Campbell’s Birth Story Part 2

After we sent the texts to both sets of parents to inform them we walked the hospital halls, joked with the nurses, I drank tons of water (I didn’t do this with Emmett and I payed for it later), and waited.  I really wasn’t uncomfortable at all.  The contractions were very manageable and I attribute that to having a different mindset going into labor this time around than I did with Emmett.  My parents finally showed up sometime before 6am.  It was nice to see them but at the same time the contractions were getting more intense and it was difficult breathing through them while they were in the room talking.  At one point I had to tell them to be quiet while I was having a contraction.  I needed to concentrate only on getting through the contractions and not on the chitter chatter that was going on around me.  It was a bit irritating.  Even after I specified this, my dad STILL continued to talk and ask me questions at the start of several contractions.  When he’d do this my mom would yell at him and say “Bill, she said don’t talk to her while she’s having a contraction”.  That made it even worse because the two were arguing!  It was a bit stressful and I really wanted to ask them to leave but I’m not the type of pregnant person who is a bitch while in labor so I kept my mouth shut.

I hadn’t been checked in a while so the nurse came in and I asked my parents to leave for a moment so that she could check me.  I was already at 7cm!  I had made it to 7cm, no problem what-so-ever!  I was so excited!  She also told me the same thing the other nurses had said that when the doc. breaks my water the baby is going to come fast.  She also delivered the news that my regular doc. was currently on her way to the hospital and that she’d be the one delivering my baby!!!  I was so excited because I really didn’t want someone delivering me who I had never met.  I know it’s common practice but still.  So we waited for my doc. to get there at 7am.  As soon as she got there we sent my parents away and the doc. examined me and broke my water.  I was so scared but so excited.  I was scared because I knew this would go fast and also I knew what was to come.  After she broke my water I still felt nothing.  The contractions didn’t pick up and I actually felt as though they were slowing down.  I was a bit frustrated because I figured it’d be another 20-30 minutes and I’d be holding my baby.  I told the nurse this and she said that maybe I’d just have to shift positions.  So I got up and sat on the birth ball.  Then I moved back to the bed and hung myself over the back of it so that I was upright hoping that gravity would do it’s thing.  I had a VERY intense contractions all of a sudden and the slight urge to push.  The nurse checked me and told me that I couldn’t push yet and that I was still solidly at 7cm.  She told me that the baby is super low and still continuing to come down but that I wasn’t dilating and that if I pushed I’d tear my cervix.  I had several more of these contractions where I kept having the urge to push.  It was very painful.  I also started feeling super nauseous every time a contraction would hit.  These contractions were no joke.  I would have to moan and move my body side to side just to get through them.  They were terrible.  I was in so much pain.  I kept begging the nurse to check me and every time she did I was still at 7cm.  I wasn’t making any progress.  I was so frustrated.

Finally the doc. came back in to see how I was doing and to check me out herself.  She made the call to get me on a pitocin drip.  Just a very low dose, a 2.  The nurse assured me that it wouldn’t take much once the drip was started.  They hooked me up and wow, pitocin is NO JOKE.  I had a few contractions that felt like the previous ones and then one BAD one that sent me over the edge.  The nurse told me that it wasn’t too late for pain relief if I wanted it but that is exactly what I didn’t need to be hearing because I wanted it so badly.  I looked at Chad and said, “I need an epidural but I don’t want one”.  I never said that with Emmett but this time around was so intense and so different.  The pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt in my life.  I didn’t even know I could feel pain like that.  I wanted to die.  And not progressing and getting frustrating news every time I was checked wasn’t helping either.  The nurse mentioned to me that the baby would let her know when it was time to push by watching the monitor and she kept telling me it wasn’t time.  I kept feeling very very strong urges to push.  She finally said to me that she could reach up my you know what and try to work with a contraction and dilate me herself.  I was in so much pain that I agreed to this.  The next contraction was the worst pain ever.  Chad said he’d never in his life seen someone in so much pain and it was very scary to witness.  But that did it.  She had dilated me from a 7 to a 10 with one contraction then it was no joke, it was seriously time to push.  The nurse got the doc. in there and the doc. asked me if I wanted my perinium numbed still.  I said absolutely and so she proceeded to prep the shot.  But I knew it was too late for that.  I needed to push.  I begged the nurse and doc. to let me push so they let me push lightly, enough to relieve some pressure.  I could feel the baby coming out.  The doc. gave me the shot and I pushed and the babies head came out.  The shot was completely ineffective.  I don’t even know why she bothered asking me if I wanted one, not to mention she went at a snails pace to get everything ready.  They told me to stop pushing because I’m assuming that they needed to suction the babies mouth or slip the umbilical cord over her neck.  Then they let me push again and she slid right out.  TWO pushes and she was out!!  So dramatically different than what my experience was for Emmett.  I think it was a total pushing time of 10 minutes.  The first thing I did was check her parts.  I wasn’t convinced she was a girl yet.  Yes, she was a girl indeed!  I couldn’t believe she was out and it was over.  However, it wasn’t over.  I delivered the placenta and I heard the doc. tell someone to send it to pathology right away.  All of a sudden I started getting extremely lightheaded and having the feeling that I was going to faint.  The nurse kept asking me if I wanted someone to take the baby but I couldn’t let go of her.  It took every ounce of energy to keep a hold of her and hug her tightly against me.  The doc. informed me that I was hemorraging and losing a lot of blood.  They laid me down and put a huge shot of something in my leg, I’m assuming this was to stop the bleeding.  Chad described this part as horrifying.  He said it was just waterfalls of blood coming out.  I asked the doc. if everything was ok and if I was “safe”.  She assured me everything was going to be fine but that I was losing a lot of blood.  My lips and mouth went numb and I think that was a side affect to the shot the gave me.  They also upped my dose of pitocin to stop the bleeding.  I was really scared as I didn’t feel normal.  Then I started shivering.  Uncontrollable shivering.  I do remember doing this with Emmett so I wasn’t totally freaked out but it didn’t happen until hours later.  I could not get warm.  They put tons of hot blankets over me.  Finally everything started to normalize.  I still hadn’t had a great view of my daughter.  I had no clue what she really looked like.  At first glance she wasn’t pretty.  She was smashed up and blue.  Emmett looked perfect when he was born and had the most perfect coloring.  Campbell’s nose was smashed up like a pig and like I mentioned, she was blue/purple.  And she had a set of lungs.  Sometimes you hear mother’s say that hearing their baby’s cry was the sweetest sound, not me.  She was LOUD!  Emmett’s cry was soft and sweet.  This baby wouldn’t stop crying.  Very indicative of what was to come 🙂  After things calmed down a bit Chad ran out to grab my parents and have them come back to see us.  It was nice having them there and much better having them there after the birth then before.

I’m not sure how long I held my little girl but they finally took her from me and weighed her and got her measurements.  She was 6lbs 10oz and 18in long born at 10:18am.  Such an amazing experience and so different than my first.  I did say right after she came out, “I don’t think I ever want to do this again”.  That remains to be seen.  The birth is now a distant memory but one that will be burned in my brain.  Not the same way as Emmett’s birth was but this one was unique to me all the same.  I’m so glad I have my boy and my girl.  How lucky are we?  I feel like I’ve won the lottery a million times over.


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