Emmett 2 Years

I could be like every other parent out there and ask “How did this happen!? How is my BABY 2!?”  But I’m going to get politically incorrect here and say that’s retarded to say because I know exactly how it happened.  Two years has passed and yes, it’s felt like the blink of an eye in some regards but really it’s gone by like every other year in my life.  Life goes by quickly and it only gets faster and faster as the years come.  Someone once told me that life is like a toilet paper roll, the more you use it the faster it goes.  So there you have it, that’s how my baby turned two.  I haven’t posted anything about him since what, 18 or 19 months old?  I grew tired, I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, we had a TON of changes and I just couldn’t keep up.  I was just trying to survive those last 3 months of my pregnancy really.  I was miserable and so updating E’s deveopment was not at the top of my priority list.  I had to just give myself permission and let the months tick by.  So here goes nothing…Emmett at TWO years old!

June 10 2014 1036

I don’t even know where to start with this guy.  This past year has been full of developmental milestones and this little guy definitely has kept us on our toes.  Obviously everything up until he was a year and a half was pretty well documented but in the past 8 months this kid has just amazed us in the best of ways.  He’s incredible and while we’ve had some rocky weeks, I have to say he’s been nothing but a pure joy to be around.  I know that we are going to have one hell of a time once he hits that grumpy selfish period where he throws tantrums non stop and is out of control, but I’m really enjoying this calm before the storm.  I think I left off sometime in December or even November with his monthly posts.  January was a very trying month for us.  E was 20 months old and decided that he no longer wanted to be in a crib.  I certainly wasn’t prepared for this to happen.  One night he was crying uncontrollably.  Something worth mentioning is that I can no longer go in to sooth him in the middle of the night or all of us are up all night long.  The problem is that once he sees me it’s over.  I can’t leave his sight.  He needs and wants me so badly.  This is cute and fine and all but after being up for several hours in the middle of the night it’s not so cute and I just want to go to bed.  We found this out the hard way when he’d scream for me and I’d go in and then couldn’t leave his room without him going absolutely ballistic.  So anyways, on this particular night Emmett had woken up crying.  I had attempted to go in several times to soothe him and more more I went in, the worse it got.  So finally I handed to monitor over to Chad and told him I was going to take a shower because I just couldn’t do it anymore.  Chad decided to turn the monitor off so that he didn’t have to listen to the screaming either.  Sometimes we just let him cry himself back to sleep but on this particular night he just wasn’t calming down.  Then all of a sudden we heard a thump.  I jumped out of bed and ran to his room only I didn’t quite make it in time and as I walked closer to the door I heard the screams getting louder and louder, almost like the screams were AT the door.  Um?  The door then proceeded to open and there was a screaming child standing there.  I couldn’t believe it.  Just one week before I was bragging to all my friends that Emmett just loved his crib and could basically live in that thing!  He had decided he was apparently done with being in that thing and was so strung out that he was going to do anything to get to us.  After trying everything to calm him down we put him back into his crib to see if he’d do it again but this time we’d have the monitor on to see how he was doing it.  Sure enough he used his dresser as leverage to pull himself up and hoist himself out of his crib.  We watched as he lifted one leg over his crib and dropped himself to the floor.  He landed on his side and we ran in to make sure he was ok.  After that fall he just wouldn’t calm down.  He wouldn’t even take his pacifier which ALWAYS works.  I didn’t know what to do and was kind of freaking out that maybe he had hurt himself while falling out of his crib.  Because he is always so easy to soothe and we always know exactly what he wants it was a bit scary for us.  He had also had a severe asthmatic episode the week before where he couldn’t breathe and I had to rush him to the doc.  He had also run a fever and had a cough so I couldn’t help but think that maybe he was still suffering from that.  Chad and I made the call to take him into the ER.  Of course as soon as we got there he made liars out of us and totally went back to his normal happy self.  He really enjoyed the new atmosphere and was running around showing off like nothing ever happened.  It was kind of an amazing sight to watch.  We were there for about 3 hours, 1-4 am, he checked out fine and when we got home he wouldn’t stay in his crib so it was a family sleep night and not a restful one at that.

