Campbell Beth 5 months

I wrote this post several weeks ago but was interrupted after I finished writing the post up by a child and well, things got busy and this post has been at the very bottom of my “to do” list.  It is now October 1 and my little angel is 6 months old as of Monday (September 29)!!!  I haven’t even taken her 6 month photos yet and her 6 month doc visit is this morning.  I hope to be writing up her 6 month post very shortly but in the mean time, here’s her 5 month post…Will I ever feel caught up with this one?!

I’ve been putting off this post for over 3 weeks now.  I don’t know what it is about these monthly posts that gets me so overwhelmed.  It’s not because my baby girl is getting older but I think I put too much pressure on what to write so I let the month slip away and then wake up and realize that she’s almost an entire month older and that my memories of the past month are quickly fading, not to mention blending into this past month and all the new things she’s doing.  So I’m forcing myself to sit down today and just type.  This post may be all over the place but I’m just trying my hardest to remember what happened in the month of August in my little Campbell’s life and to not put too much pressure on what I’m going to say or how I’m going to say it so here goes nothing…

My baby girl turned 5 months on August 29th.  That actually feels old to me.  I remember every month that ticked by in Emmett’s first year felt so long and I kept thinking to myself, “He’s not ‘old’ until he hits double digit months”.  Then he hit double digit months and I still think he’s super little.  But for whatever reason 5 months just sounds so much more grown up.  I remember when C was only in her weeks phase and people would ask me how old she was and I’d say “x weeks” and they’d oooo and ahhh over how small she was.  I remember when I’d ask people how old their seemingly toddlers were and they’d tell me, “5 months” and I’d think, “omg, their baby is SO much older than mine!”.  And now C is 5 months and she seems so young but so old all at once.  I go through moments where I never want her to grow a day older and then moments where I can’t wait to see what she’ll look like as a walking, talking toddler with long hair!  It’s heartbreaking slash amazing to watch your children grow up.  It’s such a weird feeling.  I’m already in disbelief that our newborn days are far gone now and but a distant memory.  Anyways, I digress.  Let’s get to it!

9.30.14 073

This past month C has made so many changes.  It’s like she went from newbornish to straight up baby overnight!  I can’t believe how different she has become in the course of one month.  We went on our second road trip with both kids at the beginning of August to Kansas City and then to the Lake of the Ozarks.  Let’s just say it was a disaster.  Campbell slept for maybe 2 hours the entire 11 hour drive and I don’t even want to talk about how Emmett did.  Campbell did great on the way to the Lake which is another 3.5 hours away from KC.  It was her first lake experience.  I took Emmett to the lake around the same age so it was fun to relive those memories with our second child.  For whatever reason C slept terribly on vacation.  The first night was a treat because she slept the whole night, not waking once.  Then all hell broke lose at the lake and one night I even got up with her 4 times!  Now I know I’m super spoiled with her but this is completely abnormal of her.  She is a great sleeper and has maybe woken up 5 times since 7 weeks old in the middle of the night.  I didn’t know what to do with her so I fed her every time she woke up.  She’d go back to sleep only to wake up a few (or sometimes an hour) hours later.  When we got home she was doing the same thing so I decided to wise up and feel around her mouth a little thinking surely there’s got to be an explanation for this and there it was…her first tooth!!  I was both relieved and shocked.  How in the world did she get her first tooth at 4.5 months!?  Anyways, the second tooth right next to it was quick to follow (within a week or two of the first one sprouting) and she hasn’t gotten anymore sense then.  The second tooth didn’t bother her nearly as much as that first one.  But she was sleeping horribly for both naps and bedtime and then it went away as quickly as it started.

9.30.14 044

C also started rolling everywhere this past month.  I am pretty sure Emmett rolled for the first time at exactly 4 months and that was because he was on a bed and we pushed down on one side.  He didn’t roll over again for another month or two after that so I was actually pretty shocked that C has continued to roll over.  Back in July she HATED tummy time and if placed on her stomach would roll right back onto her back.  Now she loves being on her stomach so that she can push herself into a seal position and see the action going on around her.  I think she’s definitely more comfortable in this position because I think being on her back sort of terrifies her a little bit with big brother running circles around her.  After she realized she loved being on her stomach so much she gave me quite the heart attack because she also prefers sleeping on her stomach now.  I know this is normal but Emmett didn’t do this until he was almost 7 months old.  She’s very strong and has an incredible grip with amazing head control so I figured she’s probably fine and just let her do it.  I would say it’s almost instant.  The second you put her down on her back to go to sleep she rolls right over onto her stomach to go to sleep.  Sometimes I’ll look in on her and her head will be faced planted into the mattress.  With Emmett I worried about him suffocating himself but since he never did I guess I just figure she won’t either…The difference between being a first time mom and a second time mom I guess.

