Campbell Beth 2 months

It’s so different with your second child.  The time just seems to evaporate into thin air.  Campbell turned 2 months on May 29th.

June 10 2014 1300June 10 2014 1301

I do feel like March 29th, the day she was born, feels like forever ago though.  But, the weeks just go so much more quickly with the second kid and I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that you’re trying to take care of a much busier child and you already have your groove down with that one so the second one just has to tag along and go with it.  So as I mentioned, the first month of Campbell’s life was really no big deal.  It was fairly simple and not a lot happened but things definitely picked up during month 2.  At around week 3 or 4, so going from one month to two months, she woke up and cried…a lot.  I’m not kidding, literally from about the time Chad would get home at night until we all decided to call it a night around 10pm, she cried.

June 10 2014 1358

Far and few between were the nights that she actually was quiet and asleep.  Rarely did she let us put her down if she fell asleep in one of our arms.  I can’t remember when I let Chad go out to a movie but I do think it was actually in her first month.  I thought that as long as E was asleep I could most definitely handle Campbell however, she cried the entire time he was out and I ended up texting him to hurry and rush home because I was about to go crazy.  All I wanted was a shower.  Seriously, just to put her down for FIVE minutes.  I was just so sick of holding and rocking her.  This went on for about 3 weeks straight.  It was constant.  Finally at around week 7 she eased up a bit and started becoming a bit happier at night.


Weeks 4-6 were probably the hardest with our sweet baby girl.  She was high maintenance and rarely seemed happy.  I think the only thing that saved us those weeks were that she slept so well at night.  I wore her almost every waking hour during these weeks.  I’d put her on from the time she got out of bed (around 7 or 8am) until the time Chad got home around 5 or 6pm.  It really took a toll on my back but it was the only way she was even remotely happy.  Those were probably the longest weeks for us.  Those weeks were also about the time I took the plunge and really started exercising again.  I sort of had a bit of a break down about my weight and decided I needed to take charge and do something about my weight loss.  I lost almost all my baby weight by the time C was 1 week old and then my weight started creeping up!  I knew exactly what had happened.  Turns out food is amazing and sweets are the most amazing thing on the face of the planet so I decided that I’d go on a modified version of the South Beach Diet around 6.5 weeks postpartum.  I lost a few pounds but not as quickly as I would have liked.  I also had to stop exercising around the time I started the diet due to extreme knee pain and pelvic issues.  By quitting exercise I mean I had to stop running.  I was still doing some Jillian Michael’s DVDs and walking but my back was also starting to hurt and I realized I was just pushing it too hard.  Just shy of 7 weeks old, I received my first bout of mastitis with Campbell.  I actually had thought I was starting to get mastitis a few weeks prior so I already had the antibiotics in hand.  I initially thought that my symptoms were due to the fact that I was off sugar and only eating low sugar foods.  I thought my body was rebelling and, like a drug addict, having withdrawal symptoms from not eating sugar.  No.  I was actually coming down with mastitis and by 3pm I was running a fever and felt like I had the flu.  Chad had to come home and relieve me of my duties as childcare taker because I had lost my ability to take care of our children.  That is what mastitis does to you.  All weekend I was down and out and Chad had to take over because I was just spent.  My fever finally broke around Saturday afternoon after my meds started kicking in.  Needless to say it was a very long weekend for everyone.


June 10 2014 1087

Campbell also started smiling in her second month and graduated from NB diapers to size 1!  I felt like Emmett was in NB diapers for like 3 months.  She’s still in NB outfits, even though she’s 11 weeks now but those NB diapers are a thing of the past.

June 10 2014 1108

In this second month she also started sleeping through the night.  She still isn’t on any type of a nap schedule during the day but who cares if she’s sleeping through the night!  At exactly 7 weeks 2 days she started sleeping from about 7-8:30pm (we would put her to sleep at that point) until at least 6am then 7am and sometimes 8am!  At around week 5-6 I was getting up with her around 4:30 or so to feed her and if it was after 4am I would just get up for the day.  This meant that as soon as I would put her down for the evening, I also went down.  Those few weeks were crazy.  It felt like Chad and I never saw each other but sleep trumped staying awake and being with him at night.

