Weeks 18-23 Baby #2

What is wrong with me!?  I get into such a roll with blogging and then you don’t hear from me for a month or more!  I can’t even say I haven’t had the time, just no motivation to sit and write.  At least I’ve been taking pictures every week to document this pregnancy which is more than I can say that I did for my pregnancy with Emmett.  I did go through a hiatus from blogging about my pregnancy with him around this same time.  But seriously, 5 weeks have gone by and that’s 5 weeks too many in my opinion.  So here we go.  I’m going to just post pictures first then I’ll talk a little bit about what’s been going on with this pregnancy for the past 5 weeks…

18 weeks:

iPhone 5 pics 427 iPhone 5 pics 426

19 weeks:

iPhone 5 pics 439 iPhone 5 pics 438 iPhone 5 pics 437

20 weeks (half way there!!):

iPhone 5 pics 460 iPhone 5 pics 459 iPhone 5 pics 458

21 weeks:

iPhone 5 pics 478 iPhone 5 pics 477

22 weeks:

iPhone 5 pics 507 iPhone 5 pics 504

23 weeks:

iPhone 5 pics 515 iPhone 5 pics 514 iPhone 5 pics 513


Wow, judging from where I was 5 weeks ago, I’d say I’ve done some major growing!  This growth wasn’t nearly as evident with Emmett because I don’t think I was packing on the pounds so fiercely with him for some reason.  I swear I looked 6 months pregnant when I went into labor with him!  I think with this one I’m going to look every bit of 40 weeks when I deliver 🙂

I’ll start briefly with 18 weeks and work my way to 23.  The one thing I do remember about 18 weeks and what is worth sharing is that Chad was able to feel the baby kick just shy of 18 weeks.  He felt the baby move on that Tuesday before.  I was so excited for him.  I’ve been feeling the baby now for a while but it’s huge when someone can feel the baby kick from the outside.  I had a few moles removed the day that I turned 18 weeks and so in the pictures you’ll now see a lovely red dot next to my belly button.  I HATE it but better to have that ugly red scar than skin cancer I guess.  Leading up to 18 weeks was my last puking episode.  I have puked since then but it was because of a horrid stomach but that Emmett and I caught and passed on to almost everyone who came near us (that was just shy of 23 weeks).  I also had a doc’s appointment leading up to 18 weeks to hear the heartbeat.  I was super concerned because I wasn’t feeling quite the same amount of kicking that I had with Emmett.  I remember with him I felt kicking at about 16 weeks so it was a bit unnerving to not feel as much with this one at that point.  My doc. reminded me that every pregnancy is drastically different and I also don’t sit around all day at a desk anymore waiting to feel the kicks.  I’m chasing around a toddler which makes it slightly more difficult to constantly be in tuned to what’s going on in there.  The week leading up to 19 weeks Chad and I got a couples massage that my mom gave us last Christmas.  Oh. My. God. It was incredible and if and when we become independently wealthy, I will be getting myself a massage every. single. week.  Chad and I were both sore for days afterwards but it was so so so worth it.  I wanted the masseuse to focus on my upper and lower back and focus she did!  I felt as though I had lifted weights for 2 hours after she was done with me.  I’ve never had a massage like that and I have every intention of going back before this pregnancy is over.  We also went to the pumpkin patch that week with one of my moms groups and the reason I’m mentioning this is because I got a latte on the way there and it was actually pretty goood!  With Emmett I basically didn’t drink any coffee the entire pregnancy because it just didn’t taste good.  I’m happy to report that after that day, coffee has made a regular appearance back into my daily life.  It’s 1/2 caf. and I only drink 2 cups but every sip is worth it and I make sure to use whole whipped milk in both of those cups to enhance every single taste.  The week leading up to 20 weeks my sister in law and brother in law and their two kids came to town.  I was a bit worried about not working out while they were here (I didn’t want my crazy workouts to get in the way of plans we had those days) because I have noticed that the days I don’t work out are much harder and I’m much more tired than the ones that I do work out but to be honest I didn’t miss the workouts and I think my body welcomed the break.  I felt pretty good while they were here with the exception of course of nighttime.  For some reason nights have always been worse for me than the mornings.  I was still taking my zofran every day at this point.  I had experimented a few times with not taking it and it didn’t go over too well.  I gagged a ton those afternoons and had to take massive 2 hour naps both times.  I think that was about about the 18 week mark when I also threw up for the last time.  We also had Emmett’s first swim lessons the week leading up to 20 weeks.  He did wonderfully 🙂  I’m so proud of my little guy.  He now knows how to hold his breath under water and LOVES jumping in and getting fully submerged.  I plan to do at least one more round of swim lessons with him before baby gets here at the end of March.  The week leading up to 21 weeks Chad and I had a free weekend.  My parents asked to take Emmett off our hands for the weekend so that we could have a mini vacation away but we opted to just stay in town and it was amazing.  It actually made Monday very rough because for some reason I still wasn’t feeling well (pregnancy related).  I slept a lot that weekend and we went out to eat almost every meal.  We also met up with other friends of ours who also have a baby a few days younger than Emmett and another couple who’s baby is a few days older than Emmett.  We were all child free for the evening and it was awesome seeing them without their kids.  It really gave us all a chance to really talk instead of half ass a conversation because one of us has to attend to a kid.  That weekend gave us back a taste of what it was like before we had a kid.  I’m not saying I’d give E up for the world nor would I ever ever in a million years want to take back being pregnant so quickly after Emmett (because as I’ve mentioned this one was 100% planned) but gosh it sure feels good to have zero responsibilities for another human being for a few days.  Next time I’m going to ask if they’ll take him for a week because 2 days just is not enough 🙂

