14 Months

I started writing little notes for this post the entire month of June.  Oh my goodness have we been busy.  I’ll get to that in another post but for now I really need to post Emmett’s 14 month post before he turns 15 months in 9 days!

This past month has been hands down, by far, the best month since I’ve become the mother of this baby boy.  He has just blossomed and been so much fun to be around.  He is so full of life and if I haven’t said it 100 times already, I’m so grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to stay home with my boy.

Instead of writing my normal lengthy post I’m just going to throw out key pointers Emmett has been doing this month:

-holds a telephone up to his ear when you say “hello”

-learned how to mimmic “so much” by holding his arms out to the side

-can say “poo poo”

-fell down the stairs of the condo after letting himself out by opening the front door

-walks with his walker toy

-goes to the pool and can be dunked under water

-diagnosed with severe eczema and has pretty bad dry skin problems

-holds his breath and makes his face super red

-makes himself throw up by putting fingers down his throat

-figured out how to go down the stairs with his feet forward on his stomach

-Took first steps sometime in the middle of June

-Knows “all done”

-LOVES to dance when you say “dance dance dance” or music is playing

-still breastfeeding but down to 1-2 a day

-sleeps great

-Is starting to get more antsy in the BOB unless I give him a pacifier in which case he passes out

-Still eats almost anything although he doesn’t have a huge appetite most days and still really doesn’t like eggs all that much (we can thank Mema (Chad’s mom) for this one!)

Here are a few fun pictures from last month…

10 12 13 14 15 16 17Happy 14 months to the coolest little dude I know.  I promise to be a be more detailed on Emmett’s 15 month post!


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