Results part 1

And this is a follow up post from the last.  I will continue on with a post for weeks 6-9 in my next post.  I got a little lazy over the past two months so those weeks are combined.

Ok, I said I wasn’t going to blog until Monday but I got a pleasant surprise this afternoon!  I really wasn’t expecting to hear from the doctor until Monday afternoon with my results from my blood draw but I did hear from her late this afternoon/early evening!!  I was actually on the other line with my mom and quite frankly thought it was Chad calling me back from my earlier phone call to him or my dad calling me so I didn’t click over since my mom was trying to give me directions to where I was meeting her.  When I got off the phone from her I noticed that it was the doctor who had called and left a voicemail.  My heart immediately jumped into my throat and I felt dizzy and my heart started racing.  Pretty much the worst thing to happen when you are driving in traffic but I decided to listen to the voicemail anyways.  As I pushed play my hands were drenched in sweat and my heart was beating out of my chest.  She started out apologizing for calling me so late in the day and then proceeded to let me know the results came in from Wednesday’s blood draw.  I didn’t know whether to hit pause or to keep listening.  Did I want to know?!  I was dying to know so I kept listening.  Turns out my CBC came back completely normal, my HCG was at 170 which in her words was considered “good” and my progesterone number was at 25 which she then proceeded to tell me was promising for a healthy pregnancy.  Oh. My. God. Thank. You.  I know I’m far from being out of the woods, actually the blood draw today could very well show my HCG numbers decreasing therefore meaning that the pregnancy isn’t viable but for today I can sigh one more sigh of relief.  Guess we’ll again, just take it day by day.  I’ll know even more on Monday then like I mentioned, we have our first appointment on Wednesday and a possible ultrasound.  It still doesn’t feel real and probably won’t until we’re at least done with the first trimester if we make it that far (see, I’m still be skeptical?).   Like I told Chad earlier, it’s not that I’m not excited, because I’m elated really, but I just don’t ever want to get so sure of this pregnancy that I become completely devastated like the first one.  I’m sure everyone goes through some level of worry but I truly believe it is a completely new level if you’ve miscarried.  Anyways, more on Monday!  Stay tuned!

Edited to let you know that I never wrote a “results part 2” post but everything checked out fine with my HCG levels returning at 400.  Doubling time was about 37 hours which was well in the range of a healthy progressive pregnancy.


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