Seriously!?  I hate these because let’s be honest, who sticks to them?  But my resolution for this year is to get a few more posts up and not just about pregnancy and Emmett.  I want to blog about other things I’m passionate about.  This used to be a place I’d come and journal to a certain extent and I’ve lost that passion.  I used to just write freely, whatever came to my mind, and open up.  I apologize for the grammatical errors as this is purely just my little space on the internet where I write and look back and can reflect.

I’m not going to make some huge overwhelming promise to myself like “blog everyday” but I’d like to more often than not.  So maybe this post will serve as that reminder.  Maybe I can start reminding myself that my posts don’t have to be long essays and that it can just be a place to open up and be myself.  I’d like to start doing that again.  I’m not trying to make money on this thing but I do want to start documenting my life a little closer from here on out and not have months go by without a single post.

So here’s to my resolution…Blog more, think less, have fun trying to get this done 🙂


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