15 months…Oh and 16 months too!

I’ve been putting this post off for about 18ish days now.  I wrote that LAST week and here we are, August 21 23 and my baby boy is almost 16 months old.  Boo.  Bad blogger.  Bad mommy.  I’m trying frantically to keep up with the pace of life that has been this summer and in doing so, my blogging has suffered.  On July 27th I told myself to put this post up no later than August 2.  I didn’t want so much time to pass (like last time) that this post would be outdated but alas, here we are, August 15th 21st and my baby is 6 days away from being 16 months old.  So because I’m so far behind with his monthly updates, I’m going to combine 15 and 16 since they really aren’t that much different at this point anyways.  So here we go!

Emmett had his well visit on July 29th for his 15 month check in so we’ll start there.  He checked in at 80th% in height and 30th% in weight.  Big/small boy!  Because he’s always been 30th% in weight, the doc’s weren’t the least bit concerned.

well visitLet’s start at the beginning of the month.  Emmett celebrated his 1st BIG move!  We said goodbye to the condo…

movingcondoAnd hello to our new Stapleton home!

moving3 moving2

moving1We got possession of the keys on June 30th and ran around that next week like chickens with our heads cut off.  Chad and I did what we thought to be, a ton of work on June 30th.  My parents watched Emmett all day so that we could take two cars and do as many car loads as humanely possible.  We moved a fair amount of stuff to the house and were pretty proud of ourselves.  I think we finally called it a day around 8pm.  We were both solidly wiped out.  That whole next week was consumed with packing and taking many MANY trips back and forth from condo to home.  Thank god for Chad’s parents making the trip out here to help us or I’m not sure we would have ever gotten moved out!

parents after move memaandemmettEmmett also seemed to make huge progress in his walking skills during this week as well.  I think it was due to the fact that we just have so much more space for him to move around in this new house.  In this past month, Emmett has become a walking fool.  He’s actually now a running fool.  I think his crawling days are officially over.

helper2 helper1 helper3He also has a few new tricks up his sleeve like when we ask him to whip his face he takes a napkin up to his lips and dabs his lips off.  He’s also into cleaning up.  If he makes a mess, he usually puts the toys back into the box/bin he got it out of.  He also loves to sing.  When left alone in a corner to play by himself, I’ll hear that ever so sweet voice singing what I think is ABC’s.  He also loves to do the motions for the itsy bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle little star.  He is a total monkey now and mimics everything.  He loves walking through the grocery store and sitting in the cart.  He says “hi” to just about everyone who will make eye contact with him.  He brings a smile to everyone’s face and I just adore taking him out because I know that he’ll make someone’s day a little bit brighter.  He is an extremely social butterfly and loves babies, children and adults of all ages.  He doesn’t discriminate and is friendly to everyone.  We continue to go to several playgroups a week and while the other kids are stealing toys and hitting others to get what they want, my little Emmett is getting toys stolen from him and doesn’t even bat an eye.  I’m sure that will change at some point but for now it’s so sweet to watch him with others because not much gets to this kid.

One not so attractive trait is that when Emmett is upset or angry, he really lets you know about it.  His hitting is out of control.  If you get too close to his face and he’s in a bad mood he’ll take a swing at your face and just stare at you like “what, you deserved it”.  He will also come up to me while I’m sitting down on the chair or couch and if I don’t do what he wants me to do or I take something away from him he will take my skin and pinch it and roll it in his fingers as hard as he can while screaming at me like I’m murdering him.  This behavior is fairly new and it makes me wonder what has happened to my sweet baby boy.  I am sure it’s just a stage but it’s a tough one and can make for long days.  If Emmett wakes up in a bad mood then watch out.  This usually sets the tone for the rest of the day.  I believe we are finally coming out of a fog of bad moods.  Today he woke up in the best mood and it has continued throughout the day.  I can’t even begin to describe how much fun it is to have my sweet boy back, even if only for a day.  I’m hoping this good mood will last for the rest of the week.  Another aggressive behavior that he has picked up is scratching his back.  I noticed a while ago that he would put his hands behind his head quite a bit.  I thought he was just playing with his hair.  One days I noticed redish looking gunk under his finger nails and on the back of his shirt it looked like there were little blood spots.  I pulled his shirt down and he had scratched himself raw.  He was bleeding like crazy on his back from all the scratches he’d given himself.  It really freaked me out.  I asked the doc. about it and they said it was perfectly normal and to clip his nails back to stop the behavior.  I did and it really has gotten a lot better along with some hydrocortisone.

