17 weeks with #2

Ok, I know this post is SUPER late, in fact, so late that we’re nearing in on 18 weeks I’m 18 weeks today but I still want to document that 17th week and I also have a picture to go along with it so here goes…which I thought I had a picture for but my downloading and uploading mechanisms aren’t working properly so I’ll have to come back and edit in a photo for 17 weeks…sigh.

17 weeks 17 weeks pic 2Weight gained: at this point is was about 3-5lbs depending on the day and the time I weighed myself.  I’m trying not to get too obsessed about this but with Emmett I gained about 22lbs and it came off very quickly so I’m hoping for the same success with this one.

Workouts: I worked out every day except for Saturday which was a huge mistake.  I always feel more nauseous and tired if I don’t get a workout in.  Walking doesn’t count.  It has to be at least 30 minutes of pretty intense working out in order for me to reap the benefits.  I did what I always do which was a mix of running, elliptical, cycling, stairmaster, and some weight machines.  I have to admit, it’s getting a bit monotonous.  I’m so thankful that the gym I go to has childcare for up to 90 minutes.  I don’t have a clue what I’d do without the childcare option.  The only real problem with the childcare is that if you don’t get there early enough it fills up meaning that it then becomes a one in one out policy because the maximum number of kids they will allow is 24.  The busy hours are 9-11am which is when we get there (usually around 9).  I’ve only had to wait twice but the waiting sucks.  Oh well, I’ll take it in order to know that my child is safe and being well cared for.

Symptoms:  I’d say the oddest symptom this week was that I randomly threw up/dry heaved on Saturday.  It came out of no where but I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I didn’t take a zofran that morning.  We had spent the night at my parents house the night before and I didn’t pack an overnight bag because the sleepover wasn’t planned.  We ended up staying over there later than anticipated and we were both too tired to drive home.  Unfortunately this also meant that I didn’t have my pills.  So I learned my lesson…I’m not ready to quit my zofran.  I think with Emmett I stopped around 16 weeks or so but looks like I’ll need it for a little while longer with this one.  I was also experiencing some round ligament pain when I ran.  Sleeping is going ok.  I sleep pretty well and can get to sleep very easily but the problems come in when I wake up randomly in the middle of the night.  My head turns on and I can seem to quite it.  Usually I start thinking about going into labor and the pain that’s associated with it and I can’t get back to sleep.

Movement: Yes, there has been some movement in this department although it’s not like how it was with Emmett and I certainly don’t notice it as much as I did with Emmett.

Food aversions: Just chocolate.  I think pretty much everything else has made it’s appearance back on the table.  I’m so thankful that I’m not adverse to sweets still like I was with Emmett.  Pretty much everything tastes great again.  Pizza was the only other thing that sounded sort of gross but even that has gone away.

Food cravings: ha!  Yeah right.  There are things that sound good but nothing that I’d consider cravings.

Sleep: I put this up on the symptoms portion but again, sleep has been hit or miss.  I’m still very tired during the day.  I’m ok until about 3pm and then it hits me.  I can’t keep my eyes open and I get horrid headaches.  Not sure where this is coming from but it’s been with me since week 5.

Maternity clothes:  I purchased 3 new tops this week!  Two from Ross (they were both about $9!) and a shirt from Old Navy that was on clearance in the maternity section.  I’m loving buying clothes that are so cheap and I can even wear these items when I’m not pregnant.  I wear maternity shirts almost every day.  I never wore maternity pants with Emmett, only used the Bella Band (thanks Cara!!) and I’m hoping the same will be true with this one.  I am fairly certain the Bella Band will work out again this time because I’m carrying very high again like I did with Emmett which means I can wear all my pants at my hips.

Stretch marks: None and I don’t plan on getting any of these either!  I remember with Emmett I asked my doc what I could do to prevent these and she said nothing.  No amount of oil or lotion would prevent them from coming along.  She told me it’s genetic and a good indication of whether or not I’d get them was if my mother had them.  Guess I’m lucky because my mother never got stretch marks either 🙂

Miss anything:  YES…BEER.  Oh my lord to I miss alcohol.  My friends actually left a little less than a 1/4 of a bottle here and so I told Chad that it would be thrown out if we didn’t drink it so we split it.  I think I had about 3 sips and I also think I died and went to heaven for about 5 minutes while I enjoyed my sips.  I can’t believe that the one think I’m “craving” is off limits (depending who you talk to).  I know I couldn’t be trusted with a beer or a glass of wine if left in a room by myself. Thank goodness for sips 🙂

Looking forward to:  My 17 week appointment (actually, this happened last Friday.  I heard the heartbeat for the first time this pregnancy and it was amazing.  I also had my second blood draw to detect genetic disorders.  They pricked me 3 times because the MA kept using the wrong needle size.  Luckily they got the blood and it was only a vial compared to the 4 vials they took last time.  I had Emmett with me so that also posed a bit of a challenge keeping him occupied.  He really didn’t like when I had to lie down to hear the heartbeat.  I think he wanted to see my face and the second he couldn’t he got anxious and made for an interesting next 3 minutes!).

And that about sums up week 17.  Hopefully I’ll be back again on Thursday with an 18 week update.  I’ve also still got to update Emmett’s development for both 17 and 18 months!  I figured I’d just combine the two months since development has slowed from one month to the next.


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