17 and 18 Months

My baby turned 1.5 years old on Sunday.  I decided to skip the 17 month update because there really hadn’t been enough of a change to blog about but with combining these last two months, there’s been some major changes in his development.  I’m going to try not to write an essay but I really want to remember everything that has happened thus far and I know that if I don’t talk about it I’ll forget it (how sad that you actually forget!!).

So between August 27-October 27, here’s what’s been going on.  He’s such a sweet boy.  He has my heart and my finger.  We had to work hard hard hard to get him to hold our hands.  He HATED holding our hands or fingers up until a few months ago and now he grabs our hands without prompts and parades us around the house.  When we’re out and we are both with him he has to have both of our hands or he’s just not happy.  He reaches for both of us with ease and I think feels some sense of security in doing so.  Emmett is also full of energy.  This can be a challenge for his 19 week pregnant mama.  I really underestimated how difficult a second pregnancy would be with a child who is already here.  Thank goodness he is still taking naps, and long ones at that.  When he’s tired he puts his little fingers to his eyelashes and that’s your cue to get him to bed fast.  He loves falling asleep in the car but only for a few minutes at a time.  If he does this then he’s ready to go for quite some time afterwards.  This is great for when I have a lunch date with a friend or a play date that is in the middle of nap time.  This is horrible if I am exhausted and need him to nap in his crib.  The car naps totally ruin any chance of a nap at home.

Emmett loves to communicate.  His favorite words right now are “hi” “bye” and “ball”.  When we go anywhere with people the first thing he does is catch a strangers eye raise his tiny hand and say “hi”.  Sometimes it has a sort of accent with it that sounds something like “A-hi-ya”.  I think this catches most people off guard who are just doing there thing at Target or the grocery store.  I love when people say hi back to him.  He lights up and so do they.  Unfortunately what they don’t know is that one hi is not the end of it.  Some times people will receive up to 8 hi’s before he is tired of saying it to that person and moves onto the next.  More recently he has now started saying “ba-bye” to people that we’re leaving.  I’m not sure how he knows that we won’t see them again but he says it when we leave.  Of course, that “ba-bye” will also be followed with another enthusiastic “A-hi-ya”.  I think that’s my most favorite part, is that he says it with such a sparkle in his eyes.  Every. Single. Time.  For him, saying hi to people never gets old.  It’s kind of like watching an Alzheimer’s patient at times.  Regardless it’s adorable every time.  I try and remind him that he only gets one “hi” per person but he disregards me and keeps at it.  It’s actually very enduring.

Aside from saying “A-hi-ya” and “ba-bye” he is very interested in speaking his own language to us.  He babbles “words” to us all the time.  Of course you would have no idea what he’s saying if you know English but if you were from a foreign country and listened to him, you’d think he was speaking perfect English.  He looks you straight in the eye and just “talks”. He also knows very well what he wants and it takes little guessing.  He still signs more to us very consistently when he wants something.  Another phrase he says a lot is “e-i-e-i-o” as in Old McDonald had a farm…..His dad taught him that song and he loves it.  Most mornings when I’m not awake yet and he is, he can sometimes be my alarm as he’s softly singing “e-i-e-i-o” in his crib.  It’s such a sweet sound to wake up to.  Speaking of cribs, Emmett is extremely content in his crib when he wakes from both naps and being in there overnight.  It’s actually almost mandatory that we leave him in there at least 30 minutes after he wakes up or else he’s grumpy and not ready to be greeted.  His naps last anywhere from 30 minutes (car naps) to massive 3.5-4 hour naps (on amazing days!!).  I’d say on average his naps are about 2 hours though.  It’s crazy, if he’s been in there too long I actually miss playing with him!

He is now running everywhere he wants to go.  Of course, like most babies, he started out shaky on both feet but he’s really got the hang of this walking thing down now at 18 months.  He does take spills every now and then but only really cries if he’s super tired.  Most of the time he jumps right back up and keeps running to where he thinks he needs to be.  Emmett also has gone through sort of a picky eater stage if you will.  There were about 2 weeks straight where we’d be lucky if he ate his entire meal at breakfast but then he’d only eat pb&j at every other meal.  One night was so bad that he went to bed hungry because he wouldn’t eat anything!  This made his mama nervous but then I have to remind myself that sometimes I’m just not hungry either and will go to bed if I haven’t eaten anything.  Sometimes we just don’t feel like eating!  I spoke to his pediatrician about this and they assured me it was all part of this stage and that variety was more important than quantity.  It still is going to bother me but every time I get him to eat most of what has been put in front of him I pat myself on the back.

Unfortunately I haven’t been running with him much outside so he hasn’t spent much time in our beloved BOB over the past several months (almost 4 to be exact!) but because I haven’t been running outside much we joined a gym!  The gym is less than a mile from our house and has a daycare.  Emmett goes to daycare there for about 1.5 hours every day while mama gets some much needed workout time.  While I do miss running it’s nice because at daycare he doesn’t fall asleep and ruin his naps (like he would if he were in the BOB) and he gets organized play time with other children of all ages.  I think this has really helped his social skills.  While we do go to tons of playgroups, it’s nice for him to be able to “play” without me there and have others looking after him.  The daycare is always full of kids so I am never left to wonder if he had any social interaction with other children that day.  The care providers are all awesome and now know him as a regular.  They do things that we wouldn’t normally do at home with him.  He finger paints, plays with sand, gets to draw with markers, glues shapes, and gets to run around in a fairly large open space.  When I come to get him he is always whipped out and ready to go home, eat lunch, and go down for a nice nap.  The only problem we have at the gym is that when we get there Emmett doesn’t want me to hand him over.  We’ve been members there for almost 2 months now and he still clings to me and cries every time I give him over.  He is always fine the second I leave so I try to make the exchange as quick as possible.

He has such a wonderful and carefree personality.  I just love watching him figure out new stuff and interact with others.  Everyday with him gets better and better and I always look forward to the next phase.  Of course I’m enjoying the one we’re in but I also am realistic and know these phases and stages don’t last so rather than be upset about time and it’s passage I am trying really hard to be excited about all the wonderful things we still have left to do and to look forward to.  For gosh sakes, one thing in particular is the newest member coming to join us in about 6 months!!!  I’m so excited to see how Emmett interacts with his sibling.

Real quick, we did go to his well visit on Monday and he is in the 45% for his weight and the 80% for his height.  He definitely doesn’t look chubby compared to his peers but he sure does tower over them!  I’m not going to take any of it to hear though.  My little brother was short and fat when he was a toddler and now he’s 6’2 and barely weighs 185.  I was always in the 99% for both height and weight. While I’m still tall for a woman (5’9), thank god I’m not still in the 99% for weight 🙂 now that would be a big woman!

On that note I think that’s about all the developments from the past 2 months.  I really wish I could add photos but our photo provider where I upload all our photos isn’t letting me download from the site anymore!!!  Hopefully with the help of my husband I can figure it out eventually.  Anyways, happy 17 and 18 months my favorite little buddy!!


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