13 Months

Is it odd to still be doing these monthly post now that my baby has past the year mark?  I feel like now I should be doing yearly updates but so much is going to happen in these next 12 months that I figured I’d still continue.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I am two weeks behind on getting this post up but a lot has happened in this 13th month of Emmett’s life.  So I can finally come out and say it (and should have a while ago) but we bought a house!  We are so incredibly excited that I can hardly stand it.  We still aren’t moving in for a few more weeks but that happened on May 6th, during Emmett’s 13th month of life.  We also had Emmett’s one year pediatrician appointment.  The boy is 50% in weight, 70% in height and 50% in head circumference.  He’s starting to pass up his usual monthly stats of 30% across the board.  People have commented especially over the past month how tall he looks.  I guess?

22This is usual doc’s appointment visit photo.  He looks super tired.  I always do his appointments right around nap time.  Bad timing on my part.  He received 3 shots that day.  He always takes them like a champ.  He of course cries for a few seconds but is super easy to sooth and it’s really do big deal.  So many people talk about how traumatizing it is to get their kids shots but as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather him be “traumatized” than contribute to world health problems!  Everything is spot on for development and we joke that he’s either right on or a little bit behind in development.

He has also started brushing his teeth!  We aren’t very regular with it and one time he even gagged himself before bedtime and threw up while brushing his teeth but we’re trying!  He usually lets me brush his teeth first and then I let him do it himself.

23Through out the month of May, we went to several birthday parties as well.  Emmett (and his parents!) are very blessed to have so many friends already.  Here are a few of the birthday parties we went to.  All of them were outside.  We were planning on having his outside but it rained the whole day.  I guess that’s what happens when you try to have a party in Kansas City 😉 (just kidding KC peeps!  His birthday still turned out great indoors!).

37 38 35 17 16 15 18We missed one on the weekend of his own birthday and we still have one more later in June to go to and then all the babies will have officially hit the year mark.  I got to celebrate my second Mother’s Day as well.  The Thursday before Mother’s Day there was a free sensory event at Whole Foods that we went to.  It was great.  Emmett got to play with dried beans and rice with a bunch of other babies.  One of my friends from birth class told us about it and so we knew almost everyone who attended.  It was a great even because someone from the Motherhood was running it and is a baby expert.  We got to ask her tons of questions and get advice for free.  It was so much fun to watch Emmett experience all the new sensations and I can’t wait to move into our house so that I have room to set something up like this.

24Mother’s Day itself was great.  We actually did a 5k together (Emmett and I) with all the mommas from birth class at City Park while the dads made us brunch.  We ran with our little ones in the strollers.  It was a huge success and sadly enough I didn’t take a single picture of us at the brunch with all the wonderful food.  So moving right along, Emmett still really enjoys riding in my beloved BOB.  He has really just learned to except there’s no way around it.  I think he likes seeing all the people we pass at the park, all the different dogs, all the squirrels and of course all the other babies.  He sometimes falls asleep in there but more often than not, he just talks and talks and is perfectly content just being along for the ride.

29Emmett has also really started showing a distinct personality for liking and disliking things.  He really tells you when he’s done with food or doesn’t want you to hold him or be around him.  He’s developed a sort of hitting reflex if you will.  If you’re holding him and he doesn’t want what you have to offer, he’ll hall of and hit you.  Sometimes while I’m sitting and he’s standing using me as a support, if he wants my attention, he’ll pinch me.  I try to reprimand him and not to laugh but it really is hilarious.

26He is also doing really well at picking up what we call party tricks.  He knows “So big” where he raises his hands over his head, “So strong” where he balls his fists up and shows his biceps, “Home Alone” where he puts both hands on his head like Kevin McCalister from home alone, “More” where he balls his fists up and claps them together to show us he wants more of something, “Sadie Come” where he pats the side of his thigh to get the dog to come over, “Where’s so and so’s nose?” where he points to that person’s nose, ” and we are working on “Are you a pirate?” where he’s supposed to cover one eye.  That one looks more like “home alone” though.  He also points at EVERYTHING!  Lights, cars, people, dogs, you name it, he points at it.  He’s so advanced 🙂

34Much to my chagrin, Emmett got his first hair cut too.  It was getting a bit out of control but we received so many comments on it.  Good or bad, it was such a conversation starter so I was a little sad to see his lovely locks go.  Let’s be honest though, he really doesn’t have a single “lock”.  It’s all straight and totally stringy.  Even still, it was hard to see his newborn hair be chopped off.  But he did great and found an ash tray on the side of the chair to play with to get him through the entire haircut.

27 28Most babies are walking by now but not Emmett.  He can stand with the best of them but forget about walking.  He won’t even take a step.  He also doesn’t want anything to do with holding onto our hands and having us walk behind him.  The second we try to do this, he falls to the floor and his legs become noodles.  People keep telling me that it’s better when they can’t walk but honestly he crawls so fast, I don’t think it would make a lick of difference.  I think it would make my life a tad easier because I wouldn’t have to constantly watch him at the baby pool!  I look at other kids who can stand and walk in the water and am a little envious!  Not to mention when we go to the park and he can’t walk around, he gets his knees so scraped up.  Oh well, maybe next month.


32 30Emmett also has finally switched over to his big boy car seat.  Gone are the days where he could fit snugly in his bucket car seat.  I actually took a photo of him on his last day using his bucket car seat.

31He slept better in that thing than he does in his new one but we had to make the switch.  His legs were hanging over the end and it was really hard to buckle him in.  I think he’s much happier in his new one over all.

And of course sleep.  Wow, is it ever going well.  He sleeps pretty much from 6:30ish-7pm all the way through to about 7-8ish in the morning.  He sometimes wakes up here and there but we rarely go and attend to him if he wakes.  He’s pretty good at just putting himself back to sleep.  It’s so nice because I can get a lot done in the evenings and a lot of the times I’ll be up in the mornings before him and can get things done then too.  I have even been on a few early morning runs without him even waking before I get home!  It’s been really nice.  He is also done with his sleep sack!  He used a sleep sack of some sort from day one and we have finally transitioned him into just wearing his pj’s or a shirt to bed!

36I think that about covers it for this past month.  It was a big one.  I feel like every single day he was doing different things.  I’m sure he’ll just get busier and more curious as the days go on.  I’m enjoying so much of my time with him.  I love that he’s getting older and growing so well.  It makes for one proud momma!  I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.


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