June 10 2014 1280 June 10 2014 1241 June 10 2014 1188June 10 2014 1193June 10 2014 1306

At exactly 7 weeks and 1 day I threw out my back.  I was changing Emmett’s diaper and was leaning down to get some wipes and my back spasm-ed and I fell to my knees and couldn’t move.  It was debilitating.  Chad came home very quickly after it happened but it was frustrating because I was just starting to get back into running and was running 3-4 miles at a time and then my back goes out and sidelines me.   It was also frustrating for Chad because the Friday before he had to leave work early to take care of the kids because of my mastitis and then again that next Monday he had to come home early because I was crawling all over the house unable to walk due to my back pain.  That week Chad’s parents came out to help us through my back problems while I went to doctor’s appointments and only dealt with one child at a time.  They were extremely helpful because without them I’m not sure how my back would have ever gotten better.  I was wearing C so much in the Ergo that I think it just over strained my back and it never would have healed had I not had help that week.

June 10 2014 1350 June 10 2014 1353

I didn’t have to wear her for over a week and my back was 90% better by the time they left.  That week was great because I got to spend quality time with both babies separately.  Campbell and Emmett also experienced their first tornadoes that week.  For two days in a row we had terrible weather in the afternoon and naps were interrupted twice because of tornado warnings during that time.  One of those days I was at the doctor getting my back checked out.  Being away from your babies while a natural disaster is happening is kind of scary but knowing they are safe and with their grandparents who have experience first hand a tornado ripping through their house is also comforting.

Campbell also met her cousins and aunt and uncle that week.  Cara and Jared along with Beckett and Chloe got here that Thursday and spent the weekend with us.

June 10 2014 1265June 10 2014 1264 June 10 2014 1260 June 10 2014 1263

It was a crazy weekend but it was very entertaining and again, really nice to have all the extra help with both kids.  We went to the zoo Friday, the Children’s Museum on Saturday, a festival of sorts on Saturday night and lots of downtime interspersed.  It was a great weekend and a great end to Campbell’s two months.  That next week Campbell turned 2 months and went to her doctor’s appointment.  Little lady is growing like a week and was already up to 10 lbs 11 ounces.  This is up 4 pounds since birth!

June 10 2014 1284June 10 2014 1281

June 10 2014 1282


Yes, I’m a cow and produce more milk than I know what to do with.  People call breast milk “liquid gold” but Chad and I joke that my milk is purely just liquid.  I sometimes pump and dump just to relieve the full feeling.  Girlfriend is incredibly efficient when she eats so her eating sessions are only about 5 minutes at a time and she usually only empties one breast at a time so in the mornings I end up pumping and throwing the milk out from the other side because our freezer is already full of breast milk!

June 10 2014 1201


This kid is much much chunkier than Emmett ever was and it shows.  She loves to eat and we make fun of her ferocious appetite daily.  The child just chews on her hand day and night and when swaddled, almost always breaks free to get her hands to her mouth so that she can chew on them.  She also still won’t take a pacifier.  She acts like you’re gagging her every time you try and stick one in her mouth.  It’s actually quite comical to watch and we’ve just given up on giving her one.  Campbell has also been to every kid place in Denver since I have to keep Emmett entertained all morning.  Parks, museums, the orchestra, Boulder, trails, beer gardens, music classes, birthday parties, photo sessions, swimming pools, grocery stores, libraries, the zoo, Target and Trader Joe’s, book stores, church, Monkey Business, Junior League headquarters for meetings with me, lunch dates, the aquarium, and of course the outlets.  This girl has done more in these past two months than Emmett did in his first year of life.  We’re busy and we like it that way.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

June 10 2014 1279

Did I mention Emmett LOVES having a sister?  Maybe in the 2 year Emmett post, I can’t remember but he does.  He asks to “see baby” every single morning and when he gets up from his naps.  He can’t get enough of her and every day gets better and better.  My heart could just explode watching this kid around his sister.  I think I mentioned this but I’ll do a separate post on how things are going with siblings.

So that about wraps up month two with my sweet baby girl.  I love recapping these moments as they are very fleeting.  I’m doing a very poor job of keeping up with it all since C will be 3 months this coming weekend but I can’t wait to update on her 3 month developments. She’s already changed so much and I can’t wait to talk about what she’s been up to.  I can’t even get over how much fun we’ve had these past 12 weeks.  I’m loving every single second of having a baby around.  It’s just so much easier the second time around and every day has felt fairly easy for me.  I definitely look forward to getting up in the mornings so I can see my babies but I also love going to bed at night because we take advantage of every day and we are all worn out.

My sweet sweet baby girl, I’m so in love with you and you already have me wrapped around your little finger. I can’t get over how quickly our bond has formed already.  You mean so so so much to me and I can’t even remember life without you.  Happy two months!

June 10 2014 1313




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