Campbell Beth 4 months

Another entire month has come and gone in the life of Campbell Beth.  I LOVED this past month so so so much.  I have a baby now and not a blob.  I was talking to some friends on Friday at Emmett’s soccer practice and we all agreed that the first 3 months are just sort of weird in the life of a baby.  The newborn stage definitely isn’t our favorite, we all agreed.  They are so helpless, all look like aliens, and don’t do anything.  Then, after about month two, they start smiling and crying less and sleeping better and night.  Finally month three you start to see glimpses of their personalities.  Month four they are laughing and rolling and sleeping really well and have more of a predictable schedule.  I have absolutely loved watching Campbell grow these past four months.  It’s so weird to think back on Emmett at this stage and how I didn’t ever appreciate things with him.  I didn’t know what I was doing so it was so hard to tell myself that “this too shall pass”.  With Campbell, we knew that the crying 24-7 would pass, and it did.  We knew that eventually she’d start taking longer naps, and she is.  We knew somehow we’d form bonds with her, and we have.

7-30-2014 174


So to start off month 4 we’ll go back to the beginning of the month.  The first week of Campbell’s 4th month of life started off with tons of family time.  My dad came over and babysat her a few times and then Uncle Chad came to visit and Mema and Paw-paw came to visit (Grandma and Grandpa Baudoin).  We had been trying to force the bottle on C for about 2 weeks and we were still trying to get her to take it this week.  My mother in law wins the gold medal in baby bottle giving because she actually got C to take 3 ounces from a bottle (finally!!).  It was such a stressful two weeks and apparently C just needed someone new and tension free to give her a bottle.  I’ve also had to switch up the type of bottle we give her. She is picky and really only likes the wide neck bottle from Dr. Browns.  When she takes a bottle she’ll usually only drink about 4 ounces at a time.  She needs about a 30 min. break and drinks the rest, usually another 4 ounces, at that point.  I’ve also had to switch from a level 2 nipple to a level 3 nipple (for 9 month olds) because my letdown is so fast and I don’t think she was getting the milk fast enough from a level 2 nipple.  Crazy because the level 3 is for much older babies.  It used to take her 25 min. to drink a bottle, now we’re done in 5 min.  It’s the same when she nurses (5 min.) so I guess the level 3 nipple was the way to go!  C also got to experience her first 4th of July and parade in our neighborhood.  She and E were both outfitted by my mother and were both in the spirit of the holiday in navy blue.

7-30-2014 002

C’s second week was again filled with swim play dates.  It’s getting harder and harder to bring both kids places that aren’t gated.  C has started waking up a bit more this month and while she’s usually happy, she does like to be held and see her surroundings.  It’s super hard to chorale Emmett while trying to hold Campbell.  I’ve managed but it’s usually at the expense of Emmett’s life.  He’s not big on staying close to me and thinks it’s really funny when he runs away from me.  This means that I’m running after Emmett to make sure he doesn’t get hit by a car and also holding Campbell, potentially giving her shaken baby syndrome from running with her.  Needless to say there were a few days there where I never wanted to leave the house again because of how stressed I was getting trying to keep Emmett from dying.  There really wasn’t anything worth talking about for the rest of the week.  Just shopping, splash pad play dates, swim play dates, park play dates (away from the street!!), soccer for Emmett, a BBQ at a friends house and the usual Sunday Farmer’s Market.  C also got to experience her first Jazz in the Park night.  She was super cranky and we had to leave before everyone else because she just wasn’t eating well and couldn’t get comfortable.  Sometimes I think she’s a lot like her dad because she doesn’t like loud noises.  Jazz in the Park is fairly noisy and we also went with a bunch of toddlers and 2 other babies about C’s age.  I think that all the excitement was exhausting for her and then she became overly tired.  Basically it was a huge fail.  We’ll try again next year 🙂


The third week was another week filled with swimming and a lunch date to Boulder with Meme (my mom).  My kids are both such troopers when we go up to Boulder because they don’t get naps on those days.   C can usually sleep in her car seat which helps but we’re not home and usually in loud places.  I’m always amazed at how well behaved they both are on such little sleep.  Unfortunately, C doesn’t get a morning nap on most mornings because we are usually out and about for Emmett but this week was the exception.  We spent two days fully at home this week which is not the norm at all for us.  By Thursday night I wanted to cry because I had chosen to keep us at home.  We didn’t have any play dates scheduled and that was my fault.  When we don’t have much scheduled I have done a poor job of figuring out things to do with just the 3 of us.  We should have gone to a park, the pool, a library, the zoo, the children’s museum…The list could go on and on but we didn’t.  On these days C does get a great morning nap and when she does fall asleep (which is so rare), I take advantage of the opportunity and do house work.  Emmett is also super helpful when this happens and picks up some windex and sprays everything in arms reach.  It doesn’t bother me because it keeps him busy so I can clean the bathrooms, sweep the floors, and vacuum the house.  Anyways, getting off topic here, the point is that C finally got a few morning naps those days.  While super boring for Emmett and me, it was good for her and that little developing brain.

7-30-2014 197

That weekend we took our first family trip.  We drove to Steamboat Springs Saturday morning to see my dad do a sprint triathlon.  Unfortunately it was way too much driving for one weekend but it was nice to at least get away for 24 hours.  I should do a post for that weekend because it was such a doozy and I’m not sure if it was totally worth it but we went and both the kids were great.  C slept really well in the pack and play which she’d never one before.  They also did great driving the distance which gives me such hope that they’ll do well on our drive across Kansas coming up.  I still can’t believe we haven’t flown anywhere with her yet!

