Campbell Beth 3 months

This post was written several weeks ago but I’m just now getting around to uploading some photos so without further ado, here’s Campbell’s 3 month post…

Our littlest family member turned 3 months old on Sunday.  Actually, for the first time ever, time has seemed to slow down a bit.  I don’t know if that’s because it’s summer or what but I really don’t feel like my life is moving so quickly that I can barely keep up with it.  It doesn’t feel like just yesterday that my little C was born.  No, actually it feels like a lifetime ago.  I feel like we’ve done SO much since she was born that I can totally believe she’s 3 months old now.  Thank goodness too because those first several weeks were really long.  We’re definitely on autopilot now.

6-30-2014 067

C isn’t really a calm baby nor is she an easy baby.  She still cries a lot but is easier to sooth now.  Unfortunately, she’s really only easy for me to sooth.  If anyone else tries it’s a gamble.  She really only wants me which is both adorable and frustrating.  We can’t leave her for long stretches (unless it’s after she goes to bed) because she also has refused to take a bottle.  She was taking a bottle at least once a week or so and then just flat out started rejecting it.  I’m not sure what to do now.  We’ve also completely thrown all pacifiers to the wind.  She won’t take those either.  Apparently she’s a smart baby and knows what is latex and what’s real human skin.  The only way her father can sooth her is with his finger or shoulder and that’s only for a brief 30 seconds until I can get to her.  We took our first longish car ride with C this past month to Loveland.  She did great.  She pretty much slept the entire trip throughout lunch and then all the way home.

Speaking of sleeping, it’s still going amazingly well.  I’m actually waiting for the other shoe to drop.  As I mentioned in her 2 month post she started sleeping through the night (12 hours straight!!) at 7 weeks and 2 days.  She really hasn’t looked back either.  She’s woken up maybe 5 times in the middle of the night since then and it’s only because she’s hungry and hasn’t eaten enough during the day.  I can always tell the nights we put her down when she’s probably going to have a 4am wakeup call and ya know what?  It doesn’t ever bother me.  I love when she wakes up early like that because either I just get up and have a really long morning all to myself or I sleep in and know that she’ll sleep even longer (until 8 or 9am) and I can get a run in later in the morning.  Naps are still weird.  She doesn’t like napping in her swing like Emmett did but she actually is preferring to nap swaddled in her crib which is the opposite of what Emmett liked.  The problem is that we are almost always out and about in the mornings so she has to nap either in the Ergo or in her car seat.  She actually doesn’t mind her car seat if she can stay asleep.  That’s probably the most challenging of all is getting her to stay asleep if we’re out doing stuff.  She’s a light sleeper and everything wakes her up, especially screaming kids which we can’t seem to get away from!  Her afternoon naps are also hit or miss.  Some days I spend the entire 3 hours that Emmett is napping trying to put her to sleep.  She finally falls asleep when he wakes up.  It’s fine, whatever.  I’ve learned to just deal with it and not plan on getting things done during naps anymore until they’re more regular.  It only frustrates me and makes me anxious and mad.  C also is starting to outgrow the swaddle.  It’s only a matter of time before she’ll start rolling and we’ll no longer be able to swaddle her.  We finally retired her NB swaddle and went up a size to the 14lb swaddle.  She’s sort of in between sizes but is starting to fit best in the 14lb one. I have no clue what she weighs now but I’m guessing between 12-14lbs.  She also sometimes breaks out of the swaddle and sometimes doesn’t so we’ve started swaddling her some nights with one arm or both arms out and other nights she prefers both arms in.

6-30-2014 0207-12-14 046

I also bit the bullet and bought a used double BOB off of craigslist!!  We’ve only used it a handful of times because C hates it and cries almost every time she’s in it but we’ll get there.  I remember Emmett was the same way and HATED it when he was 3 months old.  He finally started taking more of a liking to it at 6 months.  I’m hoping to do some double BOB stroller runs in the fall.  I’m really really looking forward to this!

We also switched from size 1 to size 2 diapers!  I know she could still easily fit into size one but size 2’s hold more in there which let’s me go longer without changing her.  Yes, this is a horrible parenting tactic but it works for us.  No, I am not advocating letting your child sit in a filthy diaper but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

6-30-2014 014

C is a very VERY happy baby.  It’s so easy to get her to smile.  All you have to do is look at her and do a half smile while talking to her and she breaks out in the biggest most goofy grin I’ve ever seen.  I think it’s easiest for me to get her to smile but really if you work on her long enough, anyone can get her to smile.  She’s really very sweet natured but watch out, in a heartbeat she can do a 180 and become super angry and agitated.  She cries louder than a toddler and her voice is excruciatingly loud.  My ears ring if I don’t calm her down quickly.  If she starts to fuss even a tiny bit, you know what’s coming.  There really is no warning sign with her.  She just freaks out.  It’s crazy.  I’ve come to realize that this usually means she’s tired.  But it’s also hard to put her down when she’s so crazy.  You really have to catcher her right before she’s ready to freak out if you want to get her down quickly.  But that’s so hard to do because again, she gives you no warning signs.  I have had to go off of the clock for this.  She likes to be awake for about 1.5-2 hours but much past that is pushing your luck.  I also got her to laugh for the first time this past month!!  It was the most adorable thing ever (besides the first time I got E to laugh).  She has the cutest laugh.  It comes from deep down and is just hilarious.  If you laugh at her then she’ll laugh right back.

6-30-2014 0427-12-14 011

C is also incredibly social.  Aside from only wanting me to hold her most of the time, she really does like to be right in the thick of the action.  She doesn’t like being left out and when we eat meals at the table and try to leave her under her play mat, she can sense that and wants to be with us.  The solution is to either wear her in the baby bjorn, hold her, or set her in the bumbo on the table so she can see what everyone is doing.  I’m pretty sure she’s right on track with developmental stuff.  She has found her hands and likes to look at them and also likes grabbing things like toys and hanging onto them.  Something we never, ever let Emmett do was watch TV and unfortunately it’s hard for us to avoid this with C.  We let E watch an episode or two of Daniel Tiger (PBS program) and C, by default, watches it too.  She’s much more into screens than Emmett ever was.  It’s so nice but also really bad.  The TV will calm her down instantly.  If I set her in front of it in her car seat, swing, or on the couch she’ll be mesmerized and it buys me some time so that I can clean or eat lunch.  I’ve always heard you kind of let things slide with the second kid and unfortunately it’s very true in this household.

7-12-14 035

So that about wraps up what C is like at 3 months old.  I hate to even say this but my bond with her is much stronger than it was with Emmett at this point.  I think it’s because C recognized me so early on.  Emmett would literally go to anyone that was willing to offer him something to suck on.  I always told people “he doesn’t know who his mom even is!  Anyone can soothe the kid!!”  I truly believed that too.  He’d go to ANYONE.  Campbell is very picky and it’s so odd, I’m the only one she really recognizes.  I used to not believe that kids really knew who their parents were at such an early age but she’s definitely proved me wrong.  The second she’s in my arms she’s calm.  When we look at each other it’s like my bestie is right there inside that chubby little body.  It’s just different.  I love having a girl and I love having a boy.  But they are very different relationships.  What can I say, I love my kids period.  Happy 3 months my bouncing bundle of joy!!

7-12-14 026 7-12-14 020 7-12-14 016 7-12-14 006


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