Campbell 1 month

I’m exactly one month behind with this update.  Today Campbell is 2 months old!  I was reading some blogs last night and thinking about how much I love writing and how it definitely has become last on my priority list.  But, the thing is, many many bloggers who have two children ALSO blog, have time to exercise, cook and sometimes work part or full time jobs.  You know their secret?  They get up even earlier than I do (and I’m not sure how that’s possibly considering I woke up today at 4:50am!).  So I got to thinking, how is it fair that I blogged about every detail of Emmett’s life for the first 18 months and I’ve barely even made mention of my sweet girl?  How’s that going to look years down the road when one of the finds this blog!?  I’m thinking Emmett could care less but the girls always get more offended so I’m going to attempt to start writing a little more about my little lady 🙂  Here goes noth’in…

Week 1: Oh boy, this was kind of an amazing week in the Baudoin household.  We left off with one kid and came home from the hospital with TWO!  Thank goodness Chad’s parents were here to help us with Emmett.  We had Campbell on a Saturday morning and came home on Monday morning.  I have to say that I felt absolutely amazing.  Some women take months to recover but my recovery was littery overnight with C.  I wasn’t sore and I felt like my old self again as soon as she came out so I knew that I really wouldn’t need help in the traditional sense.  My help was needed more for taking Emmett off my hands so that I could get some things done around the house with all my pent up energy!  Monday was a relaxing day.  We first went to my parents house to pick Emmett up (since that was where he was staying) and then we took our sweet girl home for the first time.  She slept a lot which was actually really nice.  When we got home we took naps and handed our lady off to Chad’s parents.  We even were able to get out of the house with just E to go to the liquor store.  We also had both sets of grandparents over that night for dinner and I made brownies like I did the night I came home after having Emmett.  I’d say it’s a coming home tradition for me-eating raw eggs never tasted so good!  We also had Campbell sleep on our chests those for two nights home from the hospital.  She slept on my chest at the hospital and I’ll always cherish that time with my baby.  We aren’t co-sleeping type of people so those first 4 nights were a real treat for me.  I wasn’t nearly as scared this time around that something was going to happen to her like one of us rolling over on her and it helps everyone sleep better.  The next day I was ready to take off and get out of the house.  So I took my baby and we ran several errands.  We went to Trader Joe’s, the mall, and several other spots to find a new diaper bag.  She slept the entire time without me every having to nurse her.  I’d say she was out for maybe 4 hours.  I think I actually had to wake her up to feed her!  We lost some of our help when my father in law came down with a low grade fever and wasn’t feeling well later that week.  It was really unfortunate but we understood that they needed to go so by Thursday we were forced to function as a family of 4.  Thank goodness Chad took the week off.  I don’t think I would have been quiet ready to do all that by myself yet.  The rest of the week was spent going to parks, going to the mall, doing runs to the grocery store and Home Depot.  It was amazing having Chad around and actually the two kid thing wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d envisioned.  C continued to sleep ok at night and would wake every 2-3 hours.  One night was particularly bad with waking up every single hour.  The problem was that she was only eating for maybe 2-3 minutes at a time and then falling asleep.  She wasn’t taking a paci. either.  Very different than E was.  I’d say for the most part week one was a true success!

Week 2: This week was a little different because Chad went back to work part time.  I all of a sudden felt very frazzled and in over my head.  Simple things like going to the grocery store with two kids seemed like an overwhelming task and something I’d never be able to do.  Thank God for baby wearing because I don’t know how else I’d do anything.  C continued to sleep the majority of the day which made it easier for me to put her down and pay attension to E.  Week two was about the time E came around and started finally showing interest in all things Campbell.  He was very sweet with her asking to hold her, kiss her, diaper her, give her his paci’s, hold her hand, etc.  It was nice to see that the two would be able to co-exist because it was certainly a rough start.  The three of us jumped right into things.  Chad did work from home a lot this week but the times he was working he couldn’t be with us.  I took the two to the park all bymyself, we ran errands, and we played out in the yard on days that it was semi nice out.  My mom also took some time off that week.  We bought me my treadmil!!!!! And even went out to lunch with both kids.  C slept the entire time.  C, you are a great sleeper girl.  I couldn’t have asked for a better gift from you!