Speaking of health issues, Emmett has had his slew of problems in the last few months.  For a while there I think his pediatrician expected us to come in at least once a week with something different.  The big issue last month was wheezing.  We noticed him wheezing quite a bit right around late June/early July when CO has wildfires that were running out of control.  I thought it may have been triggered by all the ash and smoke in the air so I took him in.  He was breathing so hard that I thought his lungs were going to collapse.  It was actually really scary.  Finally one weekend I had had enough.  It was a Sunday morning in late July and Chad had gone over to our condo to have one of our tenants sign the lease.  I was home with Emmett just watching him play and he sounded as though every breath he took would be his last!  I called the pediatrician on call and they sent me to urgent care.  I called Chad and we decided we’d meet at the urgent care about 25 min. from our house.  It was the only one open so it was our only option.  Luckily we got in early and weren’t left to wait too long.  The doc’s on call listened to him and gave him a quick treatment of albuterol.  They actually said his oxygen level was at a 96% meaning that 100% is the best score you can get.  When the oxygen level drops to 88% you are in the danger zone.  After the treatment they sent us on our way.  He didn’t seem to be doing much better the next day so I took him in again to the doc. on Monday.  I won’t get into it, but it was a very long day with many trips to different pharmacy’s and a new nebulizer.  For the next week Emmett was put on a cocktail of prednisone and albuteral through the nebulizer twice a day.  It was horrible and he hates it but it worked like magic and by Friday he was as good as new.  We are hoping this isn’t going to be a lifelong problem but are glad we at least know what to look for now.

In these past two months Emmett has also taken two more trips.  I think we’re now well over 20 flights for him.  He’s a pro traveler.

flight2-louisianaWe went to Louisiana in the middle of July for a wedding on Chad’s side…

emilyswedding cousins choleandlindsand then to Myrtle Beach at the beginning of August for a family reunion on my dad’s side.


charleston swimmingThe flights to and from LA were challenging but not horrible.  The flights to and from Myrtle Beach made us never want to travel via plane ever again.

Another “trick” Emmett has learned is that throwing things down the stairs is pretty fun.  We have a gate up right now to block off our stairs and he loves throwing things over the gate and watching them tumble down the stairs.  Along with play groups, this month the whole family joined a gym with childcare so Emmett has had the pleasure of going to childcare whenever mommy (or daddy and mommy) decides to go to the gym.  So far as I know, things are going well.

Emmett also continues to eat fairly well.  I’ve noticed that he’s become a little more discriminatory about what he eats these days but in general if he is really hunger I can get him to eat just about anything.  I have also learned that fruit and cars are last on his plate.  If he gets either of these items to start, he won’t touch the protein or vegetables.  I’ve been trying new foods like crazy with him and he seems to really favor Mediterranean food and anything that seems to have lots of spice to it such as Mexican foods and Indian foods.  However, I did take him to do what every American child will probably do at least once in their lives (and probably children living over seas now do this too), I took him on his very first trip to McDonalds.  To say it was a success would be the understatement of the century.

mcdonalds hamburger frenchfriesI got him a happy meal with a regular burger, milk and apple slices.  Mommy got to eat the french fries but I shared a few with Emmett 🙂

Emmett also does a new thing when he’s tired.  Instead of rubbing his eyes, he now puts his hands up to his eyelashes and has a glazed over look in his eyes.  That’s how we know he wants to go “nye nye”.  It is adorable and creepy.  He still has a pacifier and I don’t plan on taking that away until around the age of 2.  For now he only gets it in his crib and then sometimes while traveling to prevent others from hearing him scream.  Another huge milestone happened in month 15.  We said goodbye to breastfeeding and bottles.  Emmett didn’t even think twice about letting these items leave his life which actually helped tremendously.  I thought it would be a long drawn out thing, especially with the bottle but once it was taken away, he was absolutely fine with the sippy cup.  I would have loved to continue to breastfeed my boy until about 18 months or until he rejected me but Emmett is soon going to be promoted to a new role at the end of March and so it sort of made our decision to stop breastfeeding when we did worthwhile…

18I promise I will start posting about baby #2 soon!  I have been documenting a little bit but wasn’t quite ready to announce until now 🙂  So to add to all the new and exciting things happening in Emmett’s life, he will be a big brother at the end of March!!  I think he’s super excited 😉

myboyI think that’s about it for these past few months.  I don’t want time to lapse like this again so I’m going to try my hardest to keep up with my monthly posts about Emmett along with weekly posts about baby B #2.  I have a feeling I’ll fall behind yet again but I’ll do my best.

Here’s to months 15 and 16!  A word to my boy:  Emmett, you are growing and changing so much now I can barely stand it.  I look back at pictures of you from last summer and don’t even believe that was the same baby.  I love every single minute with you and even though you have become a challenge for me while in this first trimester of pregnancy, I still don’t know how I could have things any other way.  I have felt over the past month like I’m in a pre-partum depression because of how terrible I have felt but you seem to make me forget for one moment how crappy I feel when you look up at me and smile.  I love you so much and am so happy I have you here this second time around on this journey to meeting your sibling.


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