7-30-2014 073 7-30-2014 072 7-30-2014 071 7-30-2014 068

For C’s 4th week she got to meet Timmy, the newest member of my birth class group.  He was born in June so we delivered food to the family.  C was really enamored with the two toddler boys playing and not so much with the 1 month old baby sitting next to her.  She holds her head up so well that I’m really tempted to start running with her.  The recommendation is to wait until they are 6 months old and have good neck control but I’m pretty sure that by next month she’ll be in the BOB/duallie full time.  She sort of hates being in the BOB but E hated it too.  I had to get him used to it and I have a feeling the same will be true with her.  We’ve taken a handful of walks with the double BOB and she screams her head off for the first 10 min.  When she finally realizes I’m not going to get her out she eventually calms down and deals with it.  We also had a play date at our house and C loved watching all the kids run around like crazy people in our small living room.  I also figured out this past month how to nurse her in the Ergo.  It’s amazing because I can nurse her and run after Emmett at the same time.

7-30-2014 125 7-30-2014 093 7-30-2014 092

Some other noteworthy things that happened this month were that C rolled over for the first time from tummy to back the weekend we were in Steamboat and then the next weekend rolled from back to tummy.  She doesn’t roll very often and hates being on her stomach.  She’s also still sleeping like a complete champ.  I keep wondering when this will end and I thought we were in for it when 3 nights this week she’s woken up to eat in the middle of the night but last night she slept her usually 12 hour stretch again.  It never bothers me when she does wake up to eat because I know she’s truly starving.  She’s chewing on her arm and that’s what usually wakes me up, not her crying.  She’s still in our room to sleep and I think it’s about time to let her go into her room but there’s still clothes that I’ve folded and need to label everywhere and I’m just not that excited to have her out of our room.  The truth is I really enjoy having her in there.  I know it will be fine once she’s out but there’s a comfort knowing she’s so close and that I can check on her whenever I want to and very easily at that (although I never do this).  She’s also getting easier to soothe and really only cries when she’s hungry, in her car seat/stroller or when she’s tired.  She’s very inquisitive about her surroundings and always looks worried when Emmett is close by.  He’s never shown any aggression towards her so I’m not sure what she’s so worried about when he’s around but her brow is always furrowed when he’s close by.  He tries so hard to get her to laugh or smile but she just doesn’t get him and doesn’t’ think he’s funny.

7-30-2014 147 7-30-2014 148

Her personality is coming through even more this month and she’s just the happiest baby ever.  It does feel like she’s a pretty demanding baby but she’s just so smile-y and happy.  You just don’t have to work for a smile in the slightest with her.  Really if you just look at her she cracks a huge smile.  It makes it really fun to just lay her on the floor and look at her.  She’s also giggling more but you do have to work for those.  She’s usually the most giggly at night when I’m getting her ready for bed.  I think she really likes her sleepers or something or maybe she’s cold all day and knows she’s going to be warm once she gets in her sleeper.  Who knows but it’s cute.  She also has been taking massive afternoon naps when Emmett naps which is SO nice for me and allows me to blog and clean and get things done around the house.  I feel so organized and energized right now and it’s nice to be able to work on projects that have been lingering.  I hope they continue to nap at the same time or a while.

7-30-2014 154

C also had her 4 month appointment on Tuesday and she’s 14 lbs 3 oz and 24 in.  That puts this little chunk in the 75% for weight and the 50-60% for height.  I’m not surprises as I’ve gotten tons of comments from strangers commenting on how big she is.  I can’t tell, sure she’s huge?  Whatever.  All I know is that I LOVE having a baby with rolls.  Emmett was never like that so it’s fun to see a different baby this time around.  She didn’t do that great with the shots and I felt so bad for her because she was so happy and giggly with the medical assistant and then BAM, she got shot up with TWO shots in her lefts which left her horrified and super upset.  So upset that she couldn’t even nurse to feel better.  Eventually she cried herself to sleep.  She’s still in size 2 diapers which apparently are the most popular size out there because I went to the store to pick some up today and there wasn’t a single box left.  That or they forgot to order size 2 but this is the second time that this has happened to me!  She’s also done with the swaddle and has upgraded to the sleep sack with her arms out full time.  Last week was the last time I swaddled her arms to her sides and I don’t think we’re going to have to swaddle her anymore.  She’s out growing the swaddle anyways and now that she’s starting to roll over I’m glad that she now has her arms free in case she rolls over so that she can at least try to roll herself back to her sleeping position.

7-30-2014 192 7-30-2014 191 7-30-2014 190

So that’s a wrap!  One more month down!!  I can believe it too.  These past few months have not flown by but they haven’t gone at snails pace either.  I’m actually relieved that those first 3 months are now behind us.  I don’t love the newborn stage and while it was more enjoyable this time around I feel that it just keeps getting better and better.  I love watching my little girl grow and just get so excited to see her every morning when she gets up.  She is all I have ever asked for and while she was a difficult infant in the beginning, I loved (most) every minute of it because she’s my baby girl and I still can’t believe she’s finally here and belongs to me 🙂  Happy 4 months baby girl!



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