Week 3:  All alone.  I decided to take the bull by the horn and just do this!  We went to the Children’s museum, parks, hung with friends, went to the zoo, etc.  We packed this week full of activities to make sure we were out of the house every. single. day.  Campbell was a HUGE trooper and for those of you wondering how I tote both kids around, Campbell is always strapped to me.  I love my baby carriers but my preferred carrier of choice is my Ergo.  This is my true love.  While C is in the Ergo I tote E around in the BOB.  This is my other love.  These two baby items are on my top baby items EVER list.  C is so happy in the Ergo and E is getting used to the BOB again after not really having to ride in it for 9 months.  He prefers the umbrella stoller over the BOB because he can see more but it’s easier on me if it goes in the BOB.  Anyways week 3 is where I started actually believing I could do this mother of two thing.  It came so naturally and easy to me.  C was starting to sleep even better, I believe sleeping 4 hour stretches at this point.  She was a little fussy in the evenings but nothing we couldn’t handle.  We’d put E down and have a nice 3 hours or so with C before we all went down for the night.  Most nights were filled with us either holding C or putting her in the swing.  It actually was pretty easy.  I kept saying to people “what’s the big deal with having two kids!?”  C also had her two week check up this week and weighed in at 7lbs 3oz.  The pediatrician also showed me a way of calming her when she cries and that’s by holding her in front of you under her arms and lifting her up and down.  Only the funny thing is that she holds her breath when you do this and balls her fists up and frowns.  C always looks like she’s in so much distress.  I LOVE her faces.  They crack me up.

Week 4…This is where things started to get interesting.  Entering this week C started to wake up out of her sleepy newborn phase and going into her “hey, look at me people” stage.  She started getting fussy too.  Like so fussy that nothing was making her happy except for wearing her in the Ergo.  Holy cow…My achy breaky back.  I had been wearing her all along but by the end of the day I was spent.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  The only time she was even remotely happy was if we were holding her and even then she would still cry and cry.  The girl won’t take a pacifier so this is new territory for me.  I don’t understand children that won’t take pacifiers.  Emmett is STILL 100% committed to his and I think would have a heart attack if we tried to take it away from him.  I don’t really know how kids just won’t take a pacifier but we tried and tried and tried and she acted like we were gagging her everytime the nipple went near her mouth.  We also tried a bottle this week for the first time.  Again, this was also new territory for me because Emmett took to the bottle RIGHT away.  I mean didn’t even hesitate.  It was like he was reunited with a long lost pal or something.  Not this girl.  She wants mama.  The first night we tried and tried and tried and she refused every time.  I quickly started freaking out because I really can’t handle having a kid who won’t take a bottle so I started immediately researching new bottles to try figuring she just didn’t like the Dr. Browns bottles we had.  She took about an ounce that night crying on and off through the entired 30 minutes that Chad was trying to feed her.  We tried again the next few days but this time with freshly pumped milk, not milk that had been in the refridgerator.  She took right to it and hasn’t looked back.  Thank goodness because we all know I’m a pretty selfish person and can’t be tied to my kid!  Anyways, week 4 was a bit of a challenge with all the crying but again, nothing we couldn’t handle and I do remember E doing this and it was fleeting so I figured for sure this would be fleeting as well.  I’ll save what happens next for her 2 month post but let’s just put it this way…It was a long month.  At least her sleeping at night has been manageable.  If I’m not mistaken, I believe she was going down at around 10ish and then waking between 1:30-3am for the first feeding and then again at about 4-5am at which point I just got out of bed if it was 5am because why not right?

Campbell my dear, I love you with all my heart.  I can’t believe how slowly and yet how quickly one entire month can fly by.  You have stollen our hearts and even won over your brother.  You are my daughter and I’ve waited all my life for you.  What an amazing month it has been.  I’ve had to be patient with you and that has not come easy to me because as your father would say “I like to broil things” meaning I want instand gratification and that is not easy when you are crying and I can’t figure out how to make you happy.  You are a VERY special person and I’m just so incredibly happy you’re mine and you chose our crazy family to be a part of.


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