10-14 weeks

Since when did blogging become such a chore to me?  I need to get up earlier before little man wakes up so that I can just come downstairs and blog at my kitchen table and not worry about taking time away from him or taking time away from my nap time to blog.  I think that’s the main reason I have put it off.  It does take time to write and while I do love to do it, I know that I should be doing other things with my time.  I had visions last week of blogging right before bed.  I even got so far as to take my computer to bed with me!  I took a shower, got all ready for bed and then once I got there, I felt so incredibly sick that the thought of opening up a computer to even look at a screen made me kind of sick to my stomach (yes, I even got up to dry heave a few times in the toilet that night).  So the blogging from bed before bedtime did not happen either.  So here I am, October 2, finally pulling out the computer to say a few words on how things have gone from weeks 10-15 in pregnancy #2.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to document every detail because believe me I have but seriously I’m just so freaking tired. I actually found the below snippet about week 10 in my draft pile so I’m going to let you read my feelings on week 10 and then I’ll pick up from there:

How am I only at 10 weeks?  Unreal to me.  I feel like I’ve been pregnant for YEARS by now.  The time is just crawling.  I’ll do my best to capture what has been the 10th week of pregnancy for me.

So we left off last week with Chad’s parent’s still in town helping me out with Emmett while I literally did a. whatever I wanted or b. slept.  Both choices were great choices and it was definitely hard getting up this morning knowing that I would have Emmett with me all day with no help from anyone.  Last Thursday was the marking of the start of the 10th week.  I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it felt to finally be in double digits.  I don’t feel amazing or anything but I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of feeling better at least.  On Thursday I actually went to the gym and worked out and then met up with my dad at Starbucks to grab some sheet cake pans from him to bake Chad’s bday cake for him.  When I got to Starbucks I was starting to go downhill again because I didn’t plan well and was hungry.  Luckily a croissant sounded pretty good so I ordered one of those and pretty much devoured it.  We sat and chatted for a while and then we both needed to head out.  Afterwards I texted Chad’s parents to see how things were going since it was almost 1pm and I’d been gone since about 9:30am.  They said all was well and that Emmett was finally waking up from his morning nap.  About 3 hours of napping!  Not bad!  So they said to stay out longer if I wanted and not to rush back.  I went to Target ALL BY MYSELF and then to cafe Rio, my favorite fast Mexican food joint for another salad.

So that week was a rough one too.  I actually threw up for the first time that week which never happened with Emmett.  I know I’ve said it before but I’m just so incredibly happy that Chad’s parents were here to help me that week.  Holy cow, it was a rough one.  I know I would have survived it had they not been here (I wouldn’t have had a choice) but it was just so nice to be able to nap, nap, nap and nap.  So moving right along…I’m noticing that I’m doing things a bit differently this time.  I’m documenting the week leading up to the week so like for week 10, I documented all the days leading up to the day I was 10 weeks.  So I suppose that’s how I’ll have to continue.  SO the day after I turned 10 weeks I had another doctor’s appointment.  I thought it was just a standard listen to the heart beat appointment and then be sent on my way.  We were there for almost 2 hours just waiting for the freaking doc. to arrive.  The only thing that made us forget about how angry we were (Chad came with me this time because I didn’t want to be alone if there was no heartbeat) was that they couldn’t find the heartbeat (not totally uncommon this far along) and so they decided to to an ultrasound to see what was going on in there.  They actually took a while on the ultrasound which was quite a treat for us.  The sonographer went over, in detail, all the parts of the body including her best guess on the gender.  Her professional opinion was that it was another boy and we have the pictures to “prove” what she saw.  To me, there was no question about it, there were boy parts on that picture.  I really wasn’t all that bumped out at first because I was just so happy that there was actually a healthy baby with a heartbeat in there but then it sort of sunk in as we were leaving the office and I got pretty sad thinking about how this may be our last child and I’ll never get that girl that I always wanted.  Then it made me sick to my stomach thinking that if we do want to try to have a girl, I’d have to go through this whole pregnancy thing AGAIN and there’s no guarantee that the next one would be a girl either!!!  So I spent the better half of the rest of the day thinking about all the great things about having two boys that there are.  I left it at that because I knew if I put too much more thought into it I would just cry.

That next week, heading into week 11, was a little bit better.  It was Labor Day on that following Monday so it was great to have Chad home for a 3 day weekend after his folks left.  It was also Chad’s bday that weekend.  Chad’s parents left on Saturday so we all went out for a birthday brunch for Chad and I got an omelet.  This is kind of huge for me considering eggs have sounded awful for about 6 weeks.  It was pretty good, not great.  After saying goodbye we headed home and put Emmett down for a not so long nap and then headed up to my folks house for his bday dinner with some friends.  We had a great time and the meal was fantastic.  I even ate some chocolate cake and ice cream!  Again, this is huge for me since I haven’t like sweets either.  My parents took Emmett that night so Chad and I went home kid less that night.  The next morning we woke up leisurely, did our own separate things for a while (Chad went to Home Depot, I went on a run) and then we met up afterwards for lunch.  We went to a really good Mediterranean place.  It was super nice, super expensive and not kid friendly.  Perfect.  It was so nice eating a meal without having a toddler climbing out of the high chair before our meals even came.  Afterwards we went to a few vintage type furniture stores and then to a movie.  We saw “Now you See Me”.  It was pretty good!  And what was great about it was that it was at the dollar movies so we didn’t pay more than $5 total for the movie!  After that it was time to relieve my parents of Emmett so we went over and got him.  We headed home shortly after and got Emmett to bed.  The next day was a bit different.  I didn’t work out because I didn’t have energy and I felt sick pretty much all day.  A friend stopped by to see the house and I felt like complete crap the entire time she was over.  The rest of the day was just a filled with a bunch of bad feelings, gagging and dry heaving.  Did I mention I love being pregnant?  Oh, right, I DON’T!  The rest of that week Emmett and I had a few playdates but nothing huge.  I had another friend (Hi T!) who made breakfast for me that week as well.  She made me a quiche which was fantastic!!!  I wasn’t sure how the whole egg thing was going to go but man oh man it was delicious.