June 10 2014 1335 June 10 2014 1196 June 10 2014 1243

So that brings me to the next huge change in Emmett’s life, transferring into a big boy bed.  Thank goodness we already had a twin bed in his room but I was dreading the transition just thinking about my future of no naps and losing the mornings because I was thinking as soon as E would wake up he’d instantly run to the door and want out of his room.  Well, wouldn’t you know, the transition went better than I could have ever imagined.  He actually won’t get out of his bed until someone comes into his room to get him.  I mean he refuses to get out of his bed! It’s kind of crazy really.  My nephew does the same thing and I found it hard to believe that a kid would just sit in his bed waiting for someone to retrieve him but that’s exactly what he did and he hasn’t looked back.  The first day in his big kid bed was a little odd.  I put him down for his nap in there and he definitely got out of his bed and freaked out for a second.  He also fell out of it after falling asleep on it.  He napped in his bed for about and hour and then the other hour was spent on the floor napping.  We also baby proofed his room by nailing the dresser into the wall, moving the crib out and putting the bed where the crib used to be.  We also got those door knob things that prevent the kid from opening the door from the inside and took out the changing table so he couldn’t clib on it.  We also later had to take off all the pictures on the walls because he was standing on the bed and spinning the pics around the nails.  We also went out and bought one of those bed railings to put on the side of his bed so that he woudln’t fall out.  Of course he still fell of the end of the bed a few times but we put a heavy comforter at the end of the bed as padding for that.  So all in all it really wasn’t a bad transition.  I was even expecting a regression of sorts but no such thing has happened and I’d have to say that the transition couldn’t have gone better.  He loves his big boy bed so much that sometimes he asks to go “nigh nigh” after I’ve just gone in to go get him!  You want to know the craziest part?  He doesn’t EVER get out of his bed unless one of us is in his room!  This makes for much less of a head trip for me.  I really stressed about him getting up and being in his room all alone and getting into some crazy trouble.  My two main worries were that he’d get the monitor down from his window (the monitor and cord are at his level and easy to pull down) and wrap the cord around his neck or try to get the window open and jump out OR wrap the cord from the blinds around his neck somehow.  Luckily neither of those two scenarios have even come close to happening.  He’s terrified of the monitor, especially when we talk to him through the speaker and because he doesn’t get out of bed, he can’t reach the windows.  The only time that something even remotely dangerous happened was when he started standing up on his bed and touching the art that is framed and hanging on his wall.  He noticed that if he pushed the frame it would move and one day when he didn’t want to nap, he was bored and started pushing the frames so fast and furious that they started spinning around the nail.  I finally talked to him through the monitor and he stopped but the pictures were literally just hanging there crooked about to fall at any moment and those things aren’t light!  So I worried throughout the entire nap that one would fall on his head and seriously injure him but of course, sleep trumps injury so alas, they stayed put and he took a nap.

June 10 2014 662 June 10 2014 661 June 10 2014 660 June 10 2014 659 June 10 2014 658

So more on sleep, sleeping through the night has really been hit or miss.  Since C has been born the kid has been sleeping like a champ!  BUT, all through my pregnancy (which was most of his second year of life) E would probably wake up and cry out in the middle of the night at least once almost every night.  This didn’t mean that we’d rush in there to see what was wrong with him but it did mean waking up ourselves every. single. night. for the past year.  Anyways, all of a sudden, we bring C home and Emmett starts sleeping through the night with no wake up calls what so ever.  This finally, just one month before turning 2!  He’s sleeping great during naps as well.  His naps have been about 2-3 hours in the afternoon.  He goes down around 1-2ish and then sleeps until 4 or 5.  Most of the time I keep him in his room for at least 30 min. after waking because I still need more time to myself.  Of course, it was nice while I only had E because during that time I usually napped or cleaned.  Now that I have C it’s a completely different story and I usually use that time to play with Campbell and I rarely get anything done.  From January to the end of April he has been taking naps very regularly.  E has always been a great napper and we’ve had several friends who have kids who are trying to give up their naps.  Not my E man.  He loves his sleep and for this I feel very grateful.

