Happy Birthday to me

32.  That’s my number today.  Some may say that number is “old”.  Some may say that number is “young”.  And some may not pay it any attention.  I was reflecting on time last night as I was going to bed thinking that if you blink, it goes by in a flash.  You can’t help but blink but you can enjoy the moments more.  You can help slow time by doing something different everyday to break up the monotony.  That’s what I’ve started doing with my son and even though I did blink this past year and it went by waaaaaay too quickly for the likes of me, it still feels good to wake up to 32.  In bed this morning we were talking and my husband asked me how it feels to wake up to 32.  He went through all the things I have right now-I own a dog, I have a husband, I own a house and a condo, I have two cars, I have a son and a daughter on the way.  He asked how I felt about all that and the only word I have for all of that is content.  I’ve never felt happier.  I have everything I could ever want and more.  How could it possibly get any better than that?

My husband surprised me with a gift card to Plant Laboratories in Cherry Creek.  I’ve been talking about getting a highlight for about 2 years now and I think everyone around me is sick of hearing about it so he went and did something about it.  It’s already paid for!  I just need to make the appointment and get it done with already.  I’m making over 32.  I’m going to make it look fabulous.  That’s the only way I could think to make this life of mine any better.  How ridiculous.  A highlight.  It’s the little things from here on out.


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