Campbell Beth- 6 months

I wrote up this post at the BEGINNING of October and have just been too lazy to upload a few photos so here we are, October 24th and my baby Campbell will be 7 months old next week!  Let’s hope I can get up her 7 month post before November 1!  ha!  Anyways, I have a few more fun posts in the works and am really working on trying to figure out a schedule in my daily life where blogging is a permenent thing but until then bare with me!

My baby girl is an entire half a year old!  WTF!?  Ok seriously, it’s kind of been a long 6 months.  I look back at pictures of her back on the day she was born and then when she was a month old and then 3 months and now 6 months and I think to myself, “She’s been here for a while.  It definitely feels like 6 months have passed!”  But rather than talk about how long these past few months have felt, I’m going to jump right into this past month and how amazing I think my baby girl is.

iPhone pics 10.23.14 1962 iPhone pics 10.23.14 1959 iPhone pics 10.23.14 1961

This girl just amazes me every single day.  I could write and write about her and my love for her and how every time she smiles or giggles at me my heart feels like it’s exploding.  I love her more than words could ever express.  I just don’t know what I did in my life before she was here with me.  Let’s talk about this girls personality.  From day one her father and I have always described her as “intense”.  This is still very true at 6 months old.  The reason she is so intense is because she’s either super smiley or super upset.  I’m not talking upset like, “oh she’s about to start crying but try to hold her off for a bit longer.”  No, this girl goes from the biggest, most sweet smile to screaming bloody murder in about 1/2 a second if her needs aren’t met.  Luckily we now know exactly what those needs are.  She is either tired or hungry.  That’s really it.  I really can’t get over how much this girl smiles though.  Emmett was pretty smiley too but this girl smiles bigger and easier than any baby I’ve ever met.  I think I mentioned this in her 5 month post but she just stares people down until they look at her so that she can smile at them.  Sometimes she doesn’t even wait for them to smile at her, she just smiles anyways.  However, the flip side to all of this is that she can SCREAM her head off when she isn’t paid much attention to.  She really does hate to be left alone for too long.  Sometimes I’ll put her on the floor so that she can play and roll around and if I leave her for too long without giving her some attention, well, watch out.  There is no cry that she has that tells you certain things.  It’s a one cry fits all and it’s a “someone come get me or I’ll explode” cry.  I can’t figure it out.  Fortunately, because I’m her mom, she almost always calms down when I pick her up.  Others have to work a little harder and calming her but she eventually gets back to her smiley self.

iPhone pics 10.23.14 2001iPhone pics 10.23.14 2030

So when she’s not screaming or giggling she is “talking”.  This girl babbles non stop and I just have to laugh every time she gets going.  She says “baba”, “dada”, and “mama”.  Obviously she has no clue what “mama” and “dada” mean but I think it’s still sweet.  Every morning when she wakes up she’s babbling.  Chad and I sometimes lay in bed and just listen to her.  OK actually it’s just me that lays in bed and listens because he’s usually asleep and then I quickly take the monitor out of her room so as not to disturb him.  I have noticed that she actually gets pretty quiet when her brother is around but I think that’s because she’d rather observe him than talk to him.  He still can make her laugh like no one else can but I can make her smile like no one else can 🙂

iPhone pics 10.23.14 1954 iPhone pics 10.23.14 1953 iPhone pics 10.23.14 1950

Now that this girl is rolling where she feels like going, she’s also learned how to scoot backwards.  If you put her on the hardwood floor she can scoot anywhere she wants to get by pushing herself up onto her hands and pushing backwards.  It’s kind of amazing to watch.  She’s been found several times caught under the couch and trust me, she lets you know she’s under there by screaming her usual joyous scream.  She is also really unbelievably strong and several people have commented on her strength.  She pushes herself up to almost sitting position while still on her stomach.  She can also sit up unassisted which I think is developmentally appropriate.  Oh, but watch out for anything dangling from your body like hair, earrings or necklaces because she has a grip that could kill.  She doesn’t like letting go of things so don’t try and take things from her.  I can’t wear my hair down and haven’t for 6 months because she gets ahold of it and won’t let go of it.  She’s kind of a violent baby because once she grabs something she flings it around and then proceeds to put it into her mouth.

iPhone pics 10.23.14 1973 iPhone pics 10.23.14 1971 iPhone pics 10.23.14 1969 iPhone pics 10.23.14 1967 iPhone pics 10.23.14 1964 - Copy

So speaking of mouth, this poor little one has been teething for the past week again.  Although, I can’t say it’s horrible, it is causing her to be a little more fussy than normal and it’s mostly seen at night.  It’s been tough to put her to bed lately and for about 2 weeks we would have to just put her in her crib and let her cry for about 15 minutes until she passed out.  She really doesn’t like being walked down or maybe I just say that because I don’t have the patience for it but either way, she stops crying after about 15 minutes.  When she’s teething you can tell because she’ll wake up at night around 11 or 12am screaming her death cry.  I usually have gone in there and nurse her for about 5 minutes then she passes out again until 7am or so.  Again, I think most parents would agree with me that this isn’t terrible.  Aside from the teething wake ups, she’s still sleeping like a champ.  She still goes down around 6:30-7pm and sleeps until 6:30-7:30am.  Even when she wakes up super early like 6:30, we can still leave her in her room for almost an hour rolling around in her crib before she starts to get irritated and scream.  Oh ps by the way, we FINALLY moved her into her own room!  Yes, we had her in our room for 5.5 months!  I loved having her in there but it was due time to get her into her own space.  I feel like we all sleep more soundly being in our own spaces.  It’s also nice because Chad and I finally moved the TV back into our room.  I love falling asleep with the TV on and for 5.5 months we couldn’t do that.  Boohoo, I know, poor me.