9.30.14 130 9.30.14 135 9.30.14 124 9.30.14 104

I love nursing Campbell too and honestly, she was probably ready to start solid foods about a month ago since she’s grabbing for everything and putting stuff in her mouth but I’m just not ready to go down that road.  I love nursing her and hope to be a hippie like I was with Emmett and nurse her longer than I did him.  However, I do think she’ll be one of those kids that pulls down my shirt asking for the boob in which case I’ll probably have to cut her off waaaaay before I did with Emmett.  She really enjoys nursing and is so sweet when she nurses.  She takes her hands and rubs my back when she eats whether she’s asleep or awake.  I also can’t look at her too often when I’m feeding her because all she wants to do is smile at me which means she will stop eating.  She’s still an extremely efficient eater and really doesn’t like to be bothered while eating.  She’s also still taking a bottle like a champ.  We try to give her one every morning to make sure that she will always take one so that I can leave her on occasion.  It’s nice to be able to have others watch her.  My dad and mom both came over last month to watch her and put her down for the evening.  They have better luck than Chad does with her.  I don’t have to leave her very often but it is nice to know that others can put her to bed if need be.

9.30.14 109 9.30.14 101 9.30.14 0789.30.14 140

So speaking of C smiling, I swear that’s all she does!  She is just the happiest baby in the world.  We go into grocery stores and if she catches someones eye and they talk or smile at her she breaks into the biggest grin.  People get such a kick out of her.  You really don’t have to work hard at all for a smile from this one.  She’s also super into giggling and sometimes just straight up laughter these days.  I would say I can get her to laugh pretty easily but her most favorite and funniest person to watch is her big brother.  He can get her going like no one can.  These two can entertain each other for up to 25 minutes at a time but then they both get bored.  He doesn’t know what else to do and she is just kind of over laughing.  Emmett’s favorite thing this past month to do with her is to stick his tongue out at her and blow.  Oh. My. Gosh.  She thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.  I don’t even know where he picked that up but we must do it to her all the time.

9.30.14 120

I’m not sure if it was Emmett’s blowing raspberries at Campbell or what but this girl LOVES playing with noises and her tongue.  She started blowing raspberries this past month and it’s hilarious.  She entertains herself for hours!  She was also still in our room all of last month.  I just have been lazy and haven’t wanted to move her because 1) I enjoy having her in there and not having to leave my bed to get her in the event that she needs to be comforted 2) If she cries I don’t want her to wake Emmett up since they’ll be sharing a wall between their rooms and these walls are kind of thin!  We did end up moving her but not in last past month so I’ll save that for next month’s update!

I also started running with her in the BOB!!!  This is actually HUGE!  I’ve been waiting for this basically since we got the thing back in May.  We didn’t have the infant insert thing so running with her has been impossible.  The recommendation is to wait until they’re 6 months old or have superb neck control.  Well, C has been doing things quicker than Emmett at this age and I started running with him just shy of his 5 month birthday so I figured she was good and ready.  The first run was a double BOB run and it was great!!!  We did 6 miles total with a park break inbetween so that E could play and I could feed C.  Neither were thrilled to be in there and actually C did end up crying for about 25 minutes aka the entire first 3 miles.  After our break E calmed down and C cried for another mile then fell asleep.  We have been trying it every week, usually Wednesday’s when E isn’t in school and then usually one day a week with just the single BOB and she’s gotten better and better with every run.  I do think she does best when she’s in the single BOB because she doesn’t have brother constantly jabbing her in the foot or the face but E does love the company so we do both.

9.30.14 143

I think the last real noteworthy thing to remember in this past month is that Campbell has started mimicking people.  She did this a little bit last month but one night while we were eating dinner C started banging on the table while Chad was holding her.  Emmett thought it was funny so he started doing it.  C caught on that Emmett was doing it and so back and forth they went.  Campbell started to squeal then Emmett squealed and back and forth they went!  It was a great night and one for the books.  I will never forget it.  It’s really just the most heartwarming thing to see your children interact and really “get it” for the first time.  Emmett has been nothing but sweet and gentle with Campbell and his love for her is growing daily.  He’s just about the sweetest thing there is to her.  He even clocked her in the head on accident while running through the living room and went back to say “sorry baby” and give her a kiss.

Wow, so a lot HAS happened this past month with my baby girl!  To say that she has brought joy to my life is the understatement of the century.  Of course I said this about Emmett too so it’s really a toss up these days who brings me more joy so I just won’t go there but this girl is just everything I ever dreamed of.  I still look at her almost daily (ok hourly) and can’t believe she’s mine.  I wanted a girl so badly and I still feel like I’m living in a dream when I hold her in my arms or kiss her chubby cheeks.  I love dressing her, holding her, talking to her, making her smile, tickling her, and just being with her.  The days that Emmett is in preschool are sacred not only because it allows me time to do stuff with one kid and life is a little easier that way but also because I get to spend real time with just my girl.  Obviously you can never give the same attention to any subsequent children you have after your first but I certainly will try.  There are definitely things I’ve done with Campbell that I never did with Emmett and vice versa.  I like it that way.  So here’s to another month down!

9.30.14 154 9.30.14 153 9.30.14 152 9.30.14 151 9.30.14 150 9.30.14 155 9.30.14 164 9.30.14 163

Baby girl, you are the light of my life and for sure my bestie.  I know you feel the same about me 😉  Happy 5 months pretty girl!


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