The week leading up to week 12 was still hit or miss with feeling sick.  That weekend Chad’s college friend came into town so I took Emmett and headed out so that the two of them could have time together without the boy or myself.  My mom invited me to go see “Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert” at the performing arts center here in Denver.  It was a very colorful and fun show.  I got to drop Emmett off with my dad so that we could go just the two of us.  It was quick and I wish we could have stayed downtown to grab appetizers and drinks but I also knew my dad could only take so much of Emmett.  We rushed back home to relieve my dad.  I felt horrible when we got home and almost threw up a few times on the light rail on the way back.  I sat next to a guy who reeked of BO so that may have had something to do with it.  The rest of the weekend sort of flew by and I didn’t even see Chad until about 8pm Sunday night.  After I came home I basically became an emotional wreck and cried and cried and cried.  I had dry heaved as soon as I walked into the door and just lost it with the emotions.  We watched some TV for a while then I went to bed.  I just wanted to day to be over.  That week I had a few obligations at night and so did Chad.  I had a Mom’s night out thing at someone’s house, Chad had soccer, and we both had some stuff going on in the same night that Thursday.  It was a super busy week which was good but again, I do remember every single night, without fail, my head was in the toilet.

So that brings us up to the week leading up to week 13.  I turned 12 weeks (sounds stupid but I don’t know how to say it otherwise) that Thursday.  We still hadn’t announced and actually still haven’t announced that we’re pregnant publicly.  I know that most people say something on facebook or social media around this time but I just wasn’t ready.  Honestly I wanted to wait until my next ultrasound.  Anyways, I went to CA that following weekend sans the boy or the husband.  I think the best part about the trip was the plane ride.  No toddler.  It was so peaceful.  I got to read, sleep, eat and enjoy a whole row to myself for 2.5 hours.  It was pretty much the best flight of my life.  I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it.  I didn’t get into CA until about 11pm which is midnight CO time so I was in bad shape once arriving to our accommodations.  Really. Bad. Shape.  My brother got to witness my nightly routine of throwing my head into the toilet and gagging while brushing my teeth.  The rest of the weekend I enjoyed going on a run in my old town of Davis, eating delicious food, enjoying great company, walking the farmers market, catching up with old friends, and sleeping in!  Oh my gosh, I slept until 9am both mornings!  Heaven.  I’m not typically a napper or someone who sleeps a lot but when I’m pregnant nothing in the world is better than sleeping as much as I want.  Normally I think that would have bugged the hell out of me but when I’m pregnant clocks don’t even matter.  The flight home was similar to the one out only I had my parents to talk to on the way back and I had a major headache so I also had my mom there to rub my head for almost 30 minutes!  I need to her around more often 🙂  I actually had a pretty busy week ahead leading up to 13 weeks.  I had some Junior League stuff in the mornings, I had two doctor’s appointments, Emmett had randomly been sick so we had recheck appointments for him and I had a few play dates lined up for us.  I think the busy weeks are better than the non busy ones.  It helps keep my mind off of how horrible I feel all the time.   I’m not going to go into detail about the 13 week NT scan we had (ultrasound to check for genetic disorders) but let’s just say there was a slight change in gender prediction.  I was 100% ok with having another boy but then when they threw this whole “I think it’s actually a girl” thing at me, my heart went into my throat and I couldn’t speak.  Now I’m just trying to stay neutral so that if this “girl” turns back into a boy I won’t be completely devastated (although I did tell Chad to please be considerate of me because there will be tears and they will probably last several weeks if the gender changes again).  Blame the ultrasound techs for telling me so early and playing with my emotions.  I really felt sort of excited to have another boy after getting used to the idea and now I’m really REALLY REALLY REALLY excited to have a girl.  So we’ll see…

That brings us up to the week leading up to week 14.  Well I threw up this week.  I actually was feeling pretty great after the gender scan and all that weekend.  I even was able to do a 6.5 mile run on that Sunday!  We went over to my parents house that day and I even had a hankering for ice cream!  I also sort of felt back to my normal self because I had purchased cappuccino crunch yogurt and was eating that for breakfast!  I also had a Starbucks frappaccino.  Who am I?!  I’d say that was the best week to date.  I also started feeling slightly less tired but still tired.  I was out late a few days that week and that does not help me.  I still had and have very strong aversions to brushing my teeth even though I’ve purchased this all natural toothpaste.  I really wish they’d sell non minty tooth paste for pregnant women.  Maybe I should invent that?

Wow, so are we really all caught up?  Today I’m 15 weeks along!  I’ve decided that it may be more manageable to keep track of things if I do those little questionnaire things I’ve seen before on others blogs and then write a quick blurb about how the week has gone.  So instead of writing about the week leading up to week 15 in this monstrous post, I’ll give it it’s own little page and insert.  I haven’t uploaded photos in weeks from my phone but I do have a 14 week photo all ready to go and I’ll have a 15 week photo to share on the next post.  So congrats to you if you’ve made it this far along in the post!  Sorry about my editing skills.  By the time I’m done writing I just don’t care to go back and proof read.  Maybe one day when I have another really boring job I can go back and clean up my little space on the internet.

14 weeks…14 weeks 14 weeks pic24 weeks…




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