We had a tough transition with Emmett at first bringing our sweet girl home.  To be honest, people would always ask me what I was doing to prepare Emmett for the baby and my response would always be “nothing”.  He just didn’t seem interested in the slightest and he’s never shown any jealousy when we visit friends babies and I hold them so I figured it would really be no big deal to him.  He’s a fairly independent kid and while he does prefer me over anyone else I really didn’t foresee this as a problem.  I could not have been more wrong…

Let’s start from the beginning.  I really wanted Emmett to meet his sister the day she was born so I had him come after his nap that day.  I’ll never forget what he did when he entered the hospital room.  He came in and saw me and then saw me holding a baby and said “MOMMY, no hold baby”.  I think my mouth dropped open because I was completely shocked.  He did want to say hi to me but he didn’t want to be anywhere near that baby thing in my arms.  I eventually passed her off so that I could spend some time with my boy.  We tried multiple times to get him to kiss her head or even touch her with one finger and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with her.  It actually made me a little sad but I figured he’d come around eventually…or not.  Either way, she was coming home with us and he’d have to learn to just deal.

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The day I brought her home from the hospital was another weird day.  We left the hospital and went straight to my parents house where Emmett was staying.  My mom had told me that he’d been asking for “mommy” a lot so I was eager to see him and to run up to him and kiss and hug him.  Let’s just say he wasn’t nearly as eager to see me.  Chad had taken him outside to swing and so I came up to him to say hello.  He whacked me hard in the face and just stared right through me.  It hurt my feelings a lot so I just turned and walked away and told my mom who was inside that he wasn’t ready to see me and that I’d wait for him to come around.  We basically just ignored each other for the next few hours.  He was clearly mad at me and that was ok.  Thank goodness Chad was there and could spend some time with him.

We came home and put him down for a nap asap.  When he woke up I tried my hand at having him warm up to the baby again.  He actually was a little more interested in her and really really wanted to clean her nose out with her suction.  I let him try it and he was actually pretty excited about it.  That was the start of a lasting friendship and a common theme shared between the two, getting their noses suctioned.  Emmett loves getting his nose suctioned so I think he just assumed the baby would love it as much as him.  It was so cute watching him try to hard to be helpful.  I let him do whatever he wanted to her.  The rest of the day he just did his own thing.  The next morning I went in and got him up myself with the baby.  It was a huge breakthrough.  I asked if the baby could sit on his bed and he actually didn’t mind.  For the next week and a half it was hit or miss.  Sometimes he was super interested in her and other times he really could have cared less about her.  But then something changed.  He started to take a real interest in all things Campbell.  He wanted to know where she was if I didn’t have her, he wanted to kiss and hug her all the time, he wanted to hold hands with her and hold her.  He’s just such a sweet natured little boy that I knew he would come around eventually.  And he did 🙂

June 10 2014 900 June 10 2014 894 June 10 2014 906 June 10 2014 907

Now if I leave her alone on the play mat Emmett runs over to her and lays with her and hugs and kisses her.  He wants to be the one changing her diaper or he tries shoving a pacifier in her mouth when she’s crying.  It really upsets him to see her cry.  He’s even started crying on a few occasions because it bothers him so much.  He seems to have an extremely empathetic side to him.  He has also made her smile several times.  I don’t know what it is about siblings but they can make each other laugh like no one else can.  It’s really sweet and special.  I remember when my brother was in the hospital for a seizure that he had when he was about 3 or 4 years old and after he’d had it, he hadn’t talked for almost 3 hours.  No one could get him to say anything.  I came in the room and had a stuffed bear with me.  I told him that the bear had farted and he burst out into laughter.  It was the first real sign of emotion from him since having the seizure and a huge relief.

June 10 2014 1302 6-25-2014 021

I’m so blessed and happy to have two kids, one of each gender.  I came from a family of a boy and a girl and I really didn’t like it for most of my childhood.  Maybe it was because there’s such a huge age gap between my brother and me (four years) but I had always wanted a sister.  I never got that sister so I made my brother do all things girly with me.  It actually turned out just fine and he ended up being my “best maid of honor” if that’s even a thing.  Siblings are so important to have.  I would have never wanted to be an only child nor would I have wanted that for Emmett.  Your sibling(s) are the only people that are related to everyone you’re related to so get to know them.  They are also the only people that get it when you vent about your parents 🙂

June 10 2014 1303 June 10 2014 1352

June 10 2014 1142 June 10 2014 1146 6-25-2014 030 6-25-2014 031

6-25-2014 038 6-25-2014 035

Friends forever 🙂

6-25-2014 034


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