Campbell also has this thing where she scratches everything.  I can’t remember if I mentioned this in her 5 month post because she did it last month too but she nurses and scratches my back, she scratches the floor, she scratches toys, she scratches at her pack and play or the crib sheets.  Whatever she touches, she has to scratch first.  It’s hilarious and weird.

And of course I always have to mention the BOB runs in these posts.  They seem to be getting better and better although I did have one horrid run during this past month where she screamed for 4 miles straight.  And when I say scream I mean she SCREAMED. It was horrible.  If I stopped the stroller then she would stop screaming but the second I started running she’d start up again.  She seems to do better on the double BOB runs because her brother is there to entertain her.  I am not giving up though.  Fall is my absolute most favorite season to run outside in and screaming children aren’t going to take that away from me 🙂

Campbell went to get her 6 month check up done last week as well and she came in at 18 lbs and 26 in.  She’s in the 75% for weight and the 60% for height.  Short and chubby 🙂  I still can’t believe she’s only 18 lbs!  She didn’t do well with those shots.  She received 3 last week and an oral something or rather.  Boy oh boy she did NOT like those pokes!  Even Emmett was concerned.  It took me over 20 minutes to calm this girl down!  She wouldn’t even nurse she was so upset and that’s saying something for Campbell because she can ALWAYS eat.

iPhone pics 10.23.14 2036 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2041 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2043 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2039 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2038

Speaking of eating, we tried some solids for the first time this past month!  At first she hated everything about the experience.  She hated sitting at the table, hated the taste, hated the texture, hated the spoon, hated the cheering from her parents.  The very first thing we gave her was just pureed peaches which my friend Michele gave us (the one who runs and who I write for sometimes).  The second food we tried was a banana and I think it was just too chunky for her.  Hated both of these items thank you very much.  But, we kept trying and eventually she got used to everything she thought she hated.  Now the girl will eat EVERYTHING we give her which is such a relief considering Michele has given us some amazing purees to try!!  She has so far had apples with coconut milk and cloves, chicken and parsnips and pumpkin, and sweet potato with coconut milk.  She’s loving it all and I’m so fortunate and incredibly grateful that Michele makes amazing baby food with such diverse flavors.  I think C will be a very adventurous eater.  She’s also still nursing really really well and takes both a bottle and breast equally well.

Thank goodness she takes a bottle so well because I was able to leave her for the first time for an entire weekend at the end of September.  I went to DC for a friends surprise baby shower and left both kids with their dad and my in laws for 3 full days.  I only got pictures for updates that weekend and didn’t call once except for to return a phone call my husband made regarding a took he couldn’t find but I’m assuming it all went well.  I know everyone was glad to have me back but I will say it was SO NICE going away for the weekend!  I freaking LOVE these kids more than life itself (and I really really love life) but dang it feels so good to be able to leave them and just be me again without the mom title attached.  Anyways, back to how much I love having a 6 month old…

iPhone pics 10.23.14 2010

C is totally obsessed with her feet as well.  The second we take her sleep sack off after being in it for a nap or all night, her feet go straight up to her mouth.  She loves having those things in her mouth.  I think that’s also a developmental thing but regardless, it’s still fun to watch your own kid do all these things that they should be doing on paper.  And of course you think your kid is the only kid on the block doing this stuff until you go to their well visits and realize that they should be doing this stuff and then some.  Needless to say, I can assure you that my kids aren’t gifted (yet).

All in all I can say the 6th month of this girls life has been pretty amazing.  I’m loving getting to know her more and more each and every day that passes.  Every day I ask myself, “how can you be mind?!”  I just feel so blessed and lucky.  I can’t believe I get to raise this little girl.  I’m already chomping at the bit for the day that I can take her to get her nails done with me (ok in all reality I will paint her nails because really, when was the last time I went to get a pedicure!?) or when she grows hair long enough for me to put a clip in it.  I love all things girl and I can’t wait to break out the Barbie dolls (do girls still play with these!?) or bust out the baby dolls and dress up clothes.  Oh I’ll also take this time to mention that I LOVE DRESSING HER!  It is the highlight of my day.  How sad is that!?  Ok, maybe not the highlight but I love dressing her up!  I was totally not ever going to be that mom that dressed her little girl in frilly dresses and huge bows and I’m a total sucker for ALL. OF. IT.  Even when C is wearing something that looks even a little bit gender neutral (like pajamas) I need to change her or throw a headband on her.  I know, ridiculous but I love pink and I love seeing it on my daughter.  Bring on the princess stage.  I’ll wear a tiara with you my dear 🙂

iPhone pics 10.23.14 2044 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2045 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2049 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2050 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2051 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2046 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2047 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2048 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2053 iPhone pics 10.23.14 2052


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