I’m starting a new paragraph for this next part because it deserves to be a separate entity.  We also had our anatomy and gender scan this week.  Everything looked great with the baby however, my placenta is sort of covering my cervix which means I’ve been diagnosed with placenta previa.  This is a condition in which the placenta either partially or fully covers the cervix.  Apparently it’s not a huge deal but if it doesn’t move out of the way, I could be looking at a c-section instead of having another natural birth.  At first I really didn’t think much of it.  I mean, I was so happy with the results of the anatomy scan that I didn’t care or think too much into this “problem” and after we left the doc’s office Chad and I revealed the gender to ourselves (more on that later) so I was really only concentrating on getting out of there so that we could find out what the sex of our next baby was going to be.  Of course later that night after all the excitement had died down, I started to Google this condition and the implications and complications associated with it.  Turns out it doesn’t just mean c-section, it could also mean a slew of other problems like bleeding, bed rest, pelvic rest, no exercise, no lifting heavy objects including toddlers, and in some horrible cases a hysterectomy at birth if the placenta doesn’t detach all the way!  YIKES!  So after sufficiently freaking myself out I worried about this thing for the next week.  Eventually after enough people telling me to stop looking at the internet I did and I’m in a much better spot today.  I’ve also been talking to friends who’ve known several people with the issue and all placenta’s seem to have moved north.  I have my next appointment and ultrasound on December 13 (yes, just my luck FRIDAY the 13th!) to see if there’s been progress.  In some cases the placenta stays low until the 38th week so even if it hasn’t moved yet there’s still hope that it could, it’s just not as likely by that point.  So we’ll see.  I’ve come to terms with it and have decided that if a c-section is in my future, at least I get out of giving birth naturally again.  This alone has kept me up at night, no joke, because I really want to do this again naturally.  For me, I feel very strongly that I have a non medicated birth again for this one but along with that comes the horror of pain that is associated with it.  In the end I keep reminding myself that it’s so worth it but gosh, leading up to that point when the baby is put into your arms is just miserable.  So we’ll see what happens…I’m open to anything as long as my baby and I are safe in the end.

Wow, sorry, this post is getting longer and longer but I really want to remember all of this stuff.  So moving onto the week leading up to 22 weeks was very uneventful.  I honestly think it was one of our most boring weeks we’ve had in a really long time.  I did take Emmett to a new book babies at the library in our neighborhood that week and he had a great time.  But that really has nothing to do with the pregnancy.  The week leading up to 23 weeks weeks was the week before Thanksgiving.  This was a great week/the worst week ever.  We had lots of family time since my brother flew in that Friday before but the few days leading up to Thanksgiving were very trying.  As I mentioned earlier, Emmett and I came down with a horrible stomach bug.  Emmett actually got out of it better than I did.  He threw up on Sunday night and had a fever of about 102.5 and had diarrhea but by Monday afternoon he was almost 100% back to normal.  I on the other had got sick Monday morning and had to enlist the help of both my mom and Chad to get me through the day.  Thank goodness they both have some sick time saved up because I don’t know how I would have done it without them. After throwing up 3 times I called my doc. to ask what the protocol is for sick pregnancy women.  She told me the objective is to just keep us out of the hospital.  The only reason I wasn’t concerned at all about the baby is because I could feel kicking the entire day.  I also kept drinking drinking drinking water and Gatorade every though I threw it all up an hour or so after I’d drink, I knew it was better than drinking nothing at all.  So I felt as though I never did get dehydrated.  I lost 4lbs that day!  Don’t worry though, I made up for those pounds on Thanksgiving 🙂

So that about wraps up what I’ve been up to the past 5 weeks.  Tomorrow marks 6 months pregnant for me!  To sum it up, I’ve been doing awesome with workouts and go almost everyday.  That’s definitely more than I can say I did with Emmett.  The only unfortunate thing I can complain about right now is my lack of running.  Before being diagnosed with placenta previa I was running about 4-6 miles every other day and keeping it up.  I was so excited because I was determined that this was the pregnancy I was going to run that many miles by the end.  I wasn’t put on any restrictions but I decided to personally stop running to see if that would help the situation.  I’ve decided that if my placenta has moved up then I will slowly add running back into my exercise routine but until I get the thumbs up that things are as they should be I’m not chancing it.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my 24 week picture and update and I am going to try really REALLY hard to force myself to sit down for an hour each week to at least blog about my pregnancy updates!  I’d also like to do an update for Emmett as well which I’ll try to get around to at some point in the next few days.  He turned 19 months last week!!  I will say that he just gets more and more fun each and every day and I feel like the luckiest mama in the world to have him.  But more on him later 🙂



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