Standing Still

This week, my sweet little one year old baby has decided he’s ready to stand on his own two feel alone.  He’s been doing this for a while now.  He will pull up on things and stand that way but this week was the first time ever that he’s stood up with nothing to hold onto.  He did it at the Botanic Gardens earlier this week while standing in a cold stream because he absolutely hated the feeling of the cold stream rushing over his hands so out of pure necessity, he stood up.  Of course I didn’t snap any photos of this.  However, yesterday while at the zoo with our friends, he did it again!  This time it was in the open grassy space by the geese.  One of my friends yelled, “Look at him!  He’s standing on his own!!  Linds, grab a camera!”  I didn’t know what to do and just sort of froze.  Somehow he stayed standing for almost an entire minute so I was able to run over, grab my phone, and take a few photos of him standing up all by himself, no help from my legs or a couch or a tree.  gettingreadytostand standing standing2I think it’s only a matter of weeks before this little guy is up and running for good.


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