June 10 2014 698

A few more random thoughts about my two year old…My heart basically bursts for this kid.  I can’t wait to talk about how Emmett is with his sister.  I won’t put that in this post as that deserves an entirely different post but he’s such an amazing big brother and has not once showed an ounce of jealousy towards his sister.  He is just such a loving and caring little guy and is so happy all the time.  He is such a joy to be around and I can’t say enough good things about this little person.  His smile is infectious and you just can’t stay mad at him for anything.  He shares so well and is such a well mannered little guy.  When someone takes his toys from him he shrugs it off and walks away.  Most kids his age throw a tantrum and scream and cry and try to grab their toys back.  Not Emmett.  He lets kids take his toys away which really kills me to watch but he’s just so good natured about it.  He follows directions like a champ and communicates so well.  He started talking in sentences the weekend I had Campbell which has been life changing.  He is a good eater.  He eats well and often but never asks for food.  He could play for hours without ever eating and sometimes we have to force him to sit and eat.  He is a complete lover of all things water.  If I can’t find him, he’s usually in the bathroom turning on the sink.  When I ask him what he’s doing he says “wash a hands” which means that he’s washing his hands.  He’s obsessed.  I don’t get it either but it’s not a terribly bad habit so I let him make a complete mess.  He isn’t afraid of anything either.  He holds his breath under water and seems to feel immune to the dangers of water in a pool which is both exciting and terrifying.  He LOVES stairs.  All things stairs.  He even has “Emmett’s stairs” which is a step later that he drags all over the first floor of our house.  The kid is also obsessed with smoothies, not drinking them but the act of making them.  He’s already broken two blenders because I’m an idiot and let him play with glass but I don’t know how else to get him off my back when he’s begging me to “make a foothie”.  He makes me laugh daily to the point where I could cry I’m laughing to hard.  He is curious about everything and gets into everything.  He has learned how to open all doors and get through child locks.  But, he also is very good about listening when told to not do something.  He works best when he’s told that he has X amount of time left and once that time is up, he stops what he’s doing and ends whatever needs to be ended.  He loves Elmo and Daniel Tiger.  He runs like a runner which makes mama very proud.  He’ll be a true athlete.  He LOVES hairdryers and every time we go to Meme and Pepe’s house he finds their “hair-dry-its” and wants to play with them.  He loves playing with my hair.  He loves his paci’s still and I can get him to do just about anything if I bribe him with those things.  He hates being in a stroller but if I have a paci, he stays put for hours and will even fall asleep on occasion.  We had grand plans of taking his paci away from him when he turned two but now I see no point in it and he may be going to kindergarten with the thing.  He loves cuddling, saying “I wuv you” and hugs and kisses.  He’s affectionate and emotional.  He’s a total mama’s boy and I couldn’t be happier about it.  He is crazy about his mama and prefers me above all else.  This has proven to be a bit challenging with Campbell but nothing I can handle.  I love him to pieces and could care less that I’m all he wants.  I could go on and on and on but I think I’ll end it with some pictures to show just how amazing this little person is.  I actually get excited to go get him up from his naps now because I can’t wait to hang out with him.  We are kind of besties and I’m not going to lie, I kind of love it.  I hope it stays that way forever.

June 10 2014 665 June 10 2014 1302 June 10 2014 1250 June 10 2014 1228 June 10 2014 1169 June 10 2014 1173 June 10 2014 1018 June 10 2014 948 June 10 2014 1001 June 10 2014 906 June 10 2014 935 June 10 2014 775 June 10 2014 754 June 10 2014 680 June 10 2014 714 June 10 2014 743 June 10 2014 678 June 10 2014 646 June 10 2014 652 June 10 2014 636


And that about wraps up a post about my two year old.  Oh and most importantly, we did go to his two year check up.

June 10 2014 1040 June 10 2014 1041 June 10 2014 1042 June 10 2014 1043 June 10 2014 1044 June 10 2014 1045 June 10 2014 1046 June 10 2014 1047 June 10 2014 1048 June 10 2014 1049 June 10 2014 1052

Little dude is TALL coming in at the 90th% in height and weighing in at 28lbs which puts him at the 50th% for weight.  Tall and thin.  Wonder where he gets that from 😉


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