24 weeks with baby #2

Sheesh, I finally feel half way caught up after yesterday’s massive baby bump update.  Now I get to start my weekly posts over again (which is what I had intended to do all along!).  So with that being said, let’s get right into my 6 month post!!

Here’s a picture I took this morning of my growing belly.  It looks nothing like it did with Emmett and it’s quite alarming:

24 weeks front view 24 weeks side view

Alarming you ask?  Yes, well, in terms of size I don’t think I “popped” as early with Emmett.  That’s ok though.  I like that people can actually tell I’m pregnant and not just pudgy.

Weight gained:  I weighed myself this morning and so far I’m up 15lbs.  UGH.  I suppose that’s right where I should be but still it’s so hard to mentally be ok with that number.  I was looking back at old posts while pregnant with Emmett and I had gained about 15lbs by this point with him too.  So I guess it’s not so bad after all.  I should count myself lucky because I’m still able to workout at a pretty good clip and I’ve had zero food in the past several weeks.

Workouts:  As I just mentioned, working out is going swimmingly.  I love working out and have been doing it almost every day since about week 10.  I feel strong and my cardiovascular endurance hasn’t seemed to have changed at all since becoming pregnant.  If the placenta thing clears up it will be interesting to see how well I do on a run after not running for 4 weeks.  Right now I’m alternating days with 55 minutes of elliptical, 30 minutes biking and 30 minutes weight lifting, and also 5 mile walks.  Over the Thanksgiving week I walked a ton because I didn’t have access to a gym and I had also been sick so I figured walking was a great way to keep up the calorie burn without pushing myself too much.  I really haven’t walked at all this pregnancy and I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I have a gym membership with a daycare.  I just can’t justify having Emmett in the stroller for over an hour everyday if he could be at daycare interacting with other kids and running some energy out instead.  Let’s cross our fingers that my next appointment brings good news so I can RUN again!!!

Symptoms: TONS of round ligament pain.  Actually twice in one week I’ve been hit hard with this annoying symptom.  Last night was really bad actually.  It was so bad that I had to take Emmett downstairs with me so that I could lay on the couch and he could run around until Chad got home from work.  It was tough.  Every time the pain hit I’d just hug my lets in closer to my chest.  Chad asked me this morning if I thought I needed to go see the doc. but I really haven’t been too worried because it’s so sporadic.  I also have experienced some pelvic pain when I do take long walks hence another reason I don’t take walks that often.

Movement:  This little babe definitely has started having a pattern of when to shake it.  I have noticed movement in the morning after a workout usually around 10am and then tons of movement around 2ish-3-ishpm.  After that movement starts back up around 5-6pm or so and then calms way down until about 8:30pm or so.  After that it just depends upon how active I’ve been that day.  If I’ve been super active all day I really don’t feel much movement when I hop into bed that night but if I’ve been laying low that day then my stomach tends to bounce around like popcorn.  It’s amazing and if I don’t feel movement then I instantly start worrying like I did today after my workout!  Thankfully I’m feeling plenty of kicks and jabs as I type of this 🙂

Food Aversions:  None.  Nada.  Zip.  Hallelujah!  I feared in the beginning I’d never eat again.  Thankfully those memories are far gone by now.  I’m even chewing minty gum again!  That NEVER came back with Emmett.  I actually remember trying to chew some at about 16 weeks with him and almost threw up the minute I stuck the piece in my mouth.  This one is hit or miss.  Some days it tastes fine, other days I go without.  Minty toothpaste still bothers me but at least I’m not gagging while brushing my teeth anymore!

Food Cravings:  Nothing in particular.   I have just enjoyed eating again.  I’m so happy this part of pregnancy is here earlier than it was with Emmett.  With Emmett I was a month behind this one so I was still having major food aversions during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The worst was not really being able to enjoy most of the holiday treats that come along with the holidays.  I’m looking forward to gobbling down my fair share of holiday cookies this time around 🙂

Sleep:  Ah sleep.  Or should I say lack there of.  I am having a pretty terrible time with sleep.  I’m tossing and turning from side to side all night long.  If I stay on one side too long I get achy and uncomfortable and inevitably wake myself up.  I purchased a body pillow about 2 weeks ago and it’s heaven.  I always heard others talking about the magic of a body pillow but just never invested in one of my own.  I saw one at Target for the whopping price of $9.99 and knew it just had to be mine.  It was a purchase I will never regret and I don’t think that pillow will be leaving our bed ever.  Chad and I even fight over it sometimes.  He may be getting one under the tree this year so that he’ll leave mine alone!

Maternity Clothes:  I think I’ll leave this one out next post because it probably won’t change much from week to week.  My Be Band that my sister in law gave me with Emmett is now making a regular appearance.  I don’t even own a pair of maternity pants because that’s what got me through my last pregnancy so I think I’ll be doing the same with this one as well.  Maternity shirts are an entirely different story and all I’m really asking for for Christmas this year are maternity shirts.  I have purchased 3 new ones this time around already and am so so so thankful for those long, stretchy, big bellied shirts.

Stretch marks: None and I don’t plan on getting any!  I didn’t with Emmett and I don’t think I will with this one either.

Miss anything:  YES…Same old same old but CRAFT BEER!!  I actually bought some Amber non alcoholic O’douls the other day while at Target.  It was ok but I think from now on I’ll just have to take plenty of sips from Chad’s beers.  They are so much more tasty.  I also found a non alcoholic wine at Target but decided to forgo it.  Again, sips of the real stuff will probably satisfy me far more than the fake stuff.  I also miss my regular clothes and of course running (have I already mentioned this!?).

And that’s about all for this past week.  No sickness this week although heartburn is getting worse and worse as I progress through this pregnancy.  Last night while laying down with my round ligament pains I turned to some tums for help.  They actually did a world of difference and will now be going everywhere with me.  I’ll hopefully be back next Thursday or possibly Friday with my 25 week update.  Maybe Friday with an update on my ultrasound and placental movement!


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