actually got her to calm down in about 1 minute flat by rocking her on her stomach.  To say I was impressed is a total understatement.  I thought for sure she was teething but honestly she hasn’t’ really been teething since August.  She has no new teeth so maybe it was gas or something?  We’ll never know!

C also took her very first plane trip.  As I mentioned already, we went to Louisiana with Chad’s family.  We first flew into New Orleans just the 4 of us.  It was our very first family trip ever taken.  We’ve always gone with family where ever we’ve been in the past 2.5 years.  The kids were AMAZING on the flight and I even got to read a HUGE chunk of my book (that I later finished on the trip!).  We had a VRBO in New Orleans and the kids each got their own rooms to sleep in.  This was actually heaven and will be mandatory from here on out whenever we travel.  Chad and I don’t mind if C sleeps with us in our room but it’s pretty much impossible (ok, we’ve never tried) to have E sleep in the same room as us.  So it was really nice to have a place to come back to every afternoon so that they could nap and we could chill out.  That being said, I think the kids had structured naps twice during the entire 7 days we were gone.  Each night they were definitely wiped out but they were so incredibly good and just went with the flow the whole trip.  They were both in bed by 6:30-7pm on the days they didn’t get naps.  The flight home wasn’t so smooth as we flew home at bedtime.  The flight was 2.5 hours and we took off at 6:30pm.  C HATES sleeping in peoples arms and Emmett never, ever sleeps in cars or planes.  He actually did great, C was the one who cried for about 30 minutes straight until finally she cried herself to sleep.  Again, I don’t know how else to calm her down unless she nurses.  She wanted nothing to do with nursing so I was shi* out of luck on that flight!  Oh well…

Campbell Beth 7 months 007 Campbell Beth 7 months 008

Campbell also started wearing a new sleep sack this past month.  She still wears her 3-6 month green sleeveless one which we LOVE but she also has started wearing the same type of sleep sack that Emmett wore around this age.  I can’t quite remember when he transitioned so that’s why I’m noting this.  She’s also still wearing size 3 diapers and really anything from 0-3 month clothes (although I think she’s finally out of 3 month sleepers) to 9 month stuff.  In fact, I even put her in a pair of 12 month leggings the other day (although these were super long on her but she filled them out no problem).

E was also sort of sick for the first time in her life over this past month.  She just had a really bad runny nose for about 2 weeks straight.  She never ran a fever though.  She also had a slight cough but it eventually went away too.

Ok so the last really big thing for C this past month was that she has started going from all 4s in the crawling position to sitting!  She did the all by herself while we were in the basement last week and it was crazy to watch.  She still needs to be watched while she’s sitting on her own but she can sit and sits pretty well!  Usually if she falls over she falls to the size and catches herself.  Rarely does she cry when she falls and hits her head.  She’s a tough old girl!  We were at someone’s house for a pumpkin decorating party on Monday and her brother slammed her foot in the door while she was on the floor playing.  She definitely cried but got over it relatively quickly.  She also puts up with a fair amount of touching from her brother.  Oh and if she’s in the way, Emmett will run right over her but this really doesn’t seem to bother her.  On her 7 month birthday she actually forced herself into a backwards crawling motion too.  My days of her being semi non mobile are soon to be a thing of the past.  This is kind of depressing because I really didn’t like this phase of getting into everything.  We had a lot of close calls with Emmett and hopefully I’ve learned a few things since then.  We really didn’t have to baby proof our condo because it was only 800 square feet!  It’s a bit different living in a 3 story house with plenty of stairs to roll down!  YIKES!

Anyways, that about wraps up my sweet baby girl’s 7 month of life.  I really can’t get over how damn fast time is going.  I know there’s a saying, “The days are long, but the years are short”, but I don’t even feel like the days are long!  We have very structured days around here and even when the kids are both sleeping I have work that I need to do so my days just fly by.  I love it and I hate it.  Every night while I’m nursing my baby girl to sleep, just me and her, I wish I could stay in that moment forever and ever but then I realize I haven’t had dessert yet and the moment passes pretty quickly 😉 But in all seriousness, I just love having a baby around right now and am still so happy she’s still considered a baby.  I don’t know how I’m going to handle it when she officially moves from baby to toddler status.  It’s just gone way too fast.  Everyone says this, I know, but dang, why can’t they be babies for like 3 years and then toddlers for like a year!?

Campbell Beth 7 months 002 Campbell Beth 7 months 001

Happy 7 month birthday my sweet princess (yes, I call her this and can’t WAIT for the day when she wears tutus and wants to play barbies and dress up and princess with me).  I am not sure how I can love you anymore than I do and then another days comes and goes and I love you even more than the previous day.  I ask myself on a daily basis how I ever did life without you.

Campbell Beth 